Aliens Underground - Is There Evidence of Extraterrestrial Bases?

Aliens Underground – Is There Evidence of Extraterrestrial Bases?

Aliens Underground |Are we alone in the universe? This question has long fascinated mankind, and cinema and literature have fueled our imagination. Beyond the extraterrestrials who would come to help us or destroy us, not many are the ones who think the aliens are already among us. The followers of this theory claim there would be at least 4,000 underground bases of aliens on Terra. Here are the most important 10.

The intelligence services, together with various groups that would lead the world out of the shadow, are the only organizational entities that know the truth about the UFO phenomenon, with all its implications in the past, present, and especially the future of mankind.
This is a hypothesis often invoked by the followers of conspiracy theory.
The theory of alleged secret collaborations between the US government and the aliens was supported, especially in the 1980s, by Milton William (Bill) Cooper, a sub-officer in the Air Force.
He said that during 1970-1973, while working for the Pacific Military Fleet Command, he had access to two materials: Report No. 13 of the Grudge / Blue Book project and a summary of Operation Majority – which would have been linked By an ultra-secret official MJ-12 group, for dealing with aliens.
In “Report 13,” data on UFO crashes, recovered corpses, live aliens, photographs, kidnappings, UFO analyses could be found.

Area 51 (Nevada)

Area 51 is one of the most subtle bases of the American Army located near Salom Lake Groom Lake, Nye County, Nevada, United States.
Area 51, located about 133 km (or 83 miles) north-west of the famous Las Vegas centre, is an American military base that is a distant outpost of the Edwards Air Force Base. Located in the centre of a large federal land area, on the southern shore of the Groom Lake salty lake, Area 51 is a considerable military airbase.
The primary purpose of the base is to initiate and continue experimenting with different types of aircraft, carrier vectors, and weapon systems.
It is also said that UFOs can be seen in this area, but there is no evidence that UFOs are coming from space or are testing models of the new US Army aircraft in Area 51.

Bucegi Mountains (Romania)

On a beautiful day in the summer of 2003, a special Zero Department team (SRI) made a monumental discovery, the existence of an extraterrestrial base in these mountains.
Wishing to disclose what they saw, the Romanians were hindered by the American secret services and numerous representatives of the Illuminati, who went to our country to cover up the whole situation.
Mountain satellite scanning has revealed the existence of two large energy barriers made by mysterious entities with advanced technology.
The first barrier is like an impenetrable wall blocking the mouth of a tunnel, while the second energy block is manifested as a dome and is located at the other end of the tunnel.
Both the mysterious tunnel and the energy blocks have been aligned with the outside formations, the Sphinx, and the Babels.

Aliens Underground | Amazonia (South America)

The fact that the Amazon forest has lots of places that are sufficiently busy to make it difficult to explore, serves miraculously to followers of conspiracy theory and ufologists.
Thus, two researchers whose identity is unknown, discovered in 1974 two deep craters of several hundred meters, connected through a network of tunnels.
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In this labyrinth, they are supposed to have found the remains of some missing animals for a long time, but also of unknown species.
The same researchers claimed that there are high aliens with white skin and multi-coloured hair.

Los Angeles (California, United States)

This is a submarine base of extraterrestrials located near the coast of California.
The place was built by the government to shelter the locals in case of disasters, but the house would, in fact, be an alien colony.
This was revealed in 1995 by Phil Schneider, an architect who worked on the project, and after publishing the information he died under mysterious conditions.
He said he knew 131 underground military bases with a depth of about 500 meters built for the plans of the New World Order.

My job was to get into the holes and check the rock samples, recommending the explosive for each type of rock. We were at a time in a large cave full of aliens known as the Little Ashes. I shot two of them. We were about 30 people and suddenly there were about 40 aliens who were all killed.I saw a whole underground base full of aliens. Later I learned that they had been living on this planet for a long time … That explains a lot about the theory of the ancient astronauts, he said in a lecture.He also claimed that the location of Los Angeles was selected because it is above the reptile-Nephilim subterranean tunnel and cave systems and / or important vortex points.

Aliens Underground |Dulce base (New Mexico, USA)

The US State of New Mexico may be said to be the place where the alien embassy is located on Earth.
It’s a place that has fed up with fantasies since the late 1940s when an alleged alien ship collapsed to Roswell.
Sweet is a small town of about 2,500 inhabitants, located in Apache Jicarilla Reserve, at an altitude of 2.066 meters.
From here, there have been many reports of UFO take-offs and landings, “extraterrestrial” kidnappings, human and animal mutilation.
The same base is the place of the so-called “Dulce Wars,” where reptilians and soils are said to have fought humanitarian and civilian personnel.
Thomas Castello, a security officer at Dulce, has roughly estimated the number of “ashes” from Dulce to over 18,000 but has also seen numerous humanoid high reptiles.
He knew of the existence of seven levels of the base, although he admits there could be more, and aliens were at the last three levels.
Also, the security level increases with the level.


People who had some satellite imagery could see under thick ice of Antarctica a new, completely unknown structure.
Although the discovery remains shrouded in mystery, it seems to be an extraterrestrial base of impressive size.
Moreover, scientists working at the South Pole IceCube Neutrino Observatory have announced that they have discovered various alien particles in the Antarctic ice.
According to researchers, these particles, which they called neutrinos, come from outside our solar system.
Recently, a mysterious scale has been photographed from the satellite in Antarctica, which may hide a long lost pyramid or temple.



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