Men In Black - CASE BENDER - The Enigma of an Existence

Men In Black – CASE BENDER – The Enigma of an Existence

CASE BENDER – On the evening of July 30, 1952, Albert K. Bender received a strange phone while he was alone in his home. His repeated questions did not hear anything at the other end of the thread, but he suddenly felt a strong front pain and unusual dizziness.

At that moment, he realized he was receiving a telepathic message: he was being sent to stop studying the UFO phenomenon. Then he heard a buzz in the receiver, then the tone came.
By simply checking out the telephone switchboard, he was told that his name had not been requested by anyone at the last minute … Indeed, shortly afterwards, Bender laid the foundations of the I.F.S.B. (The International UFO Study Office), founded in Bridgeport, Connecticut, in April 1952. One evening, turning home at dawn at 23:15 from a movie and going through a dark, desolate portion, he had the same dizziness, his forehead hurt and received a similar message, he was told he would not deal with IFSB anymore

The man who brought the ufo silencers, the Man In Black, into modern consciousness, Albert K. Bender, 94, died on March 29, 2016, in California.

Arrived at home, when he opened the door of his room, he smelled a powerful and unpleasant smell of sulfur, hard to bear. all files of the I.F.S.B. they were ravaged, and the radio was open, but there was nothing but background noise. He did not remember leaving the radio open when he left. But Bender did not take these signs at all, but continued to deal with the UFO phenomenon and the established organization, publishing more and more interesting articles in specialized magazines.

One November night is in a cinema hall. In the middle of the movie, on the right side of the movie, you felt the presence of someone, though he had not heard anyone come in, coming in and sitting down.mHe turned his head and startled surprised when he saw a Men In Black looking at him with brilliant eyes like the eyes of the cat in the night! It was like two bright lights, making her look very dark. Bender felt dizziness and closed his eyes. When he opened them again, the man disappeared without making any noise.

Then, after a few seconds, I come again, this time on the left! Bender got upset and moved to the hall. But not long afterwards, he felt a burning bout, and, coming back, he saw those eyes again looking at him.
He got up and went to call the supervisor, but when he turned around, the unknown was gone, and the world was watching the movie quietly. Bender quit watching the movie and start irritating to the house.
In front of a record shop, he stopped, looking for something that was of interest to him.

Then he felt the burn again at his neck and turned back, staring at the unknown with his bright eyes, only a few steps away from him. At that moment it was clear that this being was not something familiar, but it was like a being from another world! Then, another evening in February 1953, after a meeting of the I.F.S.B. who stood at Bander home, he headed for his room when he saw a light coming from there. He opened the door and remained cluttered in the doorway as he saw a bright blue light in the middle of the room, which began to dissipate at his appearance, then gradually disappeared, but a second of two glowing lights was still visible for a moment.

In March 1953, the leadership of the I.F.S.B. proposed to make an attempt to contact the aliens, because at that time much was discussed about UFOs, which had been seen by many, as various reports published in local newspapers showed. Thus, the experiment was to be held on Day C (Day of Contact) and consisted in that all members of I.F.S.B. they were going to focus on a message to transmit mentally to the alien space.
On March 15, 1953, when Day C was established, Bender was also in his room and at 6 o’clock he began to focus on the following message: “To the crew of the interplanetary ship that observes our planet called Earth.”

We, IFSB members we want to get in touch with you. We are your friends and please come to Earth. We will welcome you with friendship. We’ll do our best to get along with you … etc, etc. Repeat the message three times, focusing louder. Then you feel cold in your whole body and a sharp headache. He falls asleep from his body and dries a few meters above the bed. Then the following message is communicated: “We have been following you for a long time … Do not try to disturb us because we have a mission on your Earth … We are among you …”

Reverting from that state, Albert Bender first thought he was a dreamer. It was 18:05, so it took only five minutes. The radio was open … Then he made the decision to write everything that had happened to him lately. He had put the paper in an envelope and had locked it in an office. All this time, a strong smell of sulfur was felt in the room, although the window was open and the smell persisted for many days. But he did not have the courage to call anyone, nor to tell anyone about what happened, for fear of being mad. After a few days he decided to send the envelope to the Pentagon in Washington, but it was not surprising that he found the envelope had disappeared from the drawer in which he had locked it!

Alleged Men In Black

In July, Bender went on vacation. Upon return, on a warm summer evening, when you get into the house, find the smell of sulfur and the open-air radio in the room. He was in a state of dizziness and set down on the bed. Feeling an unfamiliar power take hold of him, then he wakes up in the room with three men dressed in black, wearing noisy bowls with wide bowls that covered half the figure. Only bright brilliant eyes were seen beneath the birches, like flashing lights …

Bender heard a voice telling him that he had been chosen to be contacted by an alien civilization that was on Earth on an important mission. He was asked not to tell anyone anything and to obey the instructions received. They were going to give him a metallic lick that if he was holding her in the fist, he could have used it if he wanted to get in touch with them. She just had to keep her tight in her hand, open the radio and say “KAZIK”. They were about to meet in two days at the same time.

Then one of them opened the radio and fit it between the two stations that were emitting at that moment. Bender was wondering why he was doing this, and he was told he could only return to the base.
Staying alone, Bender wakes to uphold a round metallic bow, bulging in the middle. It was made of unusual and brilliant metal. He carefully examined it, then locked it in a box, thinking that the next day will officially tell the whole story and present the metal plate as a testimony to the veracity of its words.

At that thought, he fell asleep more quietly. In the morning, he went directly to the box, unlocked it in a hurry, and … was stunned: plate, no longer there! As if someone had read his thoughts and stopped him from making public the strange happening he had gone through. After two more days in his room, Bender was looking forward to reuniting with the three aliens. Everything seemed like a dream, rather a nightmare.
From curiosity, the box was opened and opened: the metallic plaque was in its place, brighter than ever!

After the first moment of surprise, his first thought was to show it to someone, whoever he was. But at that moment the metal gets a red-blooming colour and gets so hot that he has to let go of his hand. Arrived on the floor, the plaque resumed its original appearance. Then he realized he would not be able to prove the reality of what had happened two days before. He leaned forward, picked up his heart and decided to call the three strangers. He opened the radio and repeated several times: “KAZIK”.

After a few seconds, it was very cold, the templates began to cling to it and felt how a tremendous force took hold of him. He lay on the bed and felt like it was easy and he began to float. After a few seconds, he woke up surrounded by ambient light. It is in a huge, circular room with a transparent vault. It was like being inside a flying saucer. The walls were brilliant as stainless steel. He was immobilized in a chair of the same metal, and in front of him was a tubular screen. There is also a creature like the three Men In Black who, looking at him, began to explain to him some pictures that appeared on the screen. One of these presented the planet after which came the alien ship, the planet that was part of a much older solar system than ours.

They came to Earth to obtain from ours a substance that was vital to them Then Bender stuttered when he saw in the screen a moody monster, hard to describe: he was one of the inhabitants of the planet removed in its true form. It may well be that the landowners look so over hundreds of thousands of years – suggested the presenter. If the oxygen in the air is less and less frequent, Earthmen will have to adapt to any air mixture. Changes to the environment will implicitly lead to changes in human bodies after Terra. Bender also said that there are three-sex beings on the unknown planet: two like the earth and the third one form the exaltations, which are exceptionally well-equipped beings.

There is very rigorous control of the population, women lay eggs, which are kept and blunted only when the “Great Darkness” deviates on the planet when many inhabitants
Then it started to darken and in a few seconds, Bender was back in his room holding a metal plate. He had been transported inside an extreme ship for half an hour and realized that no one would believe him.
In August 1953, Bender received another visit from the three men in black clothes. They woke up in an unknown place they said was underground in the Antarctic.
He stood in a large, lighted room that seemed to be built of ice. After a few seconds, a man dressed in a golden suit appeared in the room. It had a white, shiny hair that contrasted with a glossy brown skin like a strong bronze. was the Exalted, a bisexual being.
He was leading the base they were. The ones in front tilted in front of him and approached one another, clinging to his forehead a glimpse of metal that he had each in his hand.

I made Bender the same way, and when he touched his forehead with the metal plaque, you felt strong energy passing through his arm and reaching his forehead. The entity looks very friendly and ready to answer the earthly questions. Bender finds out that these eaters came to the earth in 1945 to take the water from the sea here to be processed in one of their Earth-based laboratories to obtain a vital substance for them. They were about to stay on Earth for 15 years, changing their crew every two years. They did not pay attention to the earth, but they had to scare people and sometimes even kill them when it was not another solution.

He had been kidnapped by many earthmen and taken to the remote planet for experiments. None of them had survived the conditions there, so they did not even live unhealthily.
Several images were presented to him on a three-dimensional cinemascope displaying the evolution of the Universe, the catastrophe that had left the planet Mars after the invasion of another civilization, then the image of a city on their planet and finally the image of a weapon.

After the gun was unloaded and the target touched, the load returned to the pipe by a slow-motion … Bender had been told that this was his last meeting with them, that he was not allowed to tell anyone their secret until they were gone on Earth, and he would know they were away when the metallic pleasure of his home disappeared. At the break, Bender asked “exalted” to give him proof that they really exist and that it is not all the fruit of a hallucination of his. He was told that not long after, close to his home a small ship of theirs would appear, who would carry with it one of the weapons presented and a small target would be reached.
Returning to Earth on August 20, Bender read in a local newspaper that on August 19, 1953, a strange explosion had taken place on Middletown Street, near Front Street, accompanied by the appearance of an unidentified flying object.

There was a large hole in the board in the board, without finding out how the hole had been there. The investigation was led by August C. Roberts from the investigation sector. He had gone to New Haven to look at the hole plate. There were no traces of burned metal or other signs or other evidence that a shot had taken place. A more careful search of the inner edges had revealed, in the metal structure, a sort of residue that had been immediately under investigation, but the result of the analysis had not yet been communicated. There had also been a witness, a neighbour of Bender, who had stated that he had seen a bright light on the morning of August 19, 1953, at 9:00 am, passing by her window and almost immediately heard an explosion near the house.

Wanting to find out what it was, the witness approached the signboard and saw the smoke coming out of the hole in its centre. Around it, there was a strong smell of sulfur … These were the stories of the event with Albert K. Bender and the three Men in Black. There seems to be no evidence of their passage on the ground, except the hole in the signboard and the horrible headaches that Bender has never managed to escape …
Later, on June 24, 1967, exactly two decades after Kenneth Arnold‘s death, a well-known ufologist researcher, Dominic Lucchesi, said that Bender, after the three black men, was a man with everything changed. He was scared and – later – suffered from terrible headaches that, Bender claimed, were controlled by them! Whenever he thought to break the silence, the headache was violently installed. ”

“The three Man In Black has forbidden him to speak, and he does not dare to do it,” said August C. Roberts, another famous American ufologist. He continues: “Today, Bender runs a motel in California. He refuses to talk about flying saucers.”

In turn, Bender would declare in the 1960s: “When people learn the truth about UFOs, there will be dramatic changes. Science will get a big blow.” Information is taken from the book “UFO – Cosmic Censorship”, Calin N. Turcu, Domino Publishing House

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