Conspiracy Of Silence - UFO Cover Up - The Secret Space Program

Conspiracy Of Silence – UFO Cover Up – The Secret Space Program

Conspiracy | The intelligence services, together with various groups that would lead the world out of the shadow, are the only organisational entities that know the truth about the UFO phenomenon, with all its implications in the past, present, and especially the future of mankind. This is a hypothesis often invoked by the followers of conspiracy theory.

In FBI documents dated 1950, an agent talks about “three so-called flying saucers” that were recovered in New Mexico. UFOs are described as having a “circular shape, with a diameter of about 15 meters”.
Moreover, we find out that “in each of them were three bodies of a human form and 90 cm high, dressed in clothes of a fine metal fabric”. But other specialists say the FBI’s disclosure only confirms what the US Army has maintained in a report since 1997: UFOs were actually army objects and were part of a secret detection experiment Of a possible nuclear explosion.

Supposed FBI document

The plate-shaped objects were transported with the balloon, and hence the confusion. And inside each “plate” there were mannequins to simulate pilots. That does not mean, however, that we are alone in the Universe. Regarding the Roswell episode, in 1978, Major Jesse Marcel, one of the soldiers involved in fragments recovery, said he had definitely belonged to an alien object. It was only the beginning of an avalanche of testimonies related to another 11 similar incidents. For more insights read the book of Major Jesse Marcel: The Roswell Legacy: The Untold Story of the First Military Officer at the 1947 Crash Site

Since 2004, UFOs have been growing in uranium deposits or near nuclear power stations. In Iran, over these two nuclear power stations, these visits are almost commonplace. In Mexico, a country with many uranium resources, these areas are regularly visited by UFOs. The authorities of the two countries have taken special security measures for these areas. In the reports that were declassified, it is said that between 1947-1952, over a nuclear power plant in Los Almos, USA, 39 UFO appearances were viewed.

Military specialists who worked in nuclear power stations are talking about the fact that the emergence of UFOs over nuclear power plants has caused disruptions or disturbances in the technological process, particularly dangerous for the local population. There are specialists who claim that the number of UFO visits has increased at that time. Since 1992, nuclear tests have been banned, and the number of UFO appearances has been much lower. There are countries that in 2014 were very open and correct with the information on the emergence of UFOs after years of negating their existence. France and Britain have declassified several thousand reports to this effect, which they have made public. Many have wondered why so much transparency?

In 2013, it was decided at the highest level of the strongest states that the population should begin to be prepared, step by step, for the alien phenomenon. Televisions feature reports and films, experts recognise the existence of the phenomenon, but everything after 70 years of denial or lies. We ask, why do we need to be trained?


Graphic representation of Gray Aliens

These grey have become emotionless beings, and they seem to be responsible for those abductions of human beings that actually aim at harvesting human genetic material and then creating human-grey hybrids, as the race “Gray “can no longer reproduce, and is therefore endangered. If this hybridization phenomenon were to continue, it would, of course, attract the extinction of the human race. A well-documented work in this regard is Richard Gleen’s Operation Trojan Horse: The Classic Breakthrough Study of UFOs

In this paper, for example, there is a telepathic message from extraterrestrials called the “Big Blonde,” which says, “You are not about to be invaded, not even in the course of being. The invasion has already taken place and it is in the final stage. ” In 1989, engineer Bob Lazar revealed to the whole world, through Klass TV, that he was employed in Area 51, where he could investigate how to build UFOs. He said these ships do not use any conventional fuel known on Earth but are equipped with an antimatter reactor and powered by a chemical that does not exist on the earth. He also stated that it was possible to determine that ships produce their own gravitational fields to change the time and space coordinates and to reach the desired destinations. For longer distances, they seem to use stars as stargates, based on singularities in their centres, through which those wormholes can be opened in space-time.

Another scientist who worked in Area 51 and wanted to do everything public was the physicist Michael Wolf. His statements were much more detailed, which determined the American agencies in charge of keeping secrets about aliens, violent attacks on his person. He revealed that LEDs, optical superconductivity, and fibre technology are among the technologies discovered by research into the debris of alien craft. Dr Wolf also revealed that the Americans, using technologies from the extraterrestrial collaboration, set up the Aurora SR-33A spacecraft, tested at the Aria 51 military base.

The theory of alleged secret collaborations between the US government and the aliens was supported, especially in the 1980s, by Milton William (Bill) Cooper, a sub-officer in the Air Force. He states that during 1970-1973, while working for the Pacific Military Fleet Command, he had access to two materials: Report No. 13 of the Grudge / Blue Book project and a summary of Operation “Majority” – which would have been linked By an ultra-secret official MJ-12 group, for dealing with aliens).

MJ12 Board Members

In “Report 13,” data on crashes of UFOs, recovered corpses, live aliens, photographs, kidnappings, UFO analyses, etc. could be found. According to Cooper’s statements, there would be three extraterrestrial races with which the Americans would be in contact. His testimony joins sources quoted as “doubtful credibility,” who have long held CIA structures and special departments of the U.S. Army has a longstanding relationship with three species of alien beings who, among all the nations of the world, would have chosen to get in touch only with the Americans: The Reptilians (named because of their skin), “Confirmatory” (living “silicon-based” beings), and “Little Gray” (also known as Ebene, who originated from the Zeta Reticuli solar system, Gray skin, bulky head and large eyes, similar to those of an insect).

The Solar Warden Project – US Government Space Interstellar Fleet Program

“On April 13, 2009, the US National Archives released nearly 250,000 pages of documents from the Reagan administration, including his personal diary, according to the Freedom of Information Act. At the end of the meeting, the president wrote on June 11, 1985, about the existence of a classified space program that can transport and host hundreds of astronauts. His diary highlights the fact that he has received several information sessions on the subject. Important indications can be derived from Reagan’s registers on the Strategic Command Fleet.

These revelations are also backed by press reports about Scottish hacker Gary McKinnon, who has managed to break NASA and the Pentagon’s database from his laptop, finding some overwhelming information about US government collaboration with aliens And the highly advanced technology that is hidden from the public. McKinnon told the judges and the press that he found evidence of the technologies of alien origin, the existence of energy capable of stopping the global warming process, anti-gravity devices, and above all the existence of a real stellar fleet capable of crossing huge distances Through space.

Gary McKinnon

These technological achievements are not even suspected by the great mass of the population. In his book, ” Hidden Truth: Forbidden Knowledge” Steven Greer said that “black technology” taken from alien sources by the “elite” of the New World Order is about 10,000 years before the technology used in our “civil” civilisation. The political reality is that classified military programs are highly compartmentalised, precisely to prevent the introduction of anti-gravity technologies in the public sector for commercial applications.

The “Constellation” program based on obsolete rocket technology in the 1940s is a coverage program and is not worth financing. Instead, military and corporate projects involving advanced antigravity technologies and the means by which they have been acquired must be exposed to the American people and the world. America has a black budget that is not approved by Congress and which even the president does not know and even less control. Each year, these black projects swallow nearly $ 1.25 trillion, or almost 25% of the US GDP, which is even more than the US defence budget and any other country in the world.

Black Knight Satelite

Nearly 80 years ago, a mysterious object was discovered that gravitates around the Earth. This mysterious thing has been kept secret even though more images have come to the forefront of public opinion. Called the Black Knight, the mysterious object is of artificial origin and over the years has been monitored by government agencies around the world. Until now, many hypotheses have been issued about the origin of this object, but none of them could be substantiated.

Conspiracy theorists claim that around our planet orbits a satellite of extraterrestrial origin, called “The Black Knight.” The scientific world does not accept this hypothesis while rejecting the idea that the mysterious object would be about 13,000 years old. Like most stories about strange phenomena, the legend of the Black Knight satellite begins with Nicola Tesla. It is said that he has repeatedly received a radio signal in 1899 that he believed to come from space, as he said in a conference.

In the 1920s, radio amateurs were able to receive the same signal. Then, scientists in Oslo, Norway, who experimented radio broadcasts on short-wave space in space, discovered in 1928 late echoes called Long Delay Echoes (LDEs), a phenomenon that was not entirely understood and which consisted in receiving some Echoes a few seconds after the start of the radio transmission. An apparent explanation of the phenomenon eventually occurred in 1954 when some magazines (including St Louis Post Dispatch and San Francisco Examiner) issued a US Air Force announcement that said two satellites were discovered, who was in orbit around the Earth, at a time when no nation had yet the opportunity to launch them.

It seemed that Black Knight would have been identified from several sources and would also have been confirmed by the US Air Force. Nicola Tesla indeed received regular radio signals in 1899 and he believed that they were coming from space. Today it is believed that he was right because the signals he received could come from the pulsars, which are heavenly bodies emitting pulses of radio signals and which were officially discovered in 1968. Because the pulsars were unknown at the time Tesla discovered the radio signals, we believe that they are the best explanation for what he thought could be intelligent but incomprehensible signals. In this case, we only remain with the STS-88 flight and their amazing photos of a spacecraft.

There are a lot of things wrong with this part of the story. First of all, the space shuttle always flies on a half-equatorial orbit, just like the International Space Station. An object moving in a polar orbit would have a velocity of tens of thousands of kilometres per hour, being too fast to be observed, and it is certainly not possible to obtain high-quality shots of an object moving with This speed. During an extra-vehicular activity (EVA) mission carried out by an astronomer outside the space shuttle, a piece of the thermal protection blanket detached and drifted in the distance. It has a silver colour on one side and black colour on the other side.

It was often photographed, and in time she got bruised and got a strange form. If you do not know what to expect when you look at her photos, you have no idea what it really means. But unfortunately for the Black Knight legend and fortunately for astronauts, it is not an alien satellite.

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