Antarctica Cover Up - What If The History You Have Been Taught in School It Was But A LIE?

Antarctica Cover Up – What If The History You Have Been Taught in School It Was But A LIE?

Antarctica | For so long, the Antarctic region has been considered a complete riddle, with scientists knowing more about our close neighbour Mars than of Earth’s own South Pole. That was of course prior to the detailed survey performed by the Chinese in 2005, when most of the Antarctic region had been mapped and studied.

With a complete survey of the Antarctica region, previously unconnected dots have joined and formed a veritable riddle. Some ancient maps discovered at the beginning of the 90s were brought into view so researchers could compare them to the latest topography of the South Pole. It was then when they realized that was drawn on these enigmatic maps matched the advanced topography performed in modern times almost perfectly.

The Orontius Finaeus and Piri Reis maps had landforms consisting of valleys, rivers and mountains, and after they were placed over the latest maps, it was all accordingly. This implied the ancients had advanced knowledge of this frozen continent ever since it was free of ice, and had mapped, transited and possibly even settled there when the climate was desirable and supported life. When mainstream scholars had found out about this, they didn’t want to break the ice-coated over the established scientific belief, so they kept their lips zipped and kept this challenging topic on a dusty shelf.


Inside the “forbidden archaeology” community, this notorious topic has caused a great stir that has intrigued and pushed curious explorers even further in their search for the truth. Palpable evidence rejected by modern-day scholars was another road leading towards to a massive cover-up present even today. Whatever lies beyond the frozen belt of Antarctica is known only by a select few, and they are displaying science as a badge to limit most of the access to the Antarctic region.

However, evidence of a grandiose and different past is slowly surfacing from beneath the miles-thick layer of ice. Formations strongly resembling pyramids, a great electromagnetic anomaly resting underneath, a quiz left behind by the renowned US explorer Admiral E. Byrd, and breadcrumbs from the culture of ancient Egypt are but a few of the leads contributing to this great enigma that forms Antarctica. In the following episodes, we’ll present the factual reality of these enigmas, and try to break them in order to get to the bottom of this. Whatever we’ll find, we can only guess, but the truth might lead us to a reality a little out of this world.

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