Colorless Calcite is a panacea, especially as elixir. Strongly detoxifying. Physically, it is an antiseptic; in a subtle plane, purifies and aligns all the chakras. A colorless calcite with large rainbows brings changes - it is the stone of new beginnings. It deepens the soul and revitalizes the subtle bodies. It opens and purifies the inner and outer vision.

Calcite | Therapeutical Properties and Crystal Information

The surface is trivial, but by its simplicity, Calcite becomes a universal panacea: good at all. There are many other minerals (marble, aragonite, pearl, coral) in the Calcutta class, but as the semiprecious stone, calcite is presented in different nuances.

Powerful amplifier and energy purifier. A piece of calcite placed in a room removes negative energies and intensifies your personal energy.

Eliminates stagnant energy in the body. Its various colours also purify the physical and subtle body.

Active crystal, Calcite accelerates growth and growth. Spiritual stone linked to superior consciousness facilitates openness to superior sensitivity, mental inclinations, channelling, and extracorporeal experiences.

It accelerates spiritual development and allows the soul returning to the body to remember the experiences experienced.

Psychologically, calcite binds emotions of intellect, generating emotional intelligence. It has a positive effect, especially when hope or motivation has disappeared.

Combating laziness makes you more energetic at all levels.

In the mental plane, calcite calms the spirit, promotes discernment and analysis, stimulates intuition, improves memory. Allows the establishment of important information and their retention.

It confers the ability to translate intentions into practice. A useful stone for study.

White Calcite

Calms emotional stress, replacing it with serenity. Stabilizing stone increases self-confidence and the ability to overcome obstacles.

In a subtle plane, a suit of calcite of the right colours purifies, balances and energizes all the chakras.

Information about Crystal

  • Country of origin of crystal: MEXICO, CHINA
  • One of the most common minerals on earth. It is mostly found in the form of marble.
  • Chemical composition: CaCO3
  • Hardness: 3 out of 10
  • Gloss: glassy, earthly
  • Colours: of all colours: yellow, pink, red, green, purple, grey, white, blue.


Recommended stone for:

These correspondence or associations are NOT mandatory but indicative.

Our tip: Choose what you want, according to the “crystal you need is the one who calls you”.

  • Zodiac: all, but also according to colour: Taurus (pink, green), Gemini (yellow, green), Cancer (white), Leo (yellow / gold), Libra (pink, green) etc.
  • Associated PLANETS: Sun, Mercury
  • Associated element: fire
  • Associated Number: 8
  • CHAKRA: All depending on the specific colour


Provides Protection:

  • Powerful protective role in general and purifying
  • A fragment of calcite (marble, coral) placed in a room, removes negative energies

Bring, Confer, Inspire:

  • Security, well-being
  • Relaxation, calm, joy, peace, rest after periods of stress
  • Action, energy, courage
  • Illumination, clarity, wisdom
  • Accelerates growth and growth

Amplify, Stimulate, Support, Facilitate

Creativity, energy, joy, intuition, memory (good to wear during periods of study or during schooling)

Helps to:

  • Transforming intent into the deed
  • Channels and amplifies energies
  • Recommended for those who have lost confidence in others and in their own person
  • Recommended for those who have no courage to set new goals
  • Recommended for those studying arts and sciences

Reduce, Decrease, Stops:

Stress, fear, lack of concentration, distrust, apathy, disinterest, lack of binge, lene

Health Effects:

  • Beneficial in case of infections, dermatological diseases
  • Beneficial in decalcification, osteoporosis helps assimilate calcium in the body
  • Beneficial for kidney, pancreas, spleen, excretory and digestive apparatus, blood circulation, spinal cord, bone
  • Balances Calcemia (Good for Diabetes Patients)
  • Helps eliminate toxins from the body
  • Reduces back pain
  • Regulates hormonal secretions

In addition to the generic features, calcite in the following colors has additional properties:

Black Calcite is an archive stone that allows regression and retrieval of memories to revive the past. Helps the soul return to the body after a trauma or stress, calms depression, it is a good companion during the dark night of the soul.
Blue Calcite is a good stone for recovery and relaxation. Reduces blood pressure and relieves pain at all levels. Gently relaxing nerves and removing anxiety, eliminates negative emotions. Used on the neck chakra, it favors clear communication, especially where it does not exist. Absorbs energy, filters it, and sends it back to the person who issued it.
Colorless Calcite is a panacea, especially as elixir. Strongly detoxifying. Physically, it is an antiseptic; in a subtle plane, purifies and aligns all the chakras. A colorless calcite with large rainbows brings changes - it is the stone of new beginnings. It deepens the soul and revitalizes the subtle bodies. It opens and purifies the inner and outer vision.
Gold calcite is excellent for meditation and for connection to superior mental plans. It inspires agility to the spirit by anchoring higher mental energies in the world physics. Place it on your navel or crown chakras.
Green Calcite removes rigid beliefs and outdated projects, restoring mental balance. It helps to release what is familiar and comforting, but no longer serving anything, favors communication and transition from a stagnant situation to another, positive. Helps children to support their point of view. Powerful immune system stimulant, very useful for networks. Absorbs negativity and discards the body of bacterial infections. Cures arthritis and spasms of ligaments or muscles. Its glowing green soothes fever, burns and inflammation, cares the adrenal glands and calms anger generated by anger. Regularly placed on the body, this stone absorbs the bad and needs to be cleaned carefully after use.
Orange Calcite is a powerful energizing and purifying stone, especially for lower chakras. Balances emotions, removes fear, overcomes depression, removes problems and maximizes potential. Heals the reproductive apparatus, gall bladder, intestinal diseases (irritable bowel syndrome), removes mucus from the body.
Pink Calcite (manganocalcite) is a crystal of the heart, in contact with the angelic kingdom. A stone of forgiveness, casting away the fear and anger that keeps the heart in the past and offers unconditional love. It favors awareness of self-esteem and self-acceptance, treats nerve affections, lowers tension and anxiety. Prevents nightmares. His energetic energy strengthens the resistances. Useful for any person who has been traumatized or has been abused.
Red calcite
Red calcite energizes, intensifies emotions, favors will, and opens the heart chakra. Eliminates stagnant energy, including constipation, and removes blockages. It resonates to the root chakra that energizes and heals. Eliminate fear, allowing understanding of its origin. Vitality is enlivening holidays. Physically, heals the afflictions of the thighs and lower limbs, improving the condition of the joints. in a subtle plane, removes the bottlenecks that prevent you from living your life.

Calcite is one of the most common semiprecious stones in the world and can be found both in the composition of limestone and marble, as well as in the underground caves where they gather in stalactites and stalagmites.
On the other hand, calcite can also be found in the form of complex, fully transparent gemstones or prismatic crystals inter-grown with other types of minerals.

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