Great Pyramid Mystery

“Man fears time  – Time fears the pyramids.” – Egyptian Proverbs

“Enoch walked faithfully with God; then he was no more because God took him away.”
Genesis 5:24

Our past on this beautiful planet, which separates us thousands of years or even millions, is full of obscure periods, abounding in the unknown deities that have visited and influenced our old, good and old earth.

The entire planet bears the footsteps of these deities who have left their mark on the culture and folk of the people they have been contacting, Puma Punku, ChichénItzá, the pyramids of Egypt, the rooms and tunnels under the Bucegi Mountains, which are said to have been built by a race of giants, are some of them, also representing the source of stories or legends about space visitors or winged angels who fought in the name of the Lord.

In the prehistoric past of mankind, there have been civilizations developed in all the regions of the Earth. Some of these are evoked either in legends, myths, writings, and religious texts following these civilizations that describe events either orally.

The existence of other epochs in the evolution of humanity has been revealed from documents, original writings from the respective periods that remain till today, as well as from archaeological researches and discoveries.

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Today’s man’s mind needs more evidence and deeds before he comes to believe in something today, for example, global consciousness is aware of the fact that there may be various flying machines, and consequently special flying suits, and if you see a person possessing a flying technology, it’s not a winged angel, but a technology that makes that person fly, so he will not believe he’s a Messenger of God.

Taking into account this possibility, we ask ourselves the natural question if writings such as those in the Bible or those in Enoch’s book about God’s Messengers or Visions, even meetings, and dialogues with angels, were just some contacts with beings who owned advanced technology, and no angels at the service of the God, because at that time on the planet only birds could fly, and as a result the global consciousness of the planet was devoid of the use of technology to fly, as it is nowadays so anyone who used this technology was considered a winged angel.

Have there ever been any spacecraft landed on the earth? Because we know that in the Bible there are many accounts of lights that has descended from heaven and that the God’s voice has been heard.

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Great Pyramid Mystery


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What's in it


Chapter I – Enoch

The character

Enoch in Mythology – Sumerian, Egyptian, Hebrew and Babylonian Myths
What happened to Enoch?

Chapter II – Great Pyramid of Egypt

The Great Pyramid built before the “Great Flood”?
Masoudi describes the guards assigned by the king in each pyramid

Chapter III – Enoch, in contact with aliens?

Did the aliens observe the Earth from a distance?
Did the aliens teach people all the world’s sciences?
Aliens with the same weaknesses as humans?
Aliens teach people about moon movements
Enoch, scholar in different fields of knowledge.
Enoch made intergalactic journeys?
Enoch finds that the cosmic sky has become dark, something that only astronauts know..
Enoch became great scientist and great wise
Astronaut Enoch had to recover?

Chapter IV – Enoch’s books

The book of Watchers,
The Book of the Celestial Lights
The Fantasy Book from Dream
Enoch’s epistles

Chapter V – Aliens in history

Apocryphal texts – Canonical texts
Elements that prove that the Great Pyramid of Egypt was built by an extremely advanced civilization…
Enoch / Surid the pyramid builder?

–  Conclusions and review  –

The results revealed a shocking truth.
But why, someone like Vyse, who obviously had a passion for the history of ancient Egypt, to do that?
The Great Sphinx and the Great Pyramid
Masoudi describes the guards assigned by the king in each pyramid


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– I read this book Enoch Great Pyramid Mystery and I really liked it, I tried to find a book that explains who Enoch was. And here I found it! Also my favorite chapter was about the construction of the Great Pyramid. Thank you!

Sean Miller

– Wow! It was a real trill to read about this fascinating caracter, Enoch. It maked me to think and dig, and yes, the possibility that the great pyramid was builted by Enoch it is real at least at the same level like the others theories about it. But a cretitudiny is that the Pyramids does not fear Time. Thanks for sharing this point of view with us!

Cristian Schruber

– Hi, I love this site and I am order this book. I have read about the Great Pyramid of Egypt over time, and the accounts of this book seem to me the closest to the truth.

Leticia Weis

– Outstanding description, outstanding character. I think the Hollywood should do a movie about Enoch, for sure will hit all box office, but until then, this book was a great with a fear point of view. Thanks to the authors!

Adam Michel

Order The eBook – For $21,99

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