Black Holes - Is the entire Universe inside of one of it

Black Holes – Is the entire Universe inside of one of it?


Black Holes| According to the theory we currently have about the formation of the Universe, if we travel back in time with nearly 13.8 billion years, we will reach a singularity (a hot, very dense energy point) where laws that govern space and time, are not the same.

Until now, scientists have not been able to overcome singularity to find out exactly how the Universe was born. Still, it is also known that singularity still exists in Black Holes, and from here it can be deduced that there are chances that the birth of the Universe will be related to these mysterious astronomical objects. Black Holes are the strangest phenomena in space, and physicists admit that they still can not know exactly what is happening inside them. There are many theories and one of them claims that there may be very advanced civilizations within them. Moreover, says a physicist, even our universe is actually in a huge black hole.

Physicist Nikodem Poplawski of the University of New Haven believes that if we were to fall into a Black Hole, our particles would reach a parallel universe. He, like other theorists, claims that a black hole is not infinitely dense and small, as Albert Einstein was supposed to be, but it is something finished. Poplawski’s theory is based on the hypothesis that before the Big Bang there was something, a “seed” of very dense matter that formed within a Black Hole.

Black Holes
Black Holes Is the entire Universe inside of one of it

It is likely to be trillion times smaller than any particle known to humans, says Michael Finkel of National Geographic. This tiny particle had enough energy to give birth to the whole universe we know. Everything would have happened inside a Black Hole. If we look at things from this perspective, we can only ask what could be the cause for which the expansion of the Universe is over? The theory backed by the American physicist answers all these questions.

First, the theory of singularity must be eliminated and then the theories of general relativity and of modern gravity must be understood. Any event in our Universe appears as a point in the space-time relationship.
A massive object like the Sun distorts this time-space relationship, becoming a curve. This gravitational curve produces the gravity that unfolds over the surrounding planets. Another observation, which supports this theory, is based on quantum mechanics, which in turn describes the whole universe on a small scale. Due to quantum gravity, we can describe the behaviour of the particles inside the Black Holes.

They possess an inner centrifugal force that moves them that resemble an angular internal impulse, also known as “spin”. The particles in our Universe have the same properties as those in the Black Holes. The particles interact with each other but also with space-time, where the so-called “torsion” is formed. In order to understand the torsion effect, we need only to imagine a metal rod, such as a flexible system, the bending of the stem corresponds to the space-time curve and its twisting with the torsional relationship.

Increasing numbers of spin particles can produce a much higher torque effect. Repulsive torsion stops the chaos and creates what physicists call “big bounce.” This very large rebound has led to the expansion of our Universe. The torsion mechanism, which forces researchers to believe that each Black Hole is capable of producing a new universe. If this statement is valid then the matter in our universe comes from elsewhere. So the Universe we are in is in a Black Hole but in another Universe. Most strange is that as we can not see what happens inside a Black Hole, neither the inhabitants of the parent Universe can see what is happening in ours. The movement of matter in our Universe happens only in one direction, giving the feeling of time we perceive it is going forward. This “arrow” of time is inherited from the Mother Universe because of the torsion effect.

The Universe is dictated by two sets of rules: quantum mechanics for small elements like particles and general relativity for stars, planets, and large objects. Black Holes defy these rules because the event horizon in their case is too big to be explained by the particles inside. Several years ago, three physicists from the Perimeter Institute and the University of Waterloo suggested that the two singularities could be one and the same and that the Universe might have been born from the singularity of a very large Black Hole. If this scenario were true, the Universe would have appeared when a star from a four-dimensional parallel universe collided with a Black Hole.

From a mathematical and conceptual point of view, the theory makes sense, but until it is proven, it remains just a hypothesis. As Science Alert writes, the most interesting implication of this variant is that our Universe could give rise to two-dimensional universes every time a Black Hole is formed.

How does Black Holes appear?

A Black Hole is formed when a giant star is out of fuel and collapses inside it. Then there is a supernova that throws some of the star material into space. Then, the gravity of this “dead star” is so strong that it attracts any form of matter, nor can light escape. Black Holes are a gate between two parallel Universes, Poplawski believes. And other physicists support this theory. Russian cosmologist Vyacheslav Dokuchaev, from the Moscow Nuclear Research Institute, even believes that there may be advanced new civilizations within the Black Holes. He presented his theory in 2011.

Dokuchaev says that beyond the point of no return, where time and space unite, within the Black Hole, beyond the Cauchy horizon, there may be another Universe. There may be life forms and even civilizations that would be the most advanced in the Universe. That’s because, because of the very difficult conditions, civilizations needed to evolve quickly so they could survive. If there are such civilizations there, then it is about Level III civilizations on the Kardaschev scale. By comparison, mankind is still trying to reach Level I. No matter how interesting this theory is, it is impossible to demonstrate practically. Nothing can pass through the Black Hole, so we can find out if there is anything or not.




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