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Azurite | Therapeutical Properties and Crystal Information


Often encountered in the form of a prismatic crystal, the Azurite appears in a massive form, along with the malachite, the two intertwined stones being a result of the action of the climate and the oxidation of copper sulfides in the composition of the stones.

The azure stone is easily recognizable due to the beautiful shades of dark blue and its name comes indirectly from Persana where the word “iazhaward” is translated into blue.
Its uses include a range of activities ranging from jewelry making and ending with rock and mineral collections that appreciate the beauty of the azurite without seaman.


For ancient Greeks and Romans, this stone was used for medical purposes or for hair dyeing. Azurite has a hardness on the Mohs scale of just 3.5 because of its monoclinic structure. And in most cases, he is extracted from copper mines from Russia, China, Africa, or Australia. A certain type of Azure is also extracted from France from the Chessy region, which is why it is called Chessylite.

Nicknamed “Stone of Paradise,” Azurite is said to help develop the psychic side, both in terms of improving their own abilities and through a better understanding of the world. Azurite is also important in emphasizing the creative side, providing inspiration and intuition. It helps to strengthen self-confidence and spiritual cleansing. It is particularly useful for those studying for exams, helping them to retrieve matter more easily.

Therapeutic qualities of Azurite

Like all semiprecious stones and Azurite, it has healing properties especially in areas of the ENT sphere such as neck irritation, thyroid problems, hearing or asthma. Moreover, this crystal can be helpful in stimulating oxygen assimilation in the body, a thing that significantly reinforces it. In other terms, considering a stone with a high absorption capacity, it is believed that it can also be used to remove toxins from the body, whether it is harmful to the environment or those entering body as a side effect of the medications followed.

And the fact that Azurite is tightly bonded to copper turns it into an ideal stone for use on a copper mount, it’s directing on the skin is a soothing agent against arthritis and rheumatism. After use, it is recommended that each crystal is cleaned, but not with liquids because the stone has a tendency to scatter when it is submerged in water or other liquids. Inforenergetic crystalline and stone purification techniques are preferred. Energy-responsive, Azurite is a water-related element – despite its weak resistance to liquids – and has psychic, divine and healing properties.

Claystone is considered an incentive for the opening of the third eye and in some areas, it is given the quality of being a self-opening, providing easier access to self-knowledge. Those who seek to meditate can find in the Azure crystal truly magical support, and rituals of this kind are often duplicated by the placement of a piece of this semiprecious stone above the foreground associated with the third eye. But on the other hand, experts say that regular use of the stone in this manner can also have negative effects, the affected one becoming … air.

Azurite Crystals
Azurite Rock
Azurite with Malachite
  • Description: Mineral in the same class as the Malachite, that’s why it is also called azure-malachite.
  • Chemical composition: 2CuCO3Cu (OH) 2
  • Hardness: 3.5 – 4
  • Gloss: glass
  • Colours: from light blue to dark blue. Opaque.
  • Varieties: copper azurite – blue with brown inserts.

  1. Increases mental abilities, intuition, imagination, creativity, inspiration, memory
  2. He opens the third eye.
  3. Good for clarifying thoughts in meditation and for the dream process.
  4. Good for meditation, prayer
  5. Facilitates decision and communication by releasing communications bottlenecks
  6. Stimulates mental activity
  7. Helps to understand situations and discover their inhibitions and brakes
  8. Bring goodness, truth, patience, clarity, gentleness, energy, compassion, self-confidence
  9. Provides spiritual guidance or facilitates contact with spiritual guides
  10. Recommended for those who cannot keep in touch with reality
  11. Eliminate the negative feelings and feelings of the past
  12. Decreases selfishness, arrogance, vanity, anxiety, stress, indecision, worries, anger
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matrix disclosure

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