Bronzite (Enstatit) | Therapeutical Properties and Crystal Information

Bronzite (Enstatit) | Therapeutical Properties and Crystal Information


Bronzite is a stone that has an anti-curse effect, is a magic protector and rejects negative thoughts. From a psychological point of view, this crystal is a courtesy stone, strengthens discernment but without judgment, indicates the most important choices and helps in making important decisions. Bronzite is useful for chronic exhaustion, iron uptake, cramps, and nerves.


Name: named after the colour. It is a variety of a common mineral, called Enstatite or Hypersten, and is part of the silicate class

Colours: bronze with silver or gold inserts

Hardness: 5-6 (out of 10)

Gloss: Metallic

Crystal system: orthorhombic, monoclinic

Chemical composition: (MgFe) 2 (Si2O6)

Note: This crystal comes from India, China, Russia, Norway, Western Australia, New Zealand and Brazil. It was used in antiquity by the Greeks and the Romans, as a gem and as a healing stone.

Bronzite gemstone
Bronzite gemstone


  • Metallic flashes in the stone structure give it a stylish look.
  • It is a stone recommended for those who want a bit of colour in a grey life, for those who are expecting a change somewhere, those overwhelmed by the everyday banal.
  • It is a stone that makes you enjoy the little beauties of life, which helps you to see beyond the appearances, not to restrain yourself from the surrounding monotony.
  • It is a rock recommended to those who feel embarrassed by worries and troubles, giving them a ray of hope and color.
  • It’s the stone that gives the shine to life without shades.

Recommended pattern for:

These correspondence or associations are NOT mandatory but indicative.

Our tip: Choose what you want, according to the “crystal you need is the one who calls you”.

ZODIAC: all, but especially Lion




ASSOCIATED LETTER: B, recommended to those with names beginning with this letter

ASSOCIATED NAMES: 6. Numerical recommendations: for those who have this number as a way of life, expression number, birthday 6, 15, 24

ASSOCIATED AGE: 33, recommended to wear at this age or to offer a gift at this age


It is said that the Romans used bronze powder to protect them from disease and confusion and as an effective treatment for nerve strengthening.

There is a Crystal for Focus on the action, Help



  • Strong overall protective role
  • Protects against any negative energies – curses, bad thoughts, envy, etc. – sending them back to the source

Bring, Confer, Inspire:

  • Control, safety, stability, discernment, self-confidence
  • Politte, diplomacy, courtesy
  • Open mind and soul


  • Courage, the ability to offer help, acceptance


  • Help the wearer understand what is best for him
  • Setting solid goals, clarifying future prospects, clarifying future paths
  • Adapting to the new stages of individual evolution: at puberty, at menopause, at other key moments in the development of each individual
  • In making clear and firm decisions, choosing the best horses in life
  • Attaining the most complicated goals and performing the heaviest tasks
    In dealing with emotional issues


  • To be worn by those who need guarantees, certainties, very clear things
  • To be carried by those working in areas in direct relationship with the public, to help them answer the diplomat and kindly to any challenge
  • To wear in the moments of great decision, because it helps the wearer to balance the advantages and disadvantages, pros and cons, to make the best choice

Reduce, Decrease, Stop:

  • Confusion, blurring, doubt, depression and lack of concentration, stress, anger


  • Offers a beautiful ageing
  • Beneficial in skin problems, allergies, ulcer
  • Helps fight infections
  • Beneficial in case of anaemia, low blood pressure
  • It improves the circulation and quality of the blood
  • Facilitates the assimilation of iron
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