Leonardo da Vinci - Inventions and Discoveries - Alien Contact

Leonardo da Vinci – Inventions and Discoveries – Alien Contact

Leonardo da Vinci was the ideal representative of the Renaissance. Painter, writer, scientist, architect, inventor, has managed to bring in any field original contributions that radically changed what was known until then and announced later inventions and discoveries.

His writings are astounding today by the richness of ideas and the anticipation force of a far too distant future, but these ideas have brought Leonardo and countless enemies. Innovative thinking and imagination have created things that have stayed over the years. Leonardo da Vinci is a pioneer of the bionics (the science of technical systems whose function mimics that of natural systems), nature being a prolific muse, especially for the industrial sector. Before the hedgehog and swimsuit for professional swimmers inspired by the sharkskin texture and shape, Leonardo da Vinci is already disrupting animal and plant kingdom in search of inspiration.

In its machines, there are models with feathers, fur or leaves. Leonardo even dissected bodies to better know the human body. The scientist has extended his approach to animals because he believed that if he understood how a bird flies, he could build a flying car.

“This was the obsession of his life, to be the first man to fly,” says Gabriele Niccolai.

Writing in the mirror

It is not known today exactly why Leonardo adopted this strange writing, but it seems that it was extremely easy to fill the page after the page in this way, drawing the lines with drawings and sketches. Are they trying to defend themselves why they wanted to steal their ideas or hide the discoveries and intentions of their opponents? He wrote with his left hand, and according to contemporaries who had the chance to see him at work, he had perfected this technique so much that he did not even use a mirror. Whatever the reason, his notes were hard to decipher later, especially because of Leonardo, as a secondary safety measure, often used anagrams and codes.

Leonardo da Vinci Ideal City

Leonardo da Vinci
Ideal City

Living in the city of Milan, da Vinci dreamed of being an architect to design an ideal city where he would have felt really at home. It would leave posterity an impressive number of urban architectural projects, very detailed, taking into account all aspects of a modern city, even today.

Geological Era

While many of his contemporaries claimed that the presence of mollusc fossils on mountain plateaus is due to the Bible Flood, Leonardo is trying to find another explanation. Centuries before talking about the tectonic plates, he guessed that the mountains had risen over long periods of time, is once again the foundations of great disappearances. The theory was crazy and even heretical, but who could have imagined it would be confirmed for centuries?

Vitruvian man

Vitruvian man or Homo Universalis is certainly the most famous drawing made by Leonardo da Vinci, according to the proportions chosen by Vitruvius, a famous Roman architect, whom the inventor admires. A symbolic image that has been throughout the history interpreted in various ways, this universal man remains significant to Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo Da Vinci was the first to show that the human body consists of segments whose proportional ratios are always equal to the number of gold. In 1500, Leonardo Da Vinci’s genius calculates the first weight-weighing scale.

The weight to be measured is placed on the taler, and the measuring scale acts as a pendulum and finds a new balance position in front of a lead with respect to reading weight.is also the principle that the singers we meet all the time. The idea of a bicycle may have existed since 1493. A drawing of the bicycle-like machine was found in Leonardo Da Vinci’s notebook. It is officially believed that in 1690 a French man invented the first bicycle that had two metal wheels in the line and trapped with a wooden frame without hands for holding hands.

Self-propelled car

In addition to the conquest of the sea and the airstrip, a car was needed to help the human be able to move as fast as possible on the ground. After several attempts, Leonardo would make a model of a wooden “car”, propelled by an ingenious system of springs and gears. Would be hiding the drawings, for fear that he would again be accused of his ideas not fitting with the Church, and never tried to build the revolutionary car. To the surprise of many, the car worked, even if it was hard to control and move slowly. Certainly, Leonardo would not be surprised if he had seen the “car” on his way.

Extraterrestrial entities are hidden in paintings

Leonardo da Vinci
Extraterrestrial Entities Hidden In Leonardo Da Vinci’s paintings

Terrence Masson, a graphic artist at the University of Boston, is convinced that da Vinci’s paintings hide many mysteries. To discover them, the specialist faced several graphics of graphical analysis on the computer. The results were stunning because more images of alien entities were discovered. The images discovered are quite amazing because the artist simply inserted extraterrestrial beings behind his paintings.

Why? Probably these images are part of the entire secret message that da Vinci tried to pass on to posterity. Perhaps in the near future, other analyzes of his paintings will reveal other details about who the great artist really was or about his mission on Earth.


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