Did Adolf Hitler want to snatch the Death Ray of Tesla

Did Adolf Hitler want to snatch the Death Ray of Tesla and assasinate him?

Adolf Hitler based his military doctrine on the principle of the Lightning War – Blitzkrieg – and his main striking force was considered the binomial tank-plane, which would allow him in the first part of the war to obtain many relatively light successes on all fronts.

But the Mars goddess panoply of the Nazi army was much bigger: a well-equipped and efficient Wehrmacht, numerous submarines and Kriegsmarine warships, the Luftwaffe military aviation had a great strike force under the command of air marshal Hermann Göring, SS elite troops Europe had fled from Spain to the gates of Moscow, and Werner von Braun designed and made new types of more and more advanced rockets that struck England without sparing.

The above was supplemented with a wide variety of transmission and radar equipment, advanced radio navigation systems, naval and antiaircraft fire control. The Germans had introduced atypical or innovative weapons such as compressed air ammunition and bombs, curved pipe weapons that could pull around the corner and study the effects of radiation-based weapons.

Horten Ho 229 flying over Göttingen, Germany.Reddit user ethan_khan

Some weapons have remained in design or experimental stages, such as the “High-Pressure Pump”, also known as “Bag Tunnel”. German scholars sought to adapt to the requirements of the Nazi war machine any new technical achievement to the arming effort. Nazi espionage was constantly searching for new weapons even in the enemy camp, analyzing any information even about the most fanciful or hypothetical achievements in the field.

In secret, research was carried out to build the atomic bomb and use nuclear radiation on the battlefield. The Germans also experienced a type of weapon based on nuclear radiation at the end of the war, using Russian guerrillas as guinea pigs. They died in terrible torments due to radiation illness and were buried in common graves. Hitler called for a weapon to shorten the war, and by his superiority to put the enemy in a position to surrender unconditionally, a weapon called “The Final Weapon”

It was September 22, 1940.

On that day, The New York Times published an article where for the first time Nikola Tesla revealed to the public his concerns and achievements in the field of “Death of Death.” The text underlines the major importance of the findings already made.

The title of the article was “The Death Row for Airplanes”. “Nikola Tesla, one of the great inventors who celebrated his 84th anniversary on July 10, says he is now ready to disclose to the US government the secret of telephony, which he said would be able to melt, a plane in flight up to 400 km. Thus, an invisible “Chinese Wall of Defense” will be built that will surround the country and be directed against any enemy who will attack America by air, no matter what it’s size. ”

“Tele-Force is based on a completely new physics principle that nobody has even dreamed of yet, being different from the principles that have so far been embedded in the inventions related to remote power transmission, for which Tesla has already received a number of patents. This new type of force will operate through an incredible range of hundreds of million square feet and can be generated by a special plant that will not cost more than $ 2,000,000 and could be built in only three months.

A dozen such plants located at strategic coastal points will be able to defend America from an airstrike. The rays would melt any gasoline or diesel engine and be able to explode bombs or explosives in enemy planes. There will be no defence against this weapon, as the beam will be able to penetrate both through wood and metal. ” This ray, Tesla considers, involves four new inventions, two of which have already been tested.

  • One of these is a method and a device that eliminates the need for an advanced vacuum.
  • The second is a process for producing a huge electric power.
  • The third is a method of amplifying this force.
  • The fourth is a method of producing a giant rejection force. This will be the projector or the weapon of the system.
Nikola Tesla in Colorado Springs Laboratory, Double Exposure

The voltage required to propel the beam to the target will reach 80 million volts. With this huge voltage, microscopic material particles will be propelled at such a speed in the destructive defence mission. Tesla has worked on his defence system for many years, during which time he has made a series of successive improvements. “Tesla made an important stipulation. If the government was attracted to this defensive system, it was ready to be made available to the state with all its power and intellectual resources from that moment, but the government needed to trust it. He did not admit government “experts” around him, to whom he should explain all the details of his work. They would interfere with the work of subordinates without even knowing what it is. ” The author of the article we were saying said that Tesla’s conditions are normally unacceptable.

But that year, the government was ready to supplement the bill of defence with billions of dollars, the nation being about to enter into a great warfare war. Therefore, given Tesla’s reputation as an inventor who was always many years before his time, the question that arises at that time on the financing of works on the achievement of a telephony plant should be answered in the affirmative. “After all, two million dollars would be a very small sum compared to what is at stake. If Tesla realizes what he promised, the results would be dizzying. It would not only save the billions that are currently destined for anti-aircraft defence but by making the country impenetrable for an airstrike, other billions would be saved that would be spent on land-based aircraft and which would have terrible losses, as demonstrated by recent events in England.

Take, for example, the case of the Panama Canal. Regardless of the defensive system of the canal, a suicide commander, made up of planes plunging over the key points of the canal, could cause such destruction that it would make the channel unusable for a very long time, and the naval forces would have insurmountable problems. Considering the problem with the mathematical theory of games, even if Tesla’s chance of success in his action would be only one-hundredth of a thousand, and in this case, it would be worth to Tesla $ 2 million for the possible benefit to be achieved is worth more.

In the author’s opinion, anyone who met Tesla says it deserves to be given the necessary funds without question. The amount is insignificant in relation to what is at stake. The New York Times journalist, whose name cannot be identified from the article, is not signed, seems to have great respect and admire Tesla, saying the scholar has maintained all his intellectual power at that age advanced for 84 years and urging the authorities to expedite the provision of the necessary funds to make the country inexplicable in the face of any airstrike through the method involved in the use of the Death Ray.

Nikola Tesla

It is also interesting to note that Tesla promoted his invention as a defensive weapon, not as offensive mass destruction. With the saving of billions of dollars in defence funds through the realization and use of Tesla’s Death Race, we can not help thinking about what would have happened if, over a year, Pearl Harbor defenders had the weapon proposed by Tesla. The authorities should have taken account of that article and financed the work on telephony. Tesla hired to make the weapon in three months provided the necessary sums were available. Thus, the US Army could have used a weapon in the Second World War to discourage the enemy, be it Japanese or German.

But would the US still enter the war? This paper deals with the offensive use of the weapon. Even if Tesla had never accomplished his military system, others might have stolen the scientist’s ideas, and had practically achieved the offensive weapon whose powers we do not know precisely, but only suspect. Tesla has built his Tele-Force as a means of destroying planes, and we may already have the demonstration that this weapon exists, being much stronger than the original concept of the author. The great inventor imagined that in the future the basic weapon in the wars will be a telepath.

He has described since 1922 such a war that would have been a destructive war with great damage to both the losers and the victors. Tesla’s key concept was the vacuum chamber with a back door open in the atmosphere. By developing a high-velocity current, this chamber would have leaked and would have achieved a high degree of vacuum.

Tesla spent much of his life generating controlled lightning but nowadays any student can create a Tesla spiral with which to generate lightning on an experimental path. And today it is very unclear whether or not there have been secret experiences with this weapon. German intelligence finds out about the hypothetical weapon, and the Nazi leadership is informed of the consequences of its realization. Nazi spies from the US are ordered to find out anything about the development of the Death of Death. As early as the 1920s and 1930s, Tesla attempted to create generators that used to transmit any radiation. It was not radiation in the conventional sense. Regarding the Ray-Deaths, Tesla stressed in an interview in 1934:

“Another thing I was interested in was a report in which scientists doubted the effects of the radius of death. I agree with those who doubt it and I am more pessimistic than anybody else and I am speaking after a long experience. Rays from the required energies can not be produced and their intensity diminishes with distance, so it is not the mode of use that allows us to transmit more energy than any other radius at a distance.
By examining the subject in the light of technical and experimental knowledge, I am convinced that I will give the world something more than what the inventors of all time dream. “

Its generator was supposed to emit a light wave with a diameter of one-thousandth of a millimetre and a power of several hundred horsepowers. “Using them, it will be possible to destroy any people or cars within a radius of 200 miles. It can be a wave of power that hinders any aggression. ” Tesla’s plans involved the construction of huge stations that could not be destroyed after lifting. He hoped that, in this way, the war would disappear once and for all because any conventional attack would have been doomed to failure from the beginning.

This article was commented by O’Neil as follows:

“While he was offering a defensive weapon, the military could use it as an offensive weapon.” Tesla wrote an essay describing the principles of his apparatus. It consists of 3 parts: a high-frequency electrostatic generator, a high-frequency terminal and a vacuum tube. He said the following about this tube: “In 1886, we used these tubes at a potential of 4 million volts. Later, I managed to reach the potentials of 18 million volts, encountered difficulties that convinced me that it was necessary to invent something different to accomplish the ideas that we had. This was more difficult than I expected in both construction and operation. For years we have made little progress, but it has finally come to a total success. I have produced a tube that will hardly be further improved. It is simple and can be operated at any potential in any case very high. ”

In 1940, William Lawrence published an article in which he proposed to build a Chinese wall around America with the help of Tesla’s invention. Tesla tried to convince his friends in England, offered the plans of the Soviet Union government, and asked for the son of J.P. Morgan 25,000 dollars to build a demonstration prototype. All the effort to promote the invention of the Death finally appears, at least from an official point of view, to be without effect.

Future Tesla wireless power transmitter

In 1940, anti-personnel electromagnetic weapons were reviewed in the U.S. Strategic Bombing Survey, which also highlighted Japan’s research and development efforts at the Death Row. Although they have not reached the stage of practical applications, research has been considered promising enough to allocate two million yen to be completed during the war. In the Nohorito Laboratory secret laboratories, the projects for this new weapon were designed using ultra-short radio waves focused on a high-power radius.

Summing up the efforts of the Japanese, allied scientists have concluded that the Japanese-ray machine could kill unprotected human beings within five to ten miles. Although the Japanese beam-type weapon was rudimentary, it was the result of many years of research at the Nohorito lab. Efforts have been made to continue research in the future. That’s why the Scientific Advisory Group’s conclusion was that the US Armed Forces should continue their research on the Death Row. Studies have shown that, for example, automobile engines could be stopped as early as 1943.

Therefore, it is normal to assume that this technique has been available for many years. Research on living organisms (mice and hickory) has revealed that waves of 2 to 60 cm in length have caused lung haemorrhages, while waves shorter than 2 m destroyed the brain. There were two major obstacles to Japanese research. First, the participant who was subjected to rays was required to remain stationary. Second, it took ten minutes for the radius to become effective. The report concludes: “Experiments indicate progress and, if continued, will probably lead to the development of rays that will cause death at greater distances.”

Germany experienced its own Death Row weapons over the same period. It is supposed that the Nazi spies acting in Manhattan managed to steal a series of documents about the Death Ray in Nikola Tesla’s apartment. In April 1943, Robert Ley, the Labor Minister of Nazi Germany, told Albert Speer that German scholars had invented the Death Row. Ley said that physicist Sir James Chadwick invented the Death Row in the 1930s and that recently the Nazi scientists have perfected it.

Nazi rays were a neutron ray which, in combination with a uranium shell, could produce a controlled nuclear reaction at a specific address. Hitler may have ordered nuclear activation in 1944 when he wanted the destruction of Paris. But the sabotage of the main pipeline postponed such an action. The Allies entered Europe before the Death Row became operational, and in May 1945 Germany surrendered. However, even today, the place where German research has been done in the field has not been discovered. Captain Heinze Shaeffer, commander of the U-977 submarine, said in his book about his submarine that in April 1945 an SS officer on his ship offered him a demonstration of the so-called lethal ray.

Shaeffer said the experience had taken place during his last voyage across the Atlantic before the surrender of Germany. It remains a great enigma that historians have not unleashed until today, namely: what was Hitler based on when referring to the hypothetical final weapon? It is notorious that until the last days of his life he was convinced that he had such a weapon and would use it. Was it just a bluff ?!
By Dr Emil Strainu

According to rumours, it seems that Adolf Hitler would have tried to assassinate Nikola Tesla in order to take the blueprint of Death Ray.

Do you think there is a possibility to be true this rumour?

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