Dorothy Eady - Reincarnation of Omm Sety - Priestess in Ancient Egypt

Dorothy Eady – Reincarnation of Omm Sety – Priestess in Ancient Egypt

Dorothy Eady | The phenomenon of reincarnation is a fascinating subject, but few cases can be considered trustworthy. Dorothy Eady’s story is, however, the most important and most credible of all. The Irish-born young woman had only one dream, to return to ancient Egypt, to the world she once lived in.


Dorothy Eady | Omm Sety

Do you believe in reincarnations? Millions of people from all over the world believe strongly in the phenomenon of reincarnation. Interestingly, there are cases where some individuals seem to remember exactly who they were in their previous lives.

When Dorothy Eady arrived in Egypt for the first time, it was obvious that she had been there before. Only the last visit to Egypt was thousands of years earlier !!

Dorothy Louise Eady was a normal, was born on January 16, 1904, in London, cheerful and lively child until the age of 3. But a terrible accident has changed his destiny.

Playing on the stairwell, he fell from a height and struck so hard he lost consciousness. He was breathless for a few minutes, while ambulance doctors had to declare her dead.

Transported to the hospital, the little girl was again subjected to resuscitation techniques, and as if by heart her heart started to beat. Dorothy has fully recovered. It was a miracle for parents and one of the happiest days in their lives.

Some years later, however, they would have to face serious problems that they could not ignore as a childhood accident.

Dorothy Eady| Revelation of Ancient Egypt

Early in school, Dorothy was fascinated by ancient history and Egyptian-related stories, pyramids, and pharaohs. Parents encouraged her passion and took her to the British Museum to see the collection of artefacts and mummies brought from the halls dedicated to Egypt. The parents of the little girl realized that she behaves strangely. As soon as they reached the section devoted to Egyptian art, Dorothy remained stunned and transfigured. She could not get away from the artefacts and look at a mummy for a long time, not wanting to go home again. Parents also noticed that the child ran to a statue, turned around her and kissed her legs.

Dorothy Eady
The mummy room at the British Museum, pictured in 1937. (Fox Photos/Getty Images)

Since that time, Dorothy had a revelation and her behaviour has changed definitively. Began to talk about the world of the ancient Egyptians, about the palaces of the pharaohs, kissed the gods’ feet in the museum, and tried to persuade her parents that she was her real home in Egypt. A few days later, when she saw photos of Seti’s temple in the press, the little girl told her parents that she was her real home and that she lived there. All he wanted was to get to his birthplace as soon as possible. Began to dream more and more of ancient images of ancient Egypt, columns of temples surrounded by lush vegetation, Egyptian figures and pharaohs, scenes from their everyday life … with the passage of time, Dorothy committed himself to have a strong spiritual bond with the people of those times and began to “hear” the messages sent by Seti.

In her adolescence and then all her youth spent her learning as much as possible about ancient Egypt, even looking to get closer to the Egyptian emigrants in London and marrying a young Cairo native. In 1933, her great dream of arriving in Egypt was accomplished. Together with her husband, moved to Cairo where he continued with frenzy the study of the hieroglyphics and ancient history of Egypt. Captivated by the stories of Egypt, Dorothy often enters the trance and automatically transcribes messages that, she says, receive them from the Hor-Ra guiding spirit.

According to this spirit, Dorothy lived in the ancient times and would have had the name of Bentreshyt, raised in the Temple of Seti in Abydos, from the age of 3, where her father left her, a soldier who could not take care of her. She was raised by the little man to depict the priestess in the temple of Kom El Sultan.

Dorothy Eady
Temple Of Seti 1 (foto credit: Musée départemental Arles Antique© Jean-Claude Golvin / Éditions Errance.)

At the age of 14, fell in love with Pharaoh Seti and had a child with him, which violated the laws, because she had to remain virgin to be a priestess. In order for their mystery not to be revealed, the young man would have committed suicide, and Seti, grieving for her loss, would have promised to find her even in the other world. Dorothy used to say that Seti often visits her at night and that she is waiting for her in the world of the dead to be together again.

Reincarnation has provided surprising evidence!

Although Dorothy’s stories seemed unreal, the details he knew about the ancient world and the construction of the temples convinced the sceptics that somewhere the young London man might be right. Thanks to it, the Garden of Seti’s Temple was discovered, then a hidden tunnel from the north side of the palace.

Dorothy Eady
Possibly Henri Frankfort (1897–1954), field director of the excavations in Abydos

Dorothy, she said that during her life, Temple Of Seti was surrounded by trees and a spectacular garden, but they could not be found. Then one day the archaeologists dug up and found a garden, but not any garden in Abydos. The garden was exactly where Dorothy had indicated. Egyptian archaeologists were amazed at the instructions they received from Dorothy and promoted her adviser to the Abydos Department of Antiquities. All her life lived in a village near the temple, she continued her researches on Seti and made a significant contribution to the historical discoveries of the archaeological site.

The head of the antiquities department of Temple of Seti wanted to personally test Dorothy, asking her to sit next to a wall painted completely in black, and to identify the circumstances around her with memory.
Amazingly, Dorothy succeeded in identifying drawings, and hieroglyphs not seen by anyone were not written anywhere in Egypt, so no one knew of their existence. But not only did he know all the answers, but he told the head of the department about things that had not yet been discovered. So Dorothy helped archaeologists to excavate and research about Ancient Egypt. With time, Dorothy’s fame, which was called Omm Seti, was spread, and tourists who came to the area were also passing to her home after visiting the temple.

Her incredible life, her information and her special passion for Egyptology convinced many of those who knew her that Dorothy had really lived a different life in ancient Egypt and had reincarnated in the early twentieth century with a special mission. Eady knew the intrigue of many religious papyruses just before she read them. Her descriptions of monuments, bas-reliefs and other things she saw during her previous life were repeatedly confirmed by digging. Moreover, many Egyptologists could not deny her words. Eady had knowledge that was not available to specialists who worked in Egypt for many years. One of them is the famous British Egyptologist Kenneth Kitchen. Although he did not want to admit it openly, it is suggested that he believed the woman.

Dorothy Eady
Omm Sety would live the rest of her life in a small village near the Temple of Abydos

At that time, prestigious publications and television channels have produced a lot of material about Omm Seti. Egyptologists from all over the world were amazed at the knowledge that Eady had, the passion for researchers and archaeology. If the story of reincarnation was just an obsession, it’s hard to say. The balanced and studio woman, the author of seven studies dedicated to ancient Egypt, has her well-earned place among the personalities who have contributed to the development of Egyptology.

Dorothy also wrote a book called: Omm Sety’s Abydos (Society for the Study of Egyptian Antiquities Publications) by Dorothy Louise Eady For decades, Eady has been a source of inspiration for many researchers, many discoveries being made on the basis of her words. Dorothy Eady died at the age of 81 and was buried in the Abydos backyard cemetery. She thought death would allow her to reconnect with half of her previous life. Dorothy Eady passed away on April 21, 1981, but the world will remember her as a passionate woman with unprecedented knowledge about Abydos, about Ancient Egypt, and about the ancient Egyptian language

Dorothy Eady
Map of Abydos



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