Akashic Records - Knowledge of human experience and history of cosmos

Akashic Records – Knowledge of human experience and history of cosmos

Akashic Records (The word Akasha in Sanskrit means “heaven,” “space,” or “Aether”) is a term used by esoteric authors in the theosophy (and Anthroposophy) to describe a compendium of mystical knowledge encoded in non-physical existential plans. These records are described to contain all the knowledge of all human experience and the history of the cosmos.

In Sanskrit, the term “Akasha” refers to the “ether” or the primordial substance of life, from which everything absolutely exists in the world. It is a collective consciousness, the “mind of God”, contains the information or energy vibration of every thought ever thought in the Universes that have existed since the first division of One, God the Father. Sal Rachele says that “Akashic records are a series of energetic prints in the causal field of the Universe” and that anyone can access them.

There is a part of the Akasha Chronicle of this world, in which we live, and where we find records of any being that have “intersected” karmic or quantum with the energy of the Earth. The information in Akasha is on several levels, each “superior” level is more complex, more comprehensive than the previous: planetary, galactic, universal … Or they are structured in various dimensions, it’s like a huge multi-level library.

Sadhguru: It is what we call the internet today There are many ways you can be active in life You can make a physical movement, you can make a mental movement or you can move with your prana If you do something with your body, this the thing will have a certain lifetime.
What you do with the mind has a much longer life. If you do something with prana, the life of that thing is much longer. But once you work beyond that physical dimension, what you do is forever. No one can destroy that thing.

Description and Explanation

“Akashic Records” is a theosophical term referring to a universal file system that records any created thought, word, or action. The recordings are made of a subtle substance called akasha (or etheric-conductor).
In Hindu mysticism, this Akasha is considered to be the primary principle of nature, of which the other four natural principles are created: fire, air, earth, and water. These five principles also represent the five senses of the human being Although Akashic records are a record of everything that has ever existed, of everything that is and will be, these recordings are in constant evolution and change. This can be difficult to understand because of the agreed faith we have in linear time.

Akashic Records
The Akashic Records

The understanding that Akashic Records is changing, evolving is the key to understanding how history, the past and future events, and the paths of our destiny are constantly changing. We use the past and the future to understand the explanation. When you change a belief, learn a lesson of life, overcome a challenge, or grow and evolve in consciousness, you essentially change all of your versions that have ever existed.
This knowledge is recorded in the Akashic Records so that all other souls have subconscious access so that they can benefit from this knowledge if they choose to do so. These recordings constantly change and evolve with every choice that every being does.

The reality that most likely manifested itself often changes through the change in choices and the decisions we take at every moment. From this perspective, the past is as likely as the future.
This may seem strange due to the perception of the time we usually have. At the same time, the choices you make today affect your past, present, and future. The problem is that our minds are not trained to perceive the past other than the one you have experienced.

The collection is metaphorically described as a library, other common analogies found in the discourses on the subject of the idea of “universal computer” or “Divine Mind”. The Akashic memory descriptions attest to the fact that the information contained here is constantly updated as life on Earth and the Universe itself evolve, being accessed from the material universe through astral projection. The concept has its origins in the 19th century theosophical movements, remaining topical in New Age speeches.

According to the Theosophical principles, whose spiritual father is the philosopher, esotericist, artist and pedagogue of Austrian origin Rudolf Steiner, Akashic memory is a universal system that faithfully stores, as a kind of the library of destiny, all the events ever spent in this universe, thought, word and deed. Memories are impressed on a subtle substance called akasha (or ether). In Hindu mysticism, Akasha is considered the primordial principle of nature from which the other four fundamental principles (water, air, fire, and earth) are created. Together, the five principles also represent the five senses of the human being.
An example of a person who many claims to be satisfied reading the Akashic Records is the American mystic, Edgar Cayce.

Cayce was reading in a state of sleep or trance. Cayce’s method was described by Dr Wesley H. Ketchum, who for a few years used Cayce as a deputy of his medical practice.

“Subconscious Cayce … is in direct communication with all the other subconscious minds, and is able to interpret through the mind and share the impressions received from other objective minds, thus gathering all the knowledge adhered to by the endless millions of other subconscious minds.”

In the book “Law of One: Volume 1,” an entity identified by channelling as Ra confirmed in 1981 that Edgar Cayce actually entered the channel with the Akashic Records and not an entity

The importance of Akashic Records

Without Akasha, we cannot exist here. Without the air in this room, we could not exist here. We do not see the air, but it’s more vital than hair – though we spend more money in the world with hair care than with brain care! See where our values are. You can not live without hair anymore. Without ears, you can still live. Without a nose, you can still live. Most of the time, you are not even aware of whether or not the air exists, but without air, you can not live for a moment. The same – without Akasha, you can not live for a moment.

How do we access the Akashic Records?

In the transition from the physical to the non-physical world, every soul is given the opportunity to access the Akashic Records, consciously, in order to restore the life it has lived. In a sense, it is like looking at a hologram of your entire life. This records every thought, person, faith, experience and decision that has ever been taken in your life to help you learn and grow from what you have experienced. Imagine now that these records store not only this life but all the lives. Imagine that these records not only store our lives but all the souls of every life in every universe. So great are these records. It is the totality of everything that is.

Akashic Records
The Akashic Records

Akashic records can be compared to a huge universal library in which all souls can gain access to universal knowledge to learn and grow.

Ramshi: It could be done in several ways. The technology could be used to access the information. It looked like a movie projector. Even when you are not using a machine, you still have the ability to access these records.
To do this, you need to align your crystalline matrix with that of the crystal. You align your frequency with the crystal, and when you resonate at the same frequency, you can expand your perception to include the information in the crystal matrix.
The sound was used to find the right frequency. Sounds at the right frequency will make the crystal vibrate in your hand. Sound is the key to finding the right resonance.
So, if you produce the right tone, it will make your own inner matrix vibrate, and you can give yourself the frequency of the crystal. You have created a very similar external method using your CDs and computer. Simply use different materials to print, and a machine is needed to do the job.

These recordings are improved and evolve along with the upgrading experiences. When a soul learns or creates something, that recipe becomes available to everyone else in order to access and build on that knowledge. In this way, everything that exists continues to grow, learn and evolve. Akashic records give every being the ability to consistently innovate on what has been discovered. Many wonders where these records are stored. They’re everywhere and everywhere. Space is another illusion.

We say that there is everywhere because these records are encoded in every cell, in each DNA strand of each being, and yet there is no physical. It is not a place, but a state of existence and vibrational reality.
All beings have access to these records, there are no exceptions. Everything that stands between you and having access to these records consciously is the vibration, resonance, and frequency of your frequency.
You can gain access to these records, consciously, setting your intention to do this and be ready to receive. Every being has this ability, but many have left these muscles atrophied. As a result, many find it difficult to connect with these high realms. You need to have a quiet mind and an inner state focused on receiving to open yourself to information from high realms. By intent and practice, we can regain this ability.


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