Green Aventurine
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Aventurine | Therapeutical Properties and Crystal Information


Aventurine is a member of the Quart family, a silicon dioxide with a 7-fold hardness on the Mohs scale. Aventurine is a cryptocrystalline Quart that crystallizes into a hexagonal (trigonal) system. His name comes from the Italian, from the venture, a variety of glass discovered around 1700. His name was chosen due to the similarity with this bottle. There are three varieties of Aventurine: Green Aventurine, Blue Aventurine, and Red Aventurine.

The green colour is due to the presence of Fuchsite particles in the Cuart, the red one is due to the inclusions of  Hematite and the blue one is due to the inclusions of the copper silicates. The most conspicuous deposits of Aventurin are found in Brazil, India, and Russia. Aventurine is a very positive stone of prosperity. It has a strong connection with the world of nature spirits and is used to protect gardens and homes against geopathic stress. It is a stone that protects against pollution. In addition, the crystal protects against any negative situation, giving it a positive connotation

Green Aventurine
Blue Aventurine
Red Aventurine

Spiritually, Aventurine protects the heart chakra, even against energy vampirism. Psychologically, Aventurine strengthens leadership qualities and stimulates decision-making. Promotes compassion, empathy, and perseverance. Goes in the past to find the real causes of current imbalances. This stone eliminates balding and severe neuroses, drawing to light the deep causes of these conditions.

It stabilizes mental state, stimulates perception and sustains creativity. On the emotional plane, Aventurin sees everywhere alternatives and possibilities, especially when they are presented by others. It creates a better resonance between the intellectual and the emotional body. Calms anger and irritation. Stimulates emotional recovery and encourages wholehearted life. Physically, Aventurine promotes well-being. Regulates the growth process from birth until the age of 7.

It balances the masculine and feminine energy and encourages the regeneration of the heart. The microcrystalline quartz variety has the tiny particles of brilliant minerals – hematite, which brings red or grey iris or small, silver accents – which by the reflection of light give the stone a glowing effect with brilliant points. Medium translucence to total opacity, with glossy lustre and high hardness, aventurine is a cool, light stone, varying in colour from green to different shades, grey, brown, yellow, red-brick, blue or peach colour, sometimes showing fine stripes of other nuances of the same colour.

Whatever the colour, the adventurer is considered a lucky stone, although the green one is believed to carry the strongest energy load. It can be confused with Amazonite, Indian jade, and even with chalcedony.

Green Aventurine

It is a stone of optimism and lifestyle.
It helps us to get confident in new situations such as changing jobs, housing, school, starting a new relationship, or changing the course of the spiritual path.
Teaches us to embrace even aging, illness, and mortality.
Green Aventurine Sphere

It is not necessarily a stone of resignation or acceptance, but rather a stone that helps us make great strides on any road we take. It brings with it feelings of relief, sometimes even humour, as we face the ups and downs of life. During meditation, it helps us to keep our focus even in times when nothing seems to happen. In emotional life, it allows us to see the good part of the difficult issues. During periods of illness, inject vital force and help replenish energy reserves. Green Aventurine is a good fortune and is recommended to those who want to show a high level of prosperity.

  • It’s a good rock to take with us at the racing track during a tax inspection or a first date.
  • Is a very “easy to use” stone and it is enough just to be around to benefit from it.
  • Is the strong embodiment of the combination of the water element and the Earth element.
  • It supports both emotional and physical healing, but also energy balancing.

The rejuvenating energy of the stone resembles a spring that begins to flow again after a dark and long winter.
Its frequencies stimulate physical, emotional and spiritual renewal, encouraging us to abandon obsolete patterns, illnesses, and lessons so that we can become New People. The energy of this stone awakens renewed hope and joy and helps many those who suffer from depression.

Because the stone combines the energies of the Water and Earth elements, it helps us maintain our emotional stability during periods of major change. It acts like an emotional anchor that drives us into the heart when the emotional storm comes in.

Green Aventurine reminds us of the ephemeral law. It helps us release attachments to creations and experiences.
It encourages us to see the change from a philosophical point of view and to look at each moment of derailment as an opportunity for a new beginning, to grow in a new direction. Stone maintains optimism and deep appreciation for the immense experiences that life offers us. The green aventurine supports the connection with the Earth and the Devic Kingdom.

It has a gentle grounding effect on the vibrational field, encouraging the movement of energy from the head directly into the centre of the heart. This ability of the green aventurine is especially useful for intellectuals or those who think too much. Crystal teaches us that experience is learning itself, and it does not have to be considered as an event.

This stone sustains the heart, healing the problems of the circulatory system and stimulating the life-giving energy flow throughout the body. It is a perfect stone for those with heart problems who recover after surgery or after a period of illness. It is also an excellent stone for babies born to babies born prematurely, stimulating their growth. Corrects lethargy and exhaustion, or lack of energy. It cleans the energy system and stimulates new growth and understanding. Spiritually, the green aventurine cleans and rejuvenates the emotional body and heart chakra.

It sustains us to quit having more expectations and enjoying the present, each experience in part. On the emotional plane, rock encourages us to find hope, optimism, and joy in everyday life. It helps us stay centred in the heart when we browse through various difficult emotional experiences. Strengthens the will to give up the teeth of old relationships and to accept change, growth, and renewal.

It harmonizes with all the members of the Cuart family, modifying their vibration easily when they come in contact with any of them. The green aventurine combined with Moldavite creates an extremely dynamic energy that helps us even through drastic transformations with calm, trust and good mood. Moonstone, Morganite, Green Tourmaline, and Pink Tourmaline, amplify the vibrations of the green aventurine that work with the heart chakra so that we are more open to delivering love and finding our Soul Pair.

The healing effects of this rock: regulates and heals the heart and the circulatory system. Stimulates cell regeneration. Helps infants who grow hard to get tired. Stimulates vital force, enhancing physical and vibrational vitality. Can be held in the hand or placed on the affected site. If worn at the neck, it is advisable to reach the right of the heart.

Red Aventurine

It is a stone of vitality, creativity, sexuality, mental vigilance, and action.
It strengthens the courage and the desire to cheer for life and all its challenges and helps us find the necessary determination to overcome any obstacle and any difficult situation.
Increases the flow of prana, or vital force.
Red Aventurine Pyramid

Artists, writers or anyone who uses their creative abilities will discover that the Red Aventurin will help them find a new inspiration. Those who work for long periods will find in this stone a powerful ally. All those who want to turn their desires into reality will borrow from the Red Aventurine the trust, faith and energy necessary for this process. The message of this crystal is “I can!”. It embodies the combination of Earth and Fire elements.

Its energy is different from that of Green Aventurin and Blue Aventurin and should be regarded as a different kind of stone. This crystal is concerned with the physical plane of any being and the transformation of physicality by concentrating energy into concrete actions. It amplifies the energy so much that we will not feel any effort. It determines us to reach our goals without detracting from the road and helps us to bring into the physical plane all the ideas of divine inspiration. It helps us choose the highest path among all the options we have and improves our discernment. Its energies are extremely beneficial to those who are undecided, for those who do not know which way to go.

Those stubborn because of their own ego, reveal them where it could lead to flexibility and renunciation of ego. He is a trusted friend for those who have too many creative ideas, but it’s hard to put them together. This stone helps them and they are in a conflict, to be firm, yet balanced, precisely in order not to degenerate into a more fierce conflict. It shows us when we take it in the wrong ways and gives us the power to recognize our own mistakes. Encourages self-forgiveness and the ability to laugh at themselves and their own mistakes, thus moving them forward.

At the spiritual level, it helps us to find the courage and moral strength to manifest any high ideal through concrete actions. Encourages discernment, commitment and perseverance. On the emotional plane, it helps us with self-forgiveness. His energy shows us as soon as we lie alone.aventurin-red It works harmoniously with all Cuart varieties, including the Green Aventurin and the Blue Adventurer. To strengthen the vital force can be combined with the Ruby. For sexuality and creativity, but also for manifestation, Zincite is the ideal partner.

To enhance the power of manifestation, the Phoenix and the Golden Labradorite, along with the Red Aventurin, are doing miracles. The Moldavite brings to this crystal the power to begin the process of spiritual transformation. Red Aventurine is blood and immune system for the immune system. Stimulates the production of red blood cells in the bone marrow and regulates the blood flow in the body. It balances the autoimmune disorders and the immune system in general. Helps the liver and supports the detoxification process.

Blue Aventurine

It is a stone of self-discipline and inner strength.
It supports us to make clear decisions and to keep them.
Is useful when we want to quit habits such as smoking, excessive eating, alcohol, and even drugs, but also features such as selfishness or passive aggressiveness.
Blue Aventurine

He energetically supports us to take responsibility for ourselves and for the relationships we are in. Is helping us to discover that we can really manage Life successfully. It is extremely useful for people with “Peter Pan” syndrome, those who do not want to mature. In the presence of the Blue Aventurin, they will realize that they prefer adult maturity and adult life more. Once we become stronger and comfier in our own skin, we will unleash innate powers and sensibilities that until they have been blocked by internal disharmony.

Intuitive and parapsychic abilities, openness to spiritual guidance, the “empathy” ability of others to read, the ability to access the Akashic Archives, are just some of these innate powers that the Blue Adventures can awaken in us. Blue Aventurin resonates with the wind element and the water element, stimulating the mind and heart. It supports the opening of the throat chakra and chakra of the third eye, but also of the heart chakra, feeding the love and compassion. It is an excellent stone for empathic and intuitive people, but they tend to be overwhelmed by negativity because of their sensitivity.

While protecting them from negative energies, the stone also teaches them how to heal this weakness and urges them to focus on positive information. Relaxes the auric field and the nervous system. It balances hyperactivity and improves concentration. It encourages us to assume our own power, assuming our full responsibility for our own lives. It reveals self-temptation patterns and shows how our actions affect our experiences and help us to see which activities, thoughts or emotional patterns are behind our creations.

On the spiritual plane, he promotes the whole responsibility for his own life – a precursor to regaining his personal powers. He opens his third eye, encouraging inspired visions and ideas. On the emotional plane, it helps us figure out when we play a victim role. It helps us to see how our own thoughts and actions have created the current reality so that by changing thoughts and frequencies, we can change reality. It calms the excited emotions and allows us to be more peaceful and less affected by external energies. Harmonizes with Green Aventurine and Red Aventurin, but also with Amethyst, Transparent Quartz, Citrine, Opal, Moldavite, Lapis Lazuli and Sodalite.

It brings extra strength and highlights the energies of the other stones. Blue Aventurine balances hormones -,, especially for women. Reduces muscle spasms, seizures, and facial tics. Supports oxygenation of the blood and strengthens the walls of the veins and arteries. Blue Aventurin calms hyperactivity and improves mental concentration. POSITIONING. Those who want to work with the Blue Aventurine can sit down during the meditation on the third eye or hold one piece in each hand.

Sleeping with such a stone or simply wearing it in a pocket will work very well. The point is just to give the stone enough time to influence our vibrational pattern. Blue Aventurin works gradually, progressively, and we should not expect miracles overnight. Patience is the key to the heart of these stones.

Aventurine Info


  • Description: Quartz variety with small or pyrite inserts in the form of small crystals that reflect light, giving the impression of glow
  • Variety: Musk Agate / Agate Musk, Agate Tree, Agate, Petrified Wood, Agate-Carneal, Agate – Tiger Leather, Dendritic Agate, Black Agate, Nebula Agate,
  • Note: it can be confused with the amazonite, the jade (being called “Indian jade”) or the emerald (the impure adventurer). In sunlight, the color fades.
  • Chemical composition: Silicon Dioxide
  • Hardness: 6.5-7 (out of 10)
  • Gloss: glass
  • Colors: Varied – green, blue, orange (also called Sun Stone), green-red, white-blue, blue-green, red, brown

Recommended stone for:

  • Zodiac: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Libra
  • Birth month: August
  • Numerological Influence: for those born under the influence of number 3
  • Anniversary: 8 years (birth or marriage)
  • Chakra: 2, 3, 4
  • Effects on the wearer: It is a stone: of luck, of hope
  • Protects: against negative energy, against “energy vampires”
  • Stimulates: mental capabilities, perception, creativity, independence, leading spirit, creative talents, motivation, courage, decision, leadership qualities, will, action, imagination, a spirit of independence
  • Deliver: Balance, Peace, Inspiration, Energy, Prosperity, Success, Gambling, Leadership
  • Decreases: fear, depression, anxiety, indecision, emotion, absorption of the energy of the wearer by another person (strong energy shield)
  • Helps in: Making decisions in critical moments, in moments of career transition, finding new solutions and alternatives, expressing emotions more easily, in times of great pain in the soul
  • Health: Powerful curative role, fortify the body. Good for your lungs, heart, urogenital system, eyes, skin, muscles, blood circulation. Induces sleep, lowers fever, inflammation, migraines, stress, blood pressure. Increases the acuity of the vase. Helps to detoxify toxins, drugs, drugs, alcohol. Located in the bathtub, it is said to have healing effects.
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