Dark Secrets - UFOs, Roswell, Greys, Reptilians and Tesla`s Death Ray
Dark Secrets - UFOs, Roswell, Greys, Reptilians and Tesla`s Death Ray

Dark Secrets – UFOs, Roswell, Greys, Reptilians and Tesla`s Death Ray

Dark Secrets | “Elite” already possesses magnetic energy and other forms of free energy, but everything is kept secret. They have scientific data that would soon bring happiness to the whole earth, but they do not want to share them. Energy is one of the means by which people can be mastered and controlled very easily.

In 1997 a stunning book titled The Day After Roswell, written by Philip Corso was published. Colonel Philip J. Corso, intelligence officer, a member of the US National Security Council and head of the US Territorial Army Department of Technology, has had a military career for more than 20 years. He has worked for a long time at the White House, then became a Pentagon senior official. In this book, Philip Corso made it very clear that most of Tesla’s inventions were understood only long after his death, which occurred in January 1943.

Dark Secrets
UFOs, Roswell, Greys, Reptilians and Tesla`s Death Ray

The discoveries of the brilliant Nikola Tesla are for the most part still kept secret by NASA and by the government. Known for the alternative current invention, Tesla has also made many other inventions, but few people have heard of them: “Tesla coils” that make through etheric resonance an enormous voltage amplification, machines that work with free energy, Wireless energy transfer, antigravity or weather control by steady-state use of waves.

Tesla’s inventions were the basis for radar, cyclotron, television, the global radio and TV networks, the Internet, cellular phones. Of the over 1,000 extraordinary inventions of this brilliant scholar, only 129 were patented (officially known). And less well known is that Tesla himself has affirmed on several occasions that he is in contact with another civilization that is not on earth and provides him with a series of information. Nikola Tesla confessed that he came into contact with this extraterrestrial civilization, using his equipment for transmission/reception of equipment invented by himself for long-distance communications. But the world of scholars looked at his claims with cold.

Dark Secrets | Did they use the Tesla Plasma Weapon to shot down UFOs?

Colonel Corso revealed that NASA and the US Army used Nikola Tesla’s patents to create extremely powerful weapons, such as plasma-armed weapons that were even used against UFOs. Sometimes these UFOs have been hit and even shot down. In these latter cases, special teams went to the spot and gathered the remains. Teams of specialized engineers then rebuilt the technology found in what is called reverse technology and gave it useful. Microchips, semiconductors, fibre optics, laser, many new metal alloys are in fact all the reverse-engineered technologies that belonged to UFOs downed by the US government. Besides, the huge technological leap that has occurred over the last 60 years could be very difficult to explain by “spontaneous progress of mankind.”

According to the dozens of witnesses, between January 1947 and December 1952, the US authorities managed to recover 16 alien ships, some of which collapsed due to earthly weapons. The most famous case of crashing an alien ship took place on July 8, 1947, near Roswell, New Mexico. Farmer Wiliam Brazel found the remains scattered in the desert and announced the sheriff. There were 92 witnesses and 35 Personal Air Force reports. There were also 4 inanimate bodies with a height of 1.20 m. Radio stations and newspapers on the second day announced on the front page that a collapsed UFO is in the possession of US military aviation (RAAF). But only four hours later, the Washington leaders gave the rebuke order, asserting later that it was actually just a trivial meteorological balloon.

As several people have been directly involved, the remains of the collapsed ship, as well as alien bodies, were immediately taken to the Wright-Paterson military base in Ohio. The recovered materials were particularly strange: for example, a flexible piece of metal that could not be broken, cut or scratched. In recent years, revelations of former secret agents, astronauts, or other government officials have revealed details of the fact that in fact, contact between governments of many countries and aliens has been nearly 60 for years.

Dark Secrets | Extraterrestrials in captivity?

For example, it was found that after another collapse of a UFO, even a surviving alien was recovered. This extraterrestrial was part of the grey race (or the “little grey”) and was bred EBE (Extraterrestrial Biological Entity). It was found that this EBE, after 2 years of captivity, made alarming revelations in which it stated that the race had visited the earth for 25,000 years, that it had already built underground bases on our planet and that it came from a desert planet from – a double star system called the Zeta Reticulum, 400-light-years away from Earth. All his revelations were recorded in what is now called the “Yellow Book”. EBE was based on chlorophyll and turned the food into energy.

Dark Secrets
UFOs, Roswell, Greys, Reptilians and Tesla`s Death Ray

At the end of 1951, EBE became ill, and although great efforts were made to save him, he died on June 2, 1952. According to the revelations of witnesses, these beings manage to communicate in a completely telepathic way, they can dematerialize at will And are able to pass through the walls. To keep him on EBE, the American government held him in a Faraday electromagnetic cage. As a matter of fact, the “little grey”, like other alien species such as “big blonde,” is able to disintegrate matter into energy and then reintegrate energy into matter.

There is now huge evidence that highlights the collaboration between the US government and certain alien groups. Several sources have independently revealed that on February 22, 1954, at Edwards, California, a historic reception of an alien crew of the “Little Greys” was produced.

Dark Secrets | Is there any truth to the Grenada Treaty?

The US President, Dwight Eisenhower, was present at this reception, assisted by a commission including former Secretary Wiliam Cooper, who later revealed everything, for which reason he was assassinated. The small ashes landed inside the base with 5 ships. They were led by an alien named Krill. This meeting is also confirmed by American astronaut Gordon Cooper, who made very convincing disclosures in 1995, as well as American engineer Phill Schneider. Phill Schneider was an expert working on a Deep Underground Bases (DUB) program, which, as I said earlier, is a large clandestine base for the heads of the New World Order.

He held a fulminating series of conferences until 1996 when, in order to put an end to his revelations, he was assassinated by torture and strangulation. Here’s how Phill Schneider described the beginning of contact between the US government and the small ash race:

“In 1954, during the Eisenhower administration, the federal government decided to violate the American Constitution, signing a treaty with alien entities. This treaty was called the ‘Grenada Treaty of 1954’, according to which aliens had the right to kidnap some cattle heads or test their implants on human beings, of course having an obligation to report About the experiences. Gradually the aliens did not respect their contractual obligations, and only did what they wanted. That was the situation in 1979.

Schneider reports that at the end of the 1970s, in the Dulce base of New Mexico, there was even a confrontation between the special forces of the CIA and the aliens. So, at this meeting, a secret treaty of collaboration between the US government and that extraterrestrial race was set up. The first condition of the treaty was that aliens would not interfere in Earth’s affairs. Their presence on Earth was to remain secret.

Dark Secrets
UFOs, Roswell, Greys, Reptilians and Tesla`s Death Ray

Another condition was to provide the earth with advanced technology. In exchange for technological intelligence, aliens were given the right to research people without harming them. For the transfer of technology, a series of underground basins (as in Area 51) would be built under the lands of the Indian reserves in Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona. It became apparent, however, since 1955 that aliens did not respect their part of the understanding and that they did not intend to do so. Even the little ashes admitted that they began to make genetic experiments on humans, claiming that these activities are necessary to survive because their race suffers from a deterioration of the genetic structure, which they can not reproduce.

According to an ultra-secret government document, it was later discovered that these evil aliens are using the technology they offer to the earth, just like a true “Trojan horse” through which they actually seek to colonize the planet through genetic mutations by creating a race of hybrids. Shadow governors that led these agreements were in a sly way influenced, reaching – under certain revelations that came increasingly to light – this hybridization to occur even starting from them. These grey have become creatures incapable of emotions and it seems that they are responsible for these abductions of human beings who actually designed the collection of human genetic material and then creating hybrid “human-grey” because the race ” Gray “can no longer reproduce, and is therefore endangered. If this hybridization phenomenon were to continue, it would, of course, attract the extinction of the human race.

Dark Secrets | But who manipulating these Grays?

According to some revelations, even more disturbing, but supported by very serious evidence, it has become clear that these “grey” is in turn manipulated by another evil alien race that has long been present on Earth, namely race reptilians. No matter how hard it seems, it seems that these reptilians are even able to assume a human form for some time, and thus they would have managed to infiltrate quite a large number among people.

Moreover, it is stated that the reptilians managed to gain access to very important leadership positions in the political and economic hierarchy of mankind, being, in reality, those who are behind the Satanic sect of Freemasonry, who is pursuing with a sinister horror to set up so – New World Order. A very systematic and reasoned presentation of these elements can be found in David Icke’s famous work entitled “The Biggest Secret. In this explosive book, David Icke presents detailed information about the fact that the same lines of reptilian blood have led the planet for thousands of years and have restricted the esoteric and spiritual knowledge.

The earth is also very carefully supervised by highly advanced extraterrestrial races, but they understand to help us not by acting in our place, but rather by aiming to make us more aware of the situation we are in because in This way, let us exercise our free will arbitrarily.

Dark Secrets | These very advanced extraterrestrial civilizations are always willing to help us in a decisive and radical way, with the only condition that we ask for our help. Knowing these things, in order to maintain their domination, the dark structures of the ruling “elite” strictly conceal information about the beneficial extraterrestrial civilizations that are in the Earth’s area.



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