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Black Budget, Black Ops | Origins of Solar Warden, Pegasus & much more

Black Budget | The secrets of free energy, the secret space program, or the true nature of the cosmos, the governments of the world and the “hidden masters” of the New World Order are at this point the most discussed topic in the online environment and vehemently denied by the American government.

As we all know, the media (including the Discovery channels that manipulate terribly), still in the hands of the global evil elite, do not “sweat” any words about the existing technologies it owns that could pull mankind away from the crisis, but also from the fossil fuel age and the provision of free energy to mankind, thus making an enormous leap in the evolution of civilization. In the following, we will present a review of American declassified projects with great impact on humanity These Black Budget began to come to light after October / November 2012 and rely primarily on the personal testimony of an “insider” named Daniel, who claims to have been part of the Montauk Project, which later turned into Phoenix I, II and III.

Montauk / Phoenix was one of many ultrasecret operations known as Black Operations and Black Budget.
These Black Budget projects are carefully guarded by the eyes of the public. One of the main objectives involved in these projects was the testing and development of many technologies based on Nikola Tesla’s works, Cold Fusion / Pons and Fleischmann, Nuclear Energy Reacts, antimatter and anti-hydrogen propulsion systems and others.

Black Budget
Many of these projects are funded from the "black budget"

The development of these technologies has led to the creation of a secret space program that goes well beyond the scope of information NASA has chosen to “publicly” release in terms of the true nature of the Cosmos. Many of these projects are funded from the “Black Budget” with huge sums of money and precious metals centralized during the 20th century by the global banking cartel as part of the diversion of global collateral accounts (see Benjamin Fullford’s disclosures of enormous funds and thousands of Asian gold tons hijacked by western bank elite after World War II

One of the most stunning public information on the existence of this secret space program comes from the testimony of British Gary McKinnon. His story is extraordinary: from February 2001 to March 2002 McKinnon, as an independent computer system administrator, managed to gain access to the highly classified documentation of the Pentagon’s computer networks. The US government claims that McKinnon violated the operating law in the Defense Ministry’s IT system, which posed a threat to national security. The government tagged McKinnon as “hacker” and “cyber-terrorist”.

Black Budget
Gary McKinnon

Over the years, the US government has demanded the extradition of McKinnon from England. However, there was an obstacle in their plans, if he was extradited, he had the legal right to appear before a court, and there is the risk of revealing the true nature of information in the Pentagon’s computer files: the existence of the “Solar Warden” code name given to a particular area in the Secret Space Program. The code name “Solar Warden” is the term applied to the secret space program of the interstellar aircraft fleet; aircraft that go far beyond what NASA chooses to reveal to the public.

Indeed, NASA’s old rocket-propelled fleet, dating back to the 1940s, is nothing more than a cover for a much more technologically advanced fleet of ships operating beyond presidential supervision and the US Congress. McKinnon admitted during live interviews that the government’s accusations against him are being manufactured and that he has not caused any harm to the Pentagon’s digital operating systems. Once the US government learned about the true nature of the information over which McKinnon “find”, the US abandoned the accusations against him, despite the fact that the US considered him a cyber-terrorist.

Black Budget
Alleged TR3-B-Aurora | X-Files Scene

If these Black Budget technologies were released in the world and properly funded, in a generation or even less, we would see the complete end of fossil fuels, oil, coal, natural gas and even nuclear energy that would be replaced by Tesla electromagnetism, fusion cold, anti-gravity and anti-hydrogen systems and much more. This would release the planet. This would remove national boundaries and limits and eliminate the need for control structures of any kind, including governments.

We also enter a new era of travel in the Universe, through which we as human beings move beyond the planetary boundaries and our solar system, exchange technology and experience with the civilizations of the Universe. But when it is considered that the ramifications of these things, for those who hold power today in this world (secret societies, bankers, fossil fuel companies, etc.) become dangerous for their control over the planet, they will go very far in their actions, for that these technologies are never made available to the public, and disclosure of the true nature of the cosmos is a well-guarded secret.

Black Budget
In July of 1943 the US Navy, along with Dr. Franklin Reno conducted a test on the Navy Destroyer, USS Eldridge called the Philadelphia Experiment.
Past and present-day projects that have been unveiled and about which Matrix World Disclosure is going to publish articles on the site in the coming days:
  1. Solar Warden Project (Interstellar Space Fleet Program of the “hidden” government);
  2. “Pegasus” project (time travel experiments);
  3. The “Philadelphia” experiment (initially developed to obtain the optical and radar invisibility of US Navy ships, based on Tesla’s principle of creating a powerful electromagnetic field to distort the spatial-temporal terrestrial amount);
  4. The Montauk / Phoenix I, II and III project (using electronic technology in Montauk, Long Island, USA, the journey is made in time);
  5. The “Looking Glass” project (experiments of teleporting objects and human beings in space and time, through which the secret foundations on the Moon and Mars
  6. The “Blue Book” project (analyzing all data on the occurrence of UFOs and contacts between ETs and people actually initiated to mislead the public opinion and the American political class about these events);
  7. “Grudge” project (Blue Book project precursor);
  8. The “Blue Beam” project (the projection of holographic images with Jesus and Virgin Mary on the sky for the manipulation of believers in the prophecy of the second coming into the glory of Jesus);

Potentially, the human being has the ability, through his consciousness, to realize everything that any terrestrial or extraterrestrial technology realizes: levitation, time projection, teleportation, influence at any distance of events, absolutely everything is at our disposal if we know how to access and awaken these inherent capacities of consciousness. This is exactly what the dark elite always wanted to prevent.

People need to be educated in the sense that, from a certain point of view, at the level of consciousness we are not separated from extraterrestrial civilizations and that it is necessary to orient ourselves on the path of Good.

matrix disclosure
matrix disclosure

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