Maria Rasputina | The Fabulous story of Rasputin’s daughter

Maria Rasputina | Rasputin’s daughter

Circus and writer Maria Grigorievna Rasputina deserves a glory at least equal to that of his controversial father Rasputin, the Russian mystic.

Grigori Efimovici Rasputin was not the only one of his family who had a life-worthy existence. A circus artist, writer, and woman of the world, Maria Grigorievna Rasputina deserves a glory at least equal to that of the controversial Russian mystic.
We will begin by answering a natural question: Who was Maria Rasputin (the name the West knows)? Grigori Efimovici Rasputin had, together with his legitimate wife, Praskovia, four children.
The first, whose name is unknown, died shortly after he came to the world.

Matryona Grigorievna Rasputina
Matryona Grigorievna Rasputina

The second child is the heroine of our story – Matryon (or Mary) – and the only one who has survived the “saint”. Varvara (or Varia), her younger sister, was killed by the Bolsheviks even in the days of the Revolution – just as Rasputin’s massacre, burned down, was burned at the stake so that nothing left of this man who managed to gather as much hatred as the love had gathered. The only boy of Counselor and Confessor Tsarina Alexandra, Dmitri (or Mitia), was to die in Siberia with his mother. About the other children of Grigori Efimovici Rasputin – the children of flowers (dozens, after some, thousands, after others) will never know anything.

The Russian Magician’s daughter had a dignified character to his father. At least that reveals the reports of the Russian spies, who “watched” it all their lives until 1977 when it was extinct at the age of 78.
Far from feeling embarrassed by the rumours that circulated about her, Maria Rasputin managed to use, in her interest, this infamous image that might have knocked down other women. Shortly after the death of his father, and in any case after the outbreak of the Bolshevik revolution, Mary left Russia for the West of Europe. And how he did not find a place there, he crossed the ocean.

Maria Rasputin train of bears and lions

In the interwar period, Rasputin’s daughter worked in a circus. No, she was not put in a cage and pointed to herself as the daughter of the most controversial man in tsarist Russia (although she could have earned money only from this detail of her biography).

Maria Grigorievna Rasputin, daughter of Gregori Rasputin, as an animal trainer at a London circus in (Photo: Planet News Archive/Getty Images)

But it was in a cage. The lion’s. Because Matryon was a lion (and pony, elephant, and bears or other wild animals, who managed to control them only with her hypnotic eyes, inherited from his father – Eyes of Rasputin), for the circus company “Ringling Bros” and then for “Barnum & Bailey” and others.
She began as a dancer and contortionist, but her talent to tame the animals could not be overlooked … She had to leave the fascinating dome of the circus – where she felt clearly in her element – after being hurt by a bear.

Maria Rasputina and Anastasia, the lost daughter of the Russian Tsar

One of the exciting episodes of her life happened in 1968 when Maria Rasputin and her friend Patte Barham – a well-known journalist, former war reporter on the Korean front – claimed to have found the lost daughter of Russia’s Tsar Anastasia (Anna Anderson).

Alexandra with Maria, Anastasia and Alexei. Photo was taken by Tsar at Tsarskoe

Mary liked to be in the spotlight, she needed money and fame … but she quickly withdrew from the campaign in favour of Nicolae II’s alleged daughter, who had escaped the bullets of the execution squad in Ekaterinburg, in July 1918. The testimony of Mary Grigorievna Rasputina – as one who lived around the Romanovs – was essential for confirming or invalidating the identity of Anastasia.
Her retirement from Anne Anderson’s entourage raised many questions in the epoch.

Maria Rasputin has written three books about Rasputin

If she did not get rich from Anastasia, she made beautiful money, all her life, from her father.
And we are not talking only about the goods and money gathered by Grigori Efimovici (the Bolshevik secret services mention somewhere that it would have removed the huge sums of money that belonged to Rasputin, as well as many objects in the house where he lived in St. Petersburg).

At the age of 17 at the time of his father’s death, she had already begun to manage some of her possessions, even during his lifetime. Matryona has managed Rasputin’s whole life. He tried to remove the infamous shades and advocate a “weighted innocence” of it. Certain aspects that brought good money were nevertheless speculated: for example, the fact that he had surprising qualities of the mind, that he had a hypnotic look and … a huge “sex”.

What is the real story of Rasputin’s sexual organ?

Rasputin penis is exhibited at the Russian Erotic Museum

The reason for fabulous legends is perhaps the best-known genital organ in history. Its ‘owner’, famous Russian mystic, had great influence in the Romanov tsars dynasty by its charisma and its great sexual attractiveness due in large part to its virility.

Rasputin penis
Rasputin's penis

If we are to believe the testimonies gathered in the book, as well as the rumours that circulated concerning Rasputin’s part, then we should accept one of these two stories:

  • Maria’s variant: she bought from Paris, from a group of ladies from the former Russian aristocracy, her father’s genital organ, which had been put into form and transformed into an object of worship.

Maria just told these facts, but she never exhibited the pot for the cause, which was kept in the cellar of her Silver Lakehouse. The one who would later buy the home discovered the jar with the organ, and for a long time did not know what to do with him. At the beginning of the ’90s, he tried to sell it through an auction house.
The object is of interest … but, in a test of its authenticity, it turned out that it was only a species of sea cucumber put in shape sometimes

  • The custody of St. Petersburg’s Erotism Museum (where a Rasputin’s giant jar is exposed 10 years ago): Rasputin’s shareholder was bought from Paris through an intermediary, possibly from the heirs of Maria Rasputin (her granddaughter now lives in France and lives in support of conferences about Rasputin and his daughter).

It would seem that, before selling their home in Silver Lake, the heirs went out of there and with the coveted – and alive – death of their ancestor. Later, the buyer of the house may have tried to take advantage of the fame of Mary and his father, but he was blown away.

Violation of Rasputin

No one can put a hand in the fire for the authenticity of any of these variants. Several things will be revealed, apparently, in the book that will soon appear, signed by Matryon’s friend Patte Barham. The journalist announced that she relied on Mary’s memories in their long and interesting conversations, and the book would be “sexist and exciting, but not funny.” And it will be called … Rasputin’s Violating. ”

Would such a book be credited to the “magician” daughter? We can not know. What is known is that Maria Grigorievna Rasputin is buried at the Angelus-Rosedale Cemetery in Los Angelus. There is only a plate on the tomb – no one raised across according to the Orthodox tradition. Instead, in a place dug by the tombstone, there is always a bottle of vodka.

Film Footage of Maria Rasputin, Daughter of Grigori Rasputin

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