Alleged Extraterrestrial Races who Contacted the Earth – Part 5

EXTRATERRESTRIAL | Hundreds of sightings, abductions and first-hand accounts have made it possible to distinguish several distinct alien species that have been in cahoots with military forces, deciding our future without ever consulting us. Below are some of the least obscure ones we could find.


Men In Black
Aliases: MIBs
Sex: Male
Height: 5 – 6.5 feet
Weight: 180 -220 pounds (estimated)
Eyes: Sensitive to light, usually wear sunglasses
Hair: Black
Skin: Pale white
Location of Origin
Distinguishing Characteristics
Thick soled shoes
Expressionless face
Dress in black
Ackward “robot”-like movement
Speak in a monotone voice
Thin lips



Alleged Man In Black
Alleged Man In Black

Men in Black (also called MIBs) are alleged to visit individuals who have witnessed a UFO and warn them not to tell others about what they have seen. Men in Black supposedly use all forms of persuasion to silence UFO witness-including the threat of deadly force if necessary. These Men in Black are usually seen in groups of three and are thought to be either extraterrestrial enforcers or government intelligence agents. Men in Black are responsible for silencing witnesses to UFOs and ensuring that UFO events are kept hidden from the public.

Men in Black pose as salesmen, utility repairmen or agents of the government to gain access to UFO witnesses. They harass UFO witnesses through phone calls and surprise visits. Men in Black are alleged to drive black vintage Buicks or Lincoln town cars.



The Agharti System of Central Asia allegedly, according to Hindi legends, links to ‘Snakeworld’, a multileveled cavern system under the southwestern slopes of the Himalayans, which is the home
of the Nagas. The Narga System is where we find the ‘serpent’ cult of human and reptilian collaborators. One of which is said to have had contact with the Nazi Thule Society during World War II. Long ago, an Asian prince is said to have led some warrior monks into the cave to irradicate this cult. Following the conflict, the reptilians and collaborating forces were driven out. However, in recent
centuries they have regained some ground.

Naga is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘serpent, one who is wise’. It is connected with the Dragon Spirit. Their language is Naga-Krita.

  • Chinese and Mexican call them Nagal
  • Tibetans call them Lu
  • Java calls them Sesa
  • Egyptian show the Nagas as ‘King-Initiates’.

Hindu mythology claims them to be a Race of Serpents whose purpose was to populate the Underworld, Patalas. They are the 1,000 offspring of the sage Kasyapa and Kadru, the daughter of
Daksha. They are only malevolent to humans when they have been mistreated and their venom is deadly. They also carry the elixir of life and immortality. Sesha, meaning eternal, is the ‘World Serpent’ who provides the bed for Vishnu, as his heads give Vishnu shade. He is depicted either as a human with the form of Bala-Rama or as a serpent
dressed in purple with 1,000 heads, which cause earthquakes when he moves them.

The root meaning of ‘Tantra’ is ‘loom’. Its original usage, however, was in reference to any form of experientially gained knowledge and practical ‘know-how’ – whether agricultural, architectural or artistic, alchemic or astrological. This, of course, included such crafts as weaving and dyeing, metallurgy and medicine. Yet such practical know-how seems to have sprung up ‘out of the blue’ with the creation of the earliest known cities and civilizations. That this ‘blue’ may be more than just metaphor is one thesis affirmed in this essay – namely that the ‘know-how’ was imparted to humanity by beings who appeared to human beings as superhuman – as  ‘gods’ who descended ‘out of the blue’. The thesis is that these were indeed TRANS-HUMAN beings. It was these beings who established and ruled the first cities and city civilizations. They also inaugurated long-lasting lineages of human ruler-priests whose purpose was to guard the spiritual-scientific knowledge or ‘gnosis’ granted to them.

The beings not only communicated with human beings in a dream and ‘out of body’ states, but also manifested themselves bodily – albeit in a non-human form. The other aim of this essay, therefore, is to offer a deeper historical and spiritual understanding of WHY these trans-human beings and their initial ruler-priests were almost universally perceived or symbolised as ‘Nagas’ or ‘serpents’ of some sort – underground or earthly, ocean-dwelling or air-borne, swimming or winged, amphibious or reptilian. The thesis here is that these beings sought not only to impart greater knowledge to humanity but also greater intelligence to the human race as such, in effect creating ‘Homo Sapiens’ as a cross-breed of Nagas and mammalian human beings.

The yogic god ‘Shiva’ is also called ‘Naga Natha’ – Lord of the Nagas. Herein lies a key to the Tantric science of ‘Kundalini’. For as that power that lies ‘coiled up’ like a serpent in the human body, the term ‘Kundalini’ also points us back to the trans-human sources of Tantric spiritual ‘know-how’, to the NAGAS and to the deeper truth of global serpent symbolism – this being an expression of ancient but still latent powers of human awareness, above all its innately snake-like mobility.


Ancient civilizations around the world have spoken of angelic beings that descended from the sky, sent by God to assist humanity by sharing their spiritual and emotional wisdom with Earthlings. These mythological entities appear to continue their mission to this day, and many believe they are emissaries from space, an extraterrestrial species known as the Nordic or Pleiadian race.


The Nordics are a human-like species who first began appearing to contactees in the 1950s, claiming to be from the planet Venus and later the Pleiades star cluster. Whether either is the origin planet or system of the Nordics is debatable, and it is possible that they wish to keep their true home a secret for security reasons. The Nordics are an extraterrestrial species which has been reported to be observing the activities here on Earth. Individuals who have allegedly come in contact with the Nordics say that they are here to observe our culture and not interfere in our evolution. Some individuals have suggested that because of the Nordic’s similar physical appearance to humans that they could possibly be our long-lost relatives who have since moved on to another planet.

Other individuals suggest that the Nordics are in conflict with the Greys because they object to the Greys interfering with human evolution. Other than these few theories, not a lot is known about the Nordics. Description Extraterrestrial Species:

Nordics Aliases:

  • Swedes Height: 5 – 6.5 feet
  • Weight: 120 – 240 pounds (estimated)
  • Eyes: Human
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Skin: Pale white
  • Sex: Male and Female
  • Communication: Telepathic
  • Location of Origin: Pleiades
  • Distinguishing Characteristics: Share common physical features with human beings (especially Scandinavians) Are taller than the average human
  • Have more of a muscular build than the average human

The message that seems to follow each encounter with the Nordic species is the importance of spiritual awareness and the stewardship of our planet. According to the Nordics, humans are a closely related species and the human ascension process involves learning how to overcome our differences in order to live as one, in harmony.

Do you think humanity is close to realizing our collective ascension, or do you feel that extraterrestrial intervention is a necessary step in our evolution? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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