Nikola Tesla Briliant Inventor

Nikola Tesla – Brilliant Inventor of the Second Millennium

Inventor | All his inventions have gone mental, he has previewed them. Also, they all have been perfected, corrected in such a real mental projection that never imagined a device has failed. Everything worked perfectly, without further correction, everything was built without preliminary experiments.

Nikola Tesla has developed an unusual astral projection in other dimensions, in which he has found many friends. As he communicated with the etheric beings, Tesla became familiar with the technique in the etheric technique, which he saw decomposed in detail, in operation.

Inventor Nikola Tesla was born on 9 July 1856 on the shores of the Adriatic Sea in the Similian village of Gospici, in the province of Lica (present-day Croatian). His father was the orthodox priest Milutin Tesla, his name coming from the basic tool of the carpenter, a basic craft in the Istro-Romanian family. His mother was called Gica Tesla (Mandic) and she was a brilliant intelligence, although she had no studies.

It seems that little Nikola or Nicolae has demonstrated extraordinary mental capacities and extrasensory perceptions since the early years of his childhood, and later became a roadblock in vast technical fields such as electricity, radio, and high-frequency currents the alternating current system, the rotating magnetic field, the structure of the atom and its nucleus, the engines and the various technologies without which the modern world would be unwise. Everything that we call advanced technology today is based on Nikola Tesla’s inventions, some of them dating back to a century.

Nikola Tesla, Serbian born – American Inventor, (1856-1943)

At the age of 30 when emigrated to the US at the insistence of Charles Bachelor, an assistant to Thomas Edison. Arrived there, he was received cold by Edison and hired as an electronics engineer in his company’s workshops. Tesla soon rebelled against the way his employer understood his business and scientific research, resigned, and decided to work on his own.

After the success of his original system based on polyphase alternate currents, at the beginning of 1885, he set up his own company, and then, appear strange, a fire completely destroys his laboratory in New York. In 1891, Tesla realizes the transformer that currently bears its name and allows for voltages of up to several million volts. Until 1892, the US Patent Office and Tesla have delivered more than 40 patents for inventions made under the principle of magnetic field rotationally discovered him and fundamental elements of AC power.

In 1895, Niagara Falls became the first alternative power plant in the world. The emblems of the generating sets installed there used to be named after Nikola Tesla, and even today, the vast majority of inductive electric motors in use everywhere in the world are based on its original design. His inventions are the basis of the radar, cyclotron, television, the world radio and TV networks, robots, the Internet, pagers, cell phones or the “Star Wars” space program launched by Americans in the Cold War.

All this is tributary to Tesla’s sketches. although he was a brilliant genius of humanity, on January 7, 1943, on a Wednesday, about 10:30 PM, Nikola Tesla gave his last breath, dying alone and forgotten in a small room at the Newyorker Hotel. Outside, the city was instigated by the legacy left behind by this man, requiring the electricity obtained from Tesla’s materialized vision of living in a fully-fueled world. Tesla is buried almost in obscurity; a collapsing giant of the invention, whose discoveries remain the foundation for some of the most prolific scientific achievements achieved by humanity. How did it get here? Nikola Tesla was a humanitarian, an idealist and an unperturbed genius. Although most of the times he was personified as a mad researcher, perhaps his only defect was to be born before his time.

A child … otherwise

In childhood, Tesla had a bigger brother, endowed with paranormal skills, who died prematurely. The parents of the two boys suffered enormously after the event, remembering Nikola’s brother’s extraordinary achievements, making the efforts of the son remain unimportant. This greatly hindered the boy’s “mission” to impress his parents. Tesla’s father, Milutin, insisted on making his only son, the priest, to the misfortune of the boy who dreamed of becoming an engineer.

The militant was not an outdated individual, on the contrary, he was an erudite and a remarkable member of the community, but the miraculous genes that Nikola had to give a little later proof appeared to have been transmitted to them on the maternal line. Coming from a family of brilliant people, his mother Gica often demonstrated a great talent in improvising some necessary aggregates in the household. However, the mental training to which little Nikola was subjected by his father, propelled the genius that he would demonstrate later in the world.

Nikola Tesla was born on 10 July 1856 as the fourth child of an Orthodox priest Milutin and his wife Georgina (Đuka) born Mandić.

Still small, Tesla suffered from a unique affection, which is the appearance of images accompanied by bright flashing flashes. Was a reaction that doctors could not explain and which broke out when the boy was being asked a word or when his eyes met a certain image. The unpredictable bright flashes were also manifested when Nikola was in dangerous, stressful situations, or when he was very cheerful. Sometimes he became able to see all the air around him filled with “tongues of living flame”, subtle manifestations of the ubiquitous etheric energy, whose intensity grew as he grew older and reached the maximum at the age of 25.

For a while, Inventor Tesla was unable to distinguish whether the images taken in front of her eyes were real or not. He understood, however, that what he was experiencing was not a condition, but a capacity that a master had to learn. This has led him not to resist the inner manifestations of his spirit and to try to accept them. Not only did the images not surprise Tesla, but the boy even developed an affinity for his unique ability to create his own reality in which he could juggle as he pleased with various virtual plans. Has never cultivated this paranormal dimension so much that he has begun to make extensive mental travels in sleep or wakefulness, both in places already known and in unknown places, in cities and foreign countries where he met characters and making friends.

These fantasies had become as lovable as real-life experiences. When Nikola closed his eyes, he noticed a uniform and dark blue background, similar to a clear, starless night sky. After a few seconds, the field became animated with many sparkling green particles, arranged in numerous layers that advanced slowly towards it. Then a right-of-the-way model appeared in two multicoloured systems of parallel and perpendicular parallel lines, in which yellow, green and gold prevailed. Immediately afterwards the lines grew in brightness and everything was full of brilliant points, the image slowly passing through the visual field and disappearing in about 10 seconds to the left. There was an unpleasant grey background behind the pictures of people seen by Tesla during the day, after which he was sleeping. If the images did not appear, the night would be without sleep.

“Computer” Tesla | Inventor

After 17 years of age, Tesla could easily visualize an object without the need for patterns, drawings, or other experiments. For this reason, the boy had the ability to put a piece into work, mentally, without having to build it effectively, so that he can figure out whether it will work or not when it is materialized. He could develop a whole concept without using a single instrument. Only after adopting the imagined gear to all the possible improvements and finding no mistake, gave shape to that product of his intelligence. Exceptionally, all devices designed by Tesla work exactly as they designed it.

From the first years of life, Inventor Nikola learns, without any apparent explanation, a strong aversion to women’s earrings, but makes it a pleasure to draw other ornaments such as bracelets. The observation of a pearl led him to ecstasy, being fascinated by the shimmering of crystals or objects with sharp edges and flat surfaces. Would never have touched other people’s hair, and would only have a fever on a peach, and if she met a piece of camphor (the crystallized organic substance, colourless, characteristic smell and bitter taste used in medicine and the celluloid industry), it produced a strong one discomfort. He used to count the steps as he walked and calculated the volume of soup dishes, cups of coffee and food pieces.

All the actions and operations they had to perform were to be divisible by three, and if the count did not come out, he felt compelled to take it from the end even though the calculations lasted for hours. He had a real mania to finish whatever started, which often put him in the most difficult situations. Once, he began reading Voltaire’s work, when he found out that there were about one hundred volumes of the famous writer. Had to finish what had begun, but after leaving the last card he said that this marathon of readings would not be repeated.

Still more than all of these things, the already paranormal aspect of the inventor, Tesla’s ear was an extraordinary tool for capturing acoustic signals. This feeling was 14 times more developed than a normal man. he could hear the ticking of a three-room watch, and placing a fist on the table in his room could cause an almost unbearably strong sound for his ear. A carriage that passed a few kilometres away often had the effect of shaking its entire body. Sometimes it seemed to him that the earth beneath him was constantly shaking, so he had to put his bed on rubber pads to cushion the shocks felt and to sleep.

The “crazy scientist” would change the world

Colonel Philip J. Corso, US intelligence officer, member of the US National Security Council and chief of the US Territorial Army’s Foreign Technology Division, makes some interesting insights into Tesla’s inventions, most of which were understood long after his death. The Colonel was the first to argue that Tesla’s inventions were so advanced and difficult to understand that they were reconsidered only after Roswell found that aliens were using techniques … Tesla. The laser scalpel found in the crashed UFO there had the same principle – the directed beam of energy – as the “Death Row”.

The “genius of mankind,” as Tesla is called in some circles, seems to have had an obsessive desire for peace. Even when he invented apocalyptic weapons, he would do so in the naive hope that he would send the war into oblivion, because all nations would have the same power to destroy their arsenals. His ideas were so radical for their time, so far removed from what his contemporaries thought, that they were ignored, parading for most people (and even researchers) as either crap of a mad scientist or totally impractical things.

Yet, even its most “lunar” ideas – like the plans of the late 19th century for a bomber with takeoff and vertical landing – now seem perfectly functional.

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