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Isis’s blood is a high-quality carnelian (gemstone), extremely popular once for the production of protective amulets or as a godsend, not only in ancient Egypt but also in Europe, Myanmar, and Japan.

There are several types of Carneal, depending on colour intensity. Some are in their natural colour, one orange to yellow, others are heat-treated, the orange shade becomes more intense. Some contain parallel layers of other colours. Meditation with this stone or keeping it under the pillow during sleep leads to establishing a strong connection with archetypal feminine energy. In addition, it helps to achieve spiritual clarity and clarity.

Stoning medieval Spanish king Alfonso the Great, translated by an Arabic text more old keeper of the knowledge of remote antiquity, called the crystal “stone sleep ‘and assign capacity to emit light. It is said that the blood of Isis gives a deep trance state, is traditionally used for anaesthesia, especially during surgical operations.


Spiritually, Blood of Isis allows retrieval of forgotten and lost aspects of self, especially those on which he had when he was incarnate in a being of the opposite sex. It facilitates the unification of masculine and feminine qualities of consciousness, being extremely useful for men who have lost contact with their feminine, creative side.

Psychologically, the blood of Isis is ideal for cultivating forgiveness. The Egyptians of the Atychs used to wear Carneal jewels to soothe anger, jealousy, jealousy and other negative emotions. The stone helps alleviate the pain of the soul, especially the one caused by the loss of a loved one, and leads to a better acceptance of the cycles of life. In the physical world, this stone has beneficial effects in menopausal women, for those who lament the loss of fertility, and if “empty nest syndrome”. Help these women find new ideas and become truly wise.


Carnelian Crystal information

  • Country of origin of the crystal: BRAZIL, INDIA
  • Variety of quartz (chalcedony) in orange.
  • Chemical composition: Silicon Dioxide
  • Hardness: 7 (out of 10)
  • Gloss: glass, semi-transparent, unevenly coloured.
  • Colours: from very light orange, almost yellow, passing through intense orange, shiny orange to dark brown almost brown. The colour is denser depending on the iron content. Set in the sun, it changes colour to brown and dark red.

Carnelian History and Legends

–  The sacred stone of the Tibetans and Egyptians.
–  The Egyptians said they bring peace and harmony, drive out depression, help in healing, increase courage and develop sexual energies.
–  In the sec. 18 was said to bring good luck and protection.
–  In the sec. XIX was said to give courage to those who need to speak.
–  The Prophet Mohammed and Napoleon wore Carnelian.
–  The big kings were buried alongside the carnation stones.
–  The Egyptians used this stone very much.
–  It is a stone often used in Buddhist objects of worship.


It can change its colour if left in the sun for a long time.

Raw Carnelian
Raw Carnelian Stones Rough Agate

Recommended Purification For:

These correspondence or associations are NOT mandatory but indicative.

  • Our tip: Choose what you want, according to the “crystal you need is the one who calls you”.
  • Zodiac: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn
  • Birth month: May, July, August
  • Protector Talisman: Virgo
  • Birthday: Sunday
  • Governing or Dominant Planet: Mars and the Sun
  • Chakra: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  • Associated Letter: C, recommended for those with names beginning with this letter or containing as many letters in the same order.
  • Associated Numbers: 5. Numerical Recommendations: For those who have this number as a way of life, number of expressions, birthday 5, 14, 23
  • Recommended age: 32, recommended to wear at this age or to give a gift at this age
  • Anniversary: Give a gift at the 10th anniversary of a marriage
  • Other: The national stone of Norway and Sweden
  • For professions: actors, athletes

About the dominant colour of the Carnelian crystal:

Governed by the Sun, the orange crystals are in touch with the personality of the individual. Provides energy to express us with more confidence, increase creativity and expression, help to discover personal talents. Stimulate, encourage, send action.

Provides protection and power to succeed in life. I attract success, affirmation, success, luck, chance. Reveal his true personality or helped to manifest one’s own individuality. Eliminate shyness, distrust, help to leave anonymity to show the world the true value. Gives brilliance, uniqueness, pride to the wearer and draws attention to the wearer.

They are optimistic, fortunate, success stones. Protects against bad luck, failure, and sickness. Their message: affirm your personality, live, impose, love, be proud of you!

Effects on the wearer

It is a stone for:

Luck, success, prosperity, passionate love, brotherhood, and understanding among people
An energetic stone, very stimulating in any life plan, makes the bearer take the lead and act

Provides protection:

Against negative energies, psychic attacks, indigence, rage, negative thoughts

Bring, Confer, Inspire:

Life and action chef, self-confidence, calm, mental balance good mood and good general condition makes the wearer feel good, laugh, enjoy life

Amplify, Stimulate, Support, Facilitate

Physical energy, passion, motivation, trust, inspiration, boldness, creativity
the initiative, desire to succeed inter-human contacts, communication, and speaking to the public business success memory, concentration,

Carnelian is a shiny reddish stone, a type of orange Chalcedony. It’s name comes from the Latin carnis, meaning flesh, a reference to the various skin tones Carnelian can resemble, from blood red to dark brown. Traditionally, Carnelian is known as a stone of courage, motivation and endurance.

Carnelian Helps to:

  • Reaching personal goals
  • Good for karmic regressions and understanding of previous lives
  • Achieve success in business and career
  • Purify the other stones next to it
  • It brings to light the undiscovered talents of everyone
  • Opens access to past lives.
  • Recommended for those with: activities in the theatre world (is a stone of actors)

Reduce, Decrease, Stop:

  • envy, anger, fear, sadness, apathy, laziness, passivity, fear of death, depression, hostility, adversity, hate, doubt, negative thinking, psychic or mental blockage of any kind

Health Effects:

Very beneficial for everything that is related to sexuality, to fertility and potency.
Beneficial for the circulatory system, respiratory system, kidney, skin, sexual organs, spine, spleen, pancreas, liver

  • Reduces menstrual pain
  • Stimulates appetite and assimilation (helps weight gain)
  • It provides good health in general

Beneficial in case of arthritis, kidney disease, pancreas, impotence, infertility, asthma, pollen allergies, kidney stones, nasal haemorrhage, rheumatism, arthritis, anorexia, inflammation, infection, pain, neuralgia, depression.

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