Outstanding Facts and Curiosities about Human Heart

Your Heart – Outstanding Facts and Curiosities about Human Heart


Research over the last few years has led us to a new level of understanding of our existence. The heart is a fascinating organ that has its own ‘life’, generating incredible energy that keeps us in touch with others and the whole universe.

The heart is an incredible organ, it gives life by transporting oxygen and nutrients throughout our body through the blood, at a very precise place.

Researchers now learn that this incredible, no heavier than 300 grams, possesses a level of intelligence that they are just beginning to understand. Research shows that the heart plays an extremely important role in our mental, physical and emotional activity, an activity that until now was not even suspected. After twenty years of research, the HearthMath Institute has discovered that the heart is a sensory organ that acts as a very sophisticated centre for the existence of every human being.

Electromagnetic Field of the Heart
Facts about your heart:
  • Until recently, people believed that the most important organ is the brain, but the magnetic field of the heart is 5000 times more powerful than that of the brain, scientists have recently shown.
  • In the fetal stage, the heart is formed before the brain.
  • On average, a heart beats 110,000 times a day, 40 million times a year and 3.5 trillion times a lifetime.
  • Within an hour, the heart produces the energy needed to lift 907,185 kg at a height of 0, 9144 meters. In an hour and 15 minutes, the heart can pick up a Toyota Prius!
  • The heartbeat source is the heart itself, not the brain. The heart beats by itself. When a heart transplant is performed, it can not be connected to the brain.
  • The electrical impulse of each heartbeat can be measured from about 1, 200 m from the body!
  •  The electrical impulse of the heart is 40-60 times more powerful than that of the brain. It is far more powerful than the electrical impulse of any organ in the body.
  • The heart sends more information to the brain than the brain to the heart.
  • The vascular system of the heart measures 60,000 miles (96,560 km) and can surround the earth twice.
  • Myocardial cells from different people put together, get accommodated, establish connections and manage to work in unison, as a whole, the researchers found. In the case of nerve cells, these principles are not valid.
  • The electricity that the heart generates can be detected and measured in the patterns of the brain of a person nearby.
  • The heart actually has its own brain. A brain that generates 50 times more electrical power and five thousand times more magnetic power than the brain.
  • The waves of a mother’s brain connect to the heartbeat of her baby.
  • When a person feels stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, uncertain and fearful, the heart sends chaotic and incoherent signals to the brain/mind, attracting stress.
  • When you honestly feel hope and compassion, your heart transmits coherent and harmonious signals to the brain, replacing the feeling of isolation with the feeling of closeness.

The Brain From The Heart


“True intelligence is that of the heart, it is not intellectual, it is emotional, it does not resemble thought, it resembles the feeling, it is not logic, it is love.” – Osho

  • We live in our brains. A cool, abstract place, away from what makes us human… We became strangers with our bodies.
  • We gradually left our heart wisdom.
  • We cultivated distances between us.
  • We started hurriedly on the road of self-estrangement.
  • We hurry to get to the office.
  • We do not have time to hear how our heart drives.

And who cares what the heart says? Who cares what I did with her?

No one teaches us how to feel, how to experience emotions, what to do with the energy of our feelings, how to adjust our emotions to what is happening around us in childhood. By subordination, we learn to pass them silently, to resist their resistance, to judge them. The brain, the mind, the reason, sometimes seem to be the perfect solution. Somewhere, on the axis of time, we began to quench our desire to become better. If it is bad to stand away from suffering then yes, today we want to be bad.

Sometimes I closed my eyes to the beauty of the surrounding world. We began to hate the silence, to integrate into chaos and confusion, to lead cold, rational, indifferent lives, without emotions and spiritual satisfaction. We have allowed our negative feelings to be part of our daily self. I have allowed the desire to have priority before the people. Gradually we refuse to hear love, see happiness, feel good, let ourselves be torpedoed by summer rain, be enthralled by a tree in bloom, love passion, let us we lose our minds of pleasure on a sunrise.

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