Alien Rulers Of Ancient Egypt | Was AKHENATEN Alien KING?

Akhenaten is considered one of the most mysterious pharaohs of Ancient Egypt. His religious actions, taken in the course of his life, pushed Egyptologists to call him the “Alien Pharaoh.” He reigned over the Pharaoh’s realm in the 18th Egyptian Dynasty and was the father of Tutankhamun and the husband of Queen Nefertiti. It is interesting to know that, until the fifth year of his reign, he was known as Amenhotep IV, ruling over Egypt for 17 years.

Akhenaten was particularly remarked by abandoning traditional Egyptian polytheism and introducing cult centred on the worship of Aton (or Aten) god. The Aton God, or the most commonly referred to as the “Solar Disc,” is described in ancient Egyptian literature as a deity in the 12th Dynasty “Sinuhe’s Story”, in which the deceased king ascends to heaven, As a God, and joins with the solar disk, the divine body merging with its creator. By analogy, the term “Silver Aton” was sometimes used to designate the moon. The solar pillar was heavily venerated as a god during the reign of Amenhotep III, when he was represented, through painting, as a racemous man like Ra.

His era was one of the most controversial. Little is known about his childhood. It is supposed to have grown in Taba (now Luxor). He climbed the throne between 16 and 24 years. Maybe he was already married to Nefertiti, the woman who had a great influence in his era. At crowning, he adopted traditional Egyptian titles. In the early years, he was particularly concerned by Heliopolis and his clergy, in order to defeat the ambition of the Tebanians. He gave orders to build temples in Karnak (Luxor) to worship the solar God, proclaiming himself “High Priest”.

Akhenaton strongly claims: “There is one God, and that is my father. I can talk to him both day and night.”This statement was very, very strange at that time. Akhenaton may be the first monotheist in history, the prophets of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Mohammed as his model to worship a single god.

Akhenaton and Nefertiti

According to Egyptian mythology, He was a descendant of the gods who came to earth during the Zep Tepi (First Time), and even today people still believe that this pharaoh has indeed descended from the stars.
The Zep Tepi era is now considered by some researchers to be a historical fact. The Pharaoh is presented in the old writings in an androgynous way, the cause of which is easily confused between him and Nefertiti.

Some archaeologists believe it is one and the same person. An uncovered text supports this idea because the pharaoh was also “mother and father”. According to Akhenaton’s writings and poems that have been written about him over time, he was visited by beings who descended from heaven and told Akhenaton what he was supposed to do. Perhaps this is precisely why he removed Egypt’s symbols from all the other gods and implemented most of the changes he continued to make. Akhenaton claimed to be a direct descendant of Aton and, like any other pharaoh, Akhenaten himself considered divine as the incarnation of divinity; But not only that he considered himself god, but the entire nation saw him as a God, venerating him and worshipping him

Ufologists are worshipping it comes to Akhenaten claiming he was truly a god coming from another planet. This is why he looks different with another vision of religion, invoking the Son of the Sun the only God. The elongated face, the egg-shaped skull gives it a different intellectual capacity than that of ordinary people, and the fingers are like spider legs, and these are just some of the major differences in appearance between the pharaoh and a common man.

alien ruler Akhenaten

Akhenaton married Nefertiti, an Egyptian whose origin is unknown, as well as her birthday and the date of her death. Both Nefertiti and Akhenaton are portrayed with prolonged skulls, as well as representations of Akhenaton showing feminine characteristics. There are many theories about their skulls, ranging from artificial methods of prolongation to the possibility of their extraterrestrial origin; But none of these theories is proven.


All their physical traces have disappeared and nothing is known about their death. Akhenaton was the only pharaoh in the 18th Dynasty whose mummy was not found after his death and disappearance. Nefertiti and Akhenaton were not mentioned in any historical record. Another controversial issue about Akhenaton and Nefertiti is the link between Akhenaton and Moses. Heliopolis’ great priest, Manetho, who wrote the History of Egypt (Aegyptiaca) in the third century BC, recorded details of Moses and Exodus, placing the event exactly during the reign of Akhenaton. Besides, he said that Moses (whose name was Osarseph after the god Osiris) received much of his education under Akhenaton and contributed to the establishment of the new monotheistic religion.

According to Manetho’s description and taking into account the way Akhenaton disappeared, there is the theory that Moses was actually Akhenaton. But there is no evidence to prove this If Akhenaton’s appearance was the sign of a supernatural mutation? If he was really superhuman? A God? His long face had the expression of a snake. The egg-shaped skull has a greater capacity than ordinary people. His fingers are like spider legs. Akhenaton’s genetic abnormalities and also extraordinary religious beliefs could have been the result of experiments carried out by aliens, resulting in a hybrid between man and the alien.

No one is sure why Akhenaton died, but there was no epidemic during his death. Some Egyptologists believe that a mummy found about 100 years ago in Luxor would be Akhenaton’s. But genetic tests have not given any evidence so far. Did he return home after completing his mission in Egypt or simply disappeared by wonder?

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