Brain Facts

Brain About: Outstanding Facts and Curiosities about Human Brain

Brain About

Brain conceals many mysteries and in the attempt to elucidate and discover them there are some extraordinary curiosities that have come to light. The human brain remains an enigma for researchers, neurologists, anatomists, and physicians.
  • It was said that we use only a part of the brain, yet it is not known exactly how much, but what happens to the unused portion?
  • Or what are the possible behaviours or senses or interpretations hiding in those areas?
  • How can we explain neurological pathologies, mental illness, or, why not, intelligence? Could we influence it by manipulating nerve matter?

The brain conceals many mysteries and in the attempt to elucidate and discover them there are some exceptional curiosities that have come to light.

The brain is more creative when is tired

There are people who work more and better in the morning, while others do it after midday. No matter what category a person belongs to, she prefers to solve problems, answer questions or make decisions at the best time of her either in the morning or in the afternoon. But if it’s about doing something creative, the best moment is when the brain is tired and does not work the most efficiently. When tired, is no longer able to focus on a particular thing or to make connections between ideas and concepts, but it is open to new ideas and creates different patterns of thinking.

Stress changes the size of the brain

It seems that stress affects the brain so much that it can even reduce its size. To test this, a study was conducted on rats exposed to chronic stress. It was found that the hippocampus in their brains had diminished. After this experiment, scientists have wondered if stress leads to diminishing brain size or if people with a lower brain are more prone to stress. They have concluded that stress can be a factor contributing to his modification.

Brain About
That’s why we invite you to discover 13 interesting things you did not know about the human brain.
  1. A normal man during his lifetime has about 85-100 billion neurons.
  2. Did you know that a neuron can store up to 5 times more information than the entire British Encyclopedia collection?
  3. Studies have shown that the brain size of pregnant women decreases slightly and returns to normal size after six months.
  4. The speed at which information flows between neurons is about 120 meters per second.
  5. Consumes about 20% of the total oxygen absorbed by the lungs. That’s why scientists are recommending that we take the air in the chest when we make important decisions.
  6. Produces an energy of about 10-23 watts, which could ignite a light bulb. Interestingly, when the thoughts are numerous, the energy increases, and during the night there is an impressive activity in the brain that raises many questions among scientists.
  7. The part of the brain that plays a role in decision-making develops completely in men around the age of 25, and in women 2 years earlier, hence the idea that women are more mature than men.
  8. If you touch the human brain, it would not feel any pain, because the brain has no pain receptors.
  9. Never ceases to function, and more so, during the night, brain activity is higher than during the day.
  10. Is considered the most “fat” human organism, it contains about 60% fat.
  11. The neocortex is the brain part of the cerebral and consciousness, occupying about 76% of the human brain.
  12. The explanation for which we feel the pain immediately after a burn is given by a speed of about 270 km / h with which the nerve impulses circulate to the human brain.
  13. Did you know that intellectual work does not bruise the brain? Well, fatigue occurs because of our emotions. The composition of the blood that passes through the brain when it is active does not change.

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