Time Travel Possibilities

How many times did we ask ourselves: “What time is it?” How many of us can answer this question?

The man of today is no longer the man of yesterday and never the man of tomorrow.

– Wanna know about time traveling? Read On –

Time is one of the fundamental concepts of physics and philosophy. It is a measure of the duration of events and has different meanings depending on the context in which it is defined.

Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin. – Mother Teresa

In physics, time is a dimension of nature and can be seen as a measure of change. In terms of classical physics, time is a continuous one. Modern physics (more precisely quantum mechanics theory) disputes this quality, suggesting that there is only a continuous space-time.

In philosophy, time is defined as an uninterrupted, irreversible flow that can only flow in one direction. It is, therefore, a “continuous” event in which facts follow from past and the present into the future. Defining time accurately is a difficult task both in philosophy and in science.

Traditionally, time is seen as measuring the distance between events. It is composed of past, present and future. The past is considered as something that has already happened and can not be changed. The future, on the other hand, is considered as being available for a multitude of possibilities.

Time is a created thing. To say ‘I don’t have time’ is like saying, ‘I don’t want to. – Lao Tzu

– Time is the longest distance between two spaces.


The eBook

Past, present and future becomes simple terms that depend on the moment of time we are reporting. We can represent our time as a continuous loop, a sort of Möbius band.

If we accept this model, then it would be possible to travel along the loops to a point, whether past or future. Time can be viewed from this perspective by analogy with images recorded on a video tape.

Everything we would need to travel in time, in this situation, would be knowing the operation with the fast forward and backward scroll buttons. This second hypothesis may seem fantastic, but there is already plenty of evidence to support it, as well as a theoretical framework in relativistic physics.

If you actually want to realize what is time and to travel along and the greatest possible degree of it, then you need to do more.

The – “process” that systematically elevates your mind, your spirit, and your consciousness beyond the normal range of human experience.

That’s what the book of IN TIME – Time Travel Possibilities is about. Now, you are not going to travel trough another universe come back and tell your friends about, it’s simply not how it works.

The stark realization will dawn on you that having profound, extraordinary breakthroughs—precisely the kind of breakthroughs you’ve seeking for your entire life—is a lot easier and a whole lot simpler than you ever imagined, and I bet You probably already experienced it, just that you don’t know.

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Experience is the missing link to real results in time traveling.


This eBook is not all of the endless scientifically proven life evidences of time traveling. If you are here, I assure you that you already experienced it and if you are one of those who wanna find out more about, you will.

What’s in it for You  –

Chapter I

– Time and It’s Importance
– What is Time?
– The Importance of Time and It’s Impact on Human Nature
– The Passing of Time

Chapter II

– Can We Travel In Time?
– What Scientists Say About The Journey In Time
– By What Methods Can We Travel In Time

Chapter III

– Reincarnation or Travel In Time?
– Karma and Reincarnation
– Evidence of Reincarnation and Time Travel
– Last Words

Guessing that you want to have the kind of time traveling experiences that are advanced or hidden mystics…

You Are Not Alone!

You can read this one simple ebook that condenses everything that’s been learned about time travel. Just the raw vital information you need to directly experience your own speed of light, mentally and consciously.

– You’ll not going to magically travel here and there just by reading this ebook. You Won’t! That’s not how it works.

But the process to consciously realize that time traveling is not just a simple fact and the informations you need to know about, are contained within the pages of this ebook..

– Time travel’s not a crime. – Robert H. Olander

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What People Are Saying

– If we all could travel in time it would be a huge change in our society and I believe there is a glimpse of it but we have to experience it ourselves. Helpful insights of what time travel is about, this ebook really put me in a position to think about that. Thank you!

Gessica Corey

– Relevant and very direct, very good explanations that anyone should take a step reading it.

Anthony Owens

– This ebook has triggered my mind, now I really want to go further and more deep with it. Thank you very much!

Sarah Jenks 

– I believe in time traveling but it’s a different experience that we humanity would imagine or have expectations from, It’s all within our minds.

Alex T.

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