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Magic Crystals have been considered magical since ancient times when man discovered them in nature and realized that these stones with unique structure and resonance also have healing properties.

Magic crystals practically are, the frequency of these wonderful rocks can help balance the energies of an organism and heal naturally by harmonizing mind, body, emotions, and spirit. Like any aspect of the matter, crystals are composed of very small particles: atoms. These elements that make up the physical plane are in turn composed of even smaller particles: protons and electrons. If we examine these fundamental units very carefully, we discover that they are not matter but subtle vibrations, each of which is connected to macrocosmic energy.

The whole physical world has been created due to various variations and combinations of atoms; the way atoms interact with other atoms determines the type of molecules that will form and the resulting substances. The curative properties of crystals have been known since ancient times when used to make tinctures. Protections were carried out like amulets and talismans. They also have the ability to increase the body’s energy field because they emit uniform vibrations. They have the power of living stone.

Transparent Aqua Aura.

Crystals store and drive energy. They can absorb a type of energy and can emit another type when they are tightened, heated or cooled. Quartz crystals absorb both the Earth’s magnetism and solar radiation, and then they can emit energy. These energy emissions were captured with special pictures, appearing as an aura of white light that radiates from the star-shaped blue centre. The energy that radiates from clear quartz and other crystals is compatible with human aura; this attribute assuring healing powers.

The art of harmonizing with a crystal, with ourselves, with another person or with any other aspect of existence is one of the most valuable capabilities with which man can be endowed. Harmonization is the ability to calm the mind and become so quiet that the psyche can perceive the truth. By embracing the art of harmonization, we will only develop the sensitivity necessary to obtain valuable information about ourselves, but we will train our minds to communicate at a much subtler level with different forms of life.

When someone harmonizes with a crystal, it becomes a mirror that reflects the light from within, back into consciousness. Meditation, visualization, exercise, yoga, Tai Chi, prayer or personal techniques can be used to calm the mind and thus gain a clear perception.


Whatever the mode used, the result speaks for itself: a great capacity for self-control, increased inner peace, personal connection to the sources of truth, and the possibility of having access to it as a message from you to you, amplified and sent through the crystal with very much love. So you can understand many things that before seemed incomprehensible to know you at deeper levels and have access to new sources of energy and inner strength. Try to know every crystal, every healing stone, and learn their unique secrets.

When you start working with crystals – there is an exciting phenomenon. You will begin to feel and be aware of greater energy or force than you currently have. This force was called the Life Force of the Higher Self and includes “what you are capable of becoming” when you are perfectly attuned to the Supreme Source of Light and Energy. Quartz crystals, in their wonderful way of helping, will help you connect to this Divine Source.

crystals ebook
  • What are the crystals physically and esoterically?
  • How do crystals form?
  • How are crystals and healing stones used?
  • How does crystal power work?
  • How do we use crystals?
  • How do the crystals influence us?
  • How to clean the crystals?
  • How to purify crystals?
  • How do Crystals charge?

The answer to all these questions and many other features of the crystals as well as the properties and the use of crystals can be found in this amazing free ebook “The Magic of Crystals”.

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