Alleged Extraterrestrial Races who Contacted the Earth – Part 6

EXTRATERRESTRIAL | Hundreds of sightings, abductions and first-hand accounts have made it possible to distinguish several distinct alien species that have been in cahoots with military forces, deciding our future without ever consulting us. Below are some of the least obscure ones we could find.



These beings in their pure form are made of light. When they appeared to the Egyptians because of the fact that they are hyper-evolved beings they were able to clothe themselves with physical bodies to look human so the Egyptians would be able to see them. Ra is an E.T race from the planet Venus.

Ra is a sixth-dimensional race/entity that made contact with the ancient Egyptians and also the ancient Maya. Ra helped the ancient Egyptians build the pyramids.

These beings in their pure form are made of light. When they appeared to the Egyptians because of the fact that they are hyper-evolved beings they were able to clothe themselves with physical bodies to look human so the Egyptians would be able to see them.

Ra is an E.T race from the planet Venus. According to Ra, the planet Venus billions of years ago was exactly like earth. Interestingly enough Venus is almost the same size as earth, giving it almost the same amount of gravity as earth and it also as a rocky surface like earth. Ra states that Venus was once a habitable planet that they lived on. Eventually, they ascended and had no need to live on that 3rd density planet. Ra evolved into the 4th, 5th and eventually the 6th dimension.



On some occasions been observed in connection with UFO encounters, or subterranean encounters. Sasquatch have been known to attack humans ONLY in self-defence (sometimes throwing large boulders to frighten intruders away)

Another race here which has its origin in the stars is the group variously called the Bigfoot, Yeti, Sasquatch, and the “Abominable Snowman”. Sasquatch is an intelligent, telepathic extraterrestrial race which has taken residence on Earth in natural secluded regions. Sasquatches are intelligent, sensitive, social among themselves but retiring near-Humans, psychic persons who happen to have heavy body hair, the colouration of which adapts to their environment.

Sasquatches live in temperate-to-arctic climatic zones on Earth. In temperate zones, their hair is brown to dark, while in arctic climate zones their hair is white.

Sasquatches formerly lived on a cooling planet orbiting a dying star 6550 light-years from Earth. Around 9550 B.C., Star Nations observed their plight and transplanted them to Earth to set up living here for survival. 2041 years later, in 7509 B.C., the dying star whose planet had been the Sasquatches’ homeworld went critical and blew up into a supernova we know as the Crab Nebula (M1; NGC #1952; SN 1054).

The light from that supernova first reached Earth in 1054 A.D. and was recorded by Chinese and Arab astronomers. Luckily by the time of that supernova, the Sasquatch were well settled into life on Earth. Being psychic the Sasquatch looking up and seeing that bright star suddenly appears in the sky and remaining visible for two years knew that it was what was left of their homeworld, a neutron star surrounded by glowing filaments made up of the ionized elements of which the star’s atmosphere had been composed. The Sasquatch knew that they had moved away from their homeworld just in time.

Large, hairy ‘humanoids‘ who are usually troglodytes or cavern-dwellers, although they have been known to forage through mountainous or wooded areas on the surface in search for roots, berries, grasses and nuts which make up their diet. They are believed to possess a heightened ‘sensing’ ability which allows them to steer clear of ‘human’ influence. They are more human than animal according to some reports although they have often been mistaken for animals, which has forced them to take up a largely subterranean lifestyle. They have often been described as having a human face on an ‘apes’ body.



Those who have Sirius as their planetary origin are very focused, very determined and set on whatever path they are on at a given time. It is very difficult to change the mind of one from Sirius, but once they have become convinced that a new “path” is more appropriate, they become totally focused on the new, and release the old quickly. Sirians have strong beliefs, ideas, and personal integrity.

Those from Sirius make loyal, trustworthy friends, but expect the same in return. They become hurt and disillusioned when these expectations are not met. Sirians do not share the inner personal self with others easily and may have difficulty sharing emotions and expressing feelings and needs.

To be fully accepted and trusted as a close personal friend of a Sirian means that you have been carefully scrutinized. Sirians may have difficulty in relationships and friendships when they expect to be treated in a certain way, but do not share their expectations with the others involved.

It is important to work with sharing expectations, ideals, communicating needs and desires to avoid being hurt and disillusioned.

This often occurs as a result of lack of communication or lack of mutual understanding and clarity in relationships. A lot of people, mainly active as healers, lightworkers or bodyworkers here on Earth today, feel a strong affinity with Sirius. Many of them have lived on Sirius before.

In fact, many of them even had numerous lifetimes both on Earth and on Sirius, often during Lemurian and Atlantean times, when alien civilizations openly interacted with our ancestors. A lot of the Atlantean Knowledge, e.g. with regard to auras, subtle bodies, or crystal healing, can be traced back to Sirius. It should, therefore, come as no surprise that Isis, in Egyptian mythology, was seen as the greatest healer, who could even restore Osiris’ life and body after he had been murdered and cut into pieces by Seth.

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