Montauk Project - Walking through time - Philadelphia Experiment

Montauk Project – Walking through time – Philadelphia Experiment

Montauk project was, apparently, a series of US government experiments at Camp Hero or Montauk Air Force Station in Montauk, Long Island, with the aim of developing exotic technologies such as time travel and teleportation.

According to sources, never officially confirmed, the Montauk Project consisted of a series of experiments conducted at Camp Hero, an abandoned US Air Force research facility located in Montauk, New York.
Here, a secret military group with huge financial resources has gone over the negative opinion of the US Congress, aiming to create a psychological weapon, seduced by the idea of controlling the minds of the enemy in the war. It is believed that the Montauk Project was an extension or continuation of another controversial project entitled “Philadelphia Experiment”, which was held on October 28, 1943. The official media still believes that all statements about the Montauk Project are pure fiction.

The Philadelphia Experiment

The origins of the Montauk Project dates back to 1943 when looking for radar invisibility methods onboard the USS Eldridge. And as Eldridge was at the helm of the Philadelphia Military Shipyard, ship-related events were called the Philadelphia Experiment. The objective of this experiment was to make the ship invisible to the radar, but besides this, another effect was achieved that no one expected.

With the passing of time, his story became extremely popular, and many believers tried to pad it out with scientific theories.

The ship became invisible to the naked eye and simply disappeared from the space-time continuum. It was not to be found! Though this effect was a great technological achievement, the people on board were a disaster. Several sailors on the ship have been transported beyond this dimension (of our world) and on their return, they were in a state of complete mental disorientation and terrible terror. Some of them were even with their bodies in the metal walls of the ship!

Those who survived have been retired with the title “mentally inappropriate” or even discredited, and the whole business has been hidden, classified. After the war, research continued, led by Dr. von Neumann, who dealt with the technical aspects of the Philadelphia Experiment. Some of them were even with their bodies in the metal walls of the ship! Those who survived have been retired with the title “mentally inappropriate” or even discredited, and the whole business has been hidden, classified.

After the war, research continued, led by Dr. von Neumann, who dealt with the technical aspects of the Philadelphia Experiment. His new orders aimed at the reasons why the human mind had not resisted the experiment and why people could not be used in interdimensional experiments without causing disasters. A study has begun on a large number of people headed to Brookhaven National Laboratories in Long Island, New York. This was called the Phoenix Project. In 1933, the Institute for Advanced Studies at Princeton University was established. Here were Albert Einstein and John von Neumann, a brilliant scholar and a brilliant mathematician. Shortly thereafter, the invisibility project was transferred to Princeton.

In 1936, the project was expanded, and Tesla was named the group’s director. With Tesla’s help, he managed to get invisible before the end of the year. Research continued until 1940 when a full test was conducted at the Brooklyn Navy Yard (Brooklyn Military Navy). It was a small test without anyone on board the vehicle. The ship receives power from the generators on other ships connected by cables. At about that time, another scientist, T. Townsend Brown, who was renowned for his practical ability to apply theoretical physics, was involved in the study and research group. Brown had extensive knowledge of gravity and magnetic mines. He created a very effective defence system for mines using a technique called “degaussing” that triggered mines from a distance that did not jeopardize anyone’s safety.

In the 1930s a massive migration of scientific personalities took place in America. Many Jewish and Nazi scholars have been stealthily brought into the country. Much of the affluence was attributed to A. Duncan Cameron Sr. Although we know he had extensive connections with high officials, his relationship with espionage circles remains a mystery. By 1941, Nikola Tesla had unlimited funds from the US government for research and experimentation. He called for a warship, on the deck of which he placed several special coils. The famous Tesla coils were also on the ship.

However, he was worried because he knew that along with the development of the project, there would be problems with the live crew. He probably knew this because of his extraordinary ability to fully view his inventions in mind. In any case, Tesla knew that the mental state and the physical bodies of the crew members would be severely affected. It took more time to refine the experiment.

Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla and John von Neumann

Von Neumann did not share his ideas about time, and the two did not quite understand this chapter. Von Neumann was a brilliant scientist, but he had not embraced metaphysics in any form. In the case of Tesla, he was very profound in this direction, realizing a whole series of inventions based on his unique ability of clairvoyance. Some of the reasons why his views were so controversial in the scientific world were that during his experiments in Colorado Springs around the 1900s he reported that he had been contacted by intelligence from another planet through messages sent in the form of Specific signals when Mars was at a relatively close distance from Earth.

This occurred in 1926 when he had already built radio towers on the Waldorf Astoria and on his New York laboratory building. He claimed that he had received information that, if the experiment had not been altered, human lives would be lost. That’s why Tesla needed time to design new equipment. A secret group with huge financial resources and ties to the military has decided to build a new research camp at Camp Hero, an abandoned US Air Force station headquartered in Montauk, New York.

The Montauk Project

The reason why this camp was chosen is that it already had a huge Sage-type radar antenna that emits frequencies of 400-425 MHz, a frequency that coincided with that used to interact with the human mind from earlier phases of research. At the end of the 1960s Camp Hero reactivation was done without military funds. Until 1972, the Montauk Project was already well prepared to begin massive research into the mental control of humans, animals and other life-forms on Earth. Over the years, Montauk researchers have deepened in improving mental control techniques and continued exploring human potential. By developing psychic capabilities in the staff, it came to the moment when a person’s thoughts could be amplified with the help of the devices so that mental illusions could be manifested both subjectively and objectively!

This included the virtual creation of matter. All of this was completely new to “ordinary human experience,” but those who were running the Montauk Project were not going to be here. With the discovery that a human being could manifest (create) matter through mere thought, what would have happened if the human subject created a book but not in the present but in the past? In this way, the idea of distorting time appeared.

Montauk Project

After years of empirical research, “time gates ” were opened in which experiments were carried out. The Montauk project thus re-opened a temporal vortex back in 1943 when the Philadelphia Experiment was completed. Conspiracy theories about the Montauk Project have been circulating since the early 1980s. According to Jacques Vallee, astrophysicist and UFO researcher, experiments’ stories began with the story of Preston Nichols claiming to have recovered suppressed memories of his own involvement. There is no clear version of the events that would have happened there, giving the most common accounts describing Montauk as an extension of the Philadelphia experiment that would have taken place in 1943.

Researchers who survived the experiment met between 1952 -1953 in order to develop the “electromagnetic shield” that made the USS Eldridge ship disappear both on radar and in reality. Initial proposals would have been rejected by the US Congress because it involved dangers too great. Researchers bypassed Congress and turned directly to the Department of Defense after they were assured of developing a weapon capable of triggering instantaneous psychotic symptoms. The conspiracy theory says the funds came largely from the Nazi gold captured by American soldiers at the Swiss border with France.

1943 Project Rainbow

1. On August 12, 1983, within the Camp Hero Project, which attempted to develop a travel technology over time, a bridge was made to the original Project 1943 Project Rainbow.
USS Eldridge was transported through time, and two men, Al Bielek and Duncan Cameron said they jumped off the ship while it was in hyperspace and finally arrived in Camp Hero in 1983.
The two claimed to have met John von Neumann, a famous physicist, and mathematician who died in 1957.
John Von Neumann had worked on the Philadelphia experiment, but the United States denied it.
2. A time portal has been created that allows scientists to travel anytime and anywhere.
A tunnel of time was built, used to explore Mars and to visit the Martians who lived there a billion years ago.
3. Perhaps the most important story comes from Enrico Chekov, a Russian-Spanish dissident who said in 1988 after defecting in America that he noticed with the help of satellites in the Soviet Union an anomaly in space right at the place of infamy Military bases, making it clear that it was experimented involving teleportation and travel over time.
Montauk’s military base remained in operation until the late 1980s. Since 2002, it has been opened to the public under the name of Camp Hero State Park. There are plans for a museum with exhibits reflecting the Cold War, which has fueled even more rumours.


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