British UFO Files - Boeing 737 Close Encounters

British UFO Files – Boeing 737 Close Encounters | MoD UFO Files

British Ministry of Defence (MoD) admitted they existed and had been withheld from a previous declassification exercise. In 2013 the MoD claimed it had made public all of its formerly top-secret alien files, but following Freedom of Information Act requests, the existence of the remaining documents was revealed.UFO disclosure campaigners have been fighting ever since for their release.

British UFO files containing almost 50 years of data about UFOs and otherworldly beings are waiting to be released to the public longing for more disclosure. The documents dubbed the “real-life X-files” is rumoured to contain about 18 files describing known or lesser-known UFO occurrences and incidents. The files will shed more light on UK’s renowned cases, such as the Rendlesham Forest incident, knows as UK’s Roswell, and the darting UFO that has nearly hit a Boeing 737.

The pilots of British Airways flight 5061 reported the incident as they flew over the Pennines on the route from Milan on January 6, 1995.

On the way to the airport in Manchester, Captain Roger Wills and co-pilot First Officer Mark Stuart have witnessed and observed for about 2 seconds a speeding ball of light that had passed few inches near the cockpit. The UFO came from the right-hand side of the aircraft at high velocity, a Civilian Aviation Authority (CAA) report revealed. The pilots were able to focus the object through the windscreen and side windows.

The appearance left quite an impression on the pilots who had instantly turned to their mics to report to the control tower. No air traffic was detected by the Traffic Control on their route. Despite the eerie experience narrated by the two pilots, the case was put to rest in the years that followed. However, the Civilian Aviation Authority was assigned to further investigate the claims.

The Sun British X files papers revealed also with video from sky news… it mentions
“UFOs hovering over Waterloo Bridge? Are Green men known as Elgar? This can only mean the British ‘X-Files’ has been opened up to the public for the first time” (extract from article).

While everyone’s waiting for the next batch of declassified documents to be released, experts say we shouldn’t expect the ultimate alien proof to jump out of the basket.
Nick Pope, an ex-employee of the Ministry of Defense for almost 15 years, said:

“There’s no smoking gun in these files that will confirm the existence of aliens, but there are plenty of fascinating UFO reports and MoD policy documents, so these really are the real-life X-Files.”

He also blames bureaucracy for the delay that has postponed the release from 2013 until this year:

The delay has been a comedy of errors though, I think it’s more bureaucracy than conspiracy.”

A drawing of a Toblerone-shaped UFO, part of top-secret files released

In a letter dated April 1996, an unidentified MoD official said:

”With regards to the airmiss reported by the British Airways pilots approaching Manchester Airport on January 6 1995, I can confirm that as a matter of routine the MoD was notified about the pilots’ report by the Civil Aviation Authority shortly after the incident occurred.
”At the time I discussed the matter with the departmental air defence experts who confirmed that they were not aware of anything which would indicate a matter of defence significance associated with the sighting, or any evidence that the UK’s air defences had been compromised.
”In the absence of such evidence, MoD interest in the sighting has long since ceased.”

Whatever the case, more than breadcrumbs are expected to come out from the latest release of UFO files. There won’t probably be a direct confirmation of intelligent alien life, but more dots will join that will offer people food for thought for the years to come.


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