Kundalini Awakening Symptoms — Befriending Your Body
Kundalini Awakening Symptoms — Befriending Your Body

Kundalini Awakening Symptoms — Befriending Your Body

KUNDALINI is the energy that is in a latent state in the human body at the base of the spine. When this force is “awakened,” it rises upwards or downwards, along with the central axis of the body (the spine) to the crown or lotus in (SAHASRARA). The tantric tradition mentions the existence of seven energy centres, levels that mark all the stages or phases in the process of creation. When Kundalini rises from the plane in the plane receives different names according to the Chakra in which he sets for a period of time. For example, in Chakra heart (ANAHATA) it is also called HAMSA, and in Chakra in the middle of the forehead (AJNA) is called BINDU. Sometimes Kundalini ascends so that it goes beyond the top of the head. Once arrived here, causes the emergence of a mystical state of consciousness, indescribable ecstasy, in which duality ceases.

Kundalini resides in each person’s body in the appearance of Transcendental Power that precedes and penetrates the entire Macrocosm. This power exists everywhere in the Universe. Matter, life, consciousness, and consciousness are only different degrees (and with different vibration frequencies) of the sleeping power revelation, Kundalini. Even in a matter atom there are Kundalini “sprouted” in the nucleus.

The divine power (MAHA VIDYA) embraces the form of individual souls, limiting itself in time and space, but also the form of matter, wrapping itself in itself, or, in other words, becoming asleep. However, when transcendence is achieved, it is only when Kundalini fully ascends from the base to its ideal place in the head of the head or beyond. Like all the ancient spiritual teachings of the world, TANTRA YOGA looks at the human being as a true reflection of the macrocosm.

Universal, unbounded, unlocated power is present in the human being in a place that corresponds to the anal region and is associated with the earth element, sense of smell, and the general distribution of vital force (PRANA) in the body. When Kundalini rises to the head, the beatitude is experienced and very intense light is perceived. The light that accompanies the awakening of KUNDALINI is one of the constants of the spiritual experience revealed by the mystics of all religious traditions. In 1971, Gopi Krishna confirmed the following:

Whenever I direct my eye of mental knowledge to my inner being, I invariably perceive an intense light inside and outside my head, in a continuous and constant vibration, as if a glowing substance and Extremely subtle would climb the column and spread into and beyond the skull, filling it and surrounding it with indescribable radiation.

KUNDALINI | Cosmic snake awakening 

The Yogi tradition makes a distinction between partial awakening and the total awakening of Kundalini energy. While partial awakening can lead to manifold manifestations, both physical and mental, Kundalini’s complete ascension to the Sahasrara centre will awaken the true impetus to God’s realization (or spiritual liberation) and will bring much-desired revolution to consciousness.

Awakening the Chakras – Healing, Balance, Yoga, Positive Energy, Kundalini, Reiki

Only then can the body be transcended into the pure and perfect ecstasy of illumination. The awakening of Kundalini’s power is accompanied by different sensations and experiences. There is a strong feeling of warmth (if Kundalini awakens and climbs on Pingala Nadi) or a feeling of cold (if energy climbs Ida Nadi) first across his back and then in the whole body. Kundalini’s entry into the spinal central duct called Sushumna is accompanied by a specific feeling of unification felt at the level of the whole being and even stopping breathing for a short period of time.

When Kundalini touches Anahata Chakra, heart palpitations can be recorded. There may be a tingling sensation of the fingers and sometimes the whole the body starts to tremble. As is traditionally stated, the perceived climb on the back of the head can sometimes be felt like the slow walking of an ant, such as the sinuous movement of a snake, sometimes as a snake in place of a bird, calm water or a jump of a monkey on a distant branch. All these signs are mentioned in the traditional scripts of Hinduism, especially those of yoga and tantrism. The wise and great yogi Ramakrishna, one of the greatest masters of mysticism in modern India, described his experiences of Kundalini in almost similar terms. Speaking of the various ecstatic states to which he was naturally “inclined”, said:

In these ecstatic states of Samadhi, the sensation of Spiritual Stream can be felt as a movement of an ant, fish, monkey, bird or snake. Sometimes the Spiritual Stream goes up through the column, dragging itself like an ant. Sometimes, in Samadhi, the soul swims happily in the ocean of divine ecstasy, like a fish. When I lie down, I feel the Spiritual Stream pushing me like a monkey and playing cheerfully with me. I remain quiet. This current can reach the Sahasrara in a single jump, like a monkey. That’s why you see me jumping up sometimes. From time to time, the Spiritual Stream ascends like a bird, hopping from the ram to the ram. Where it stops, I feel like a fire …Sometimes the Spiritual Stream is routed like a snake. Getting up in the zigzag finally touches my head and goes into samadhi. The spiritual consciousness of a man is not awakened until Kundalini rises.


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