The Moon - NASA Catalog Of Lunar Sightings Event

The Moon – NASA Catalog Of Lunar Sightings Event

The Moon|With the observation through technical tools that have increasingly amplified the image and details of the Moon, questions, and answers evolved rapidly, and then at this beginning of the cosmic era, shattering the myths, moon expeditions led to a truly spectacular culmination of knowledge and accomplishments.

When it comes to the Moon, there is always a dose of mystery. The Moon has always fascinated all the civilizations of the Globe, and over time there have been a series of legends, superstitions, and beliefs. In fact, it is said that if there were no Moon, life on our planet would have had another direction. Imagine our world ravaged by the winds of a hurricane, with temperatures ranging from frosty heat to frost. Imagine that the day would take only six hours in a world where only primitive life forms could evolve.

This could have been our planet if the Moon had not existed … Is it? But we are not the only ones that have a natural satellite. There are at least 176 satellites in our solar system. Saturn has the most, 62, and around the Earth orbits at least 10 mysterious bodies. Five are asteroids, temporarily detained by the gravitational field, and four are probably the remains of the Apollo 13 rocket. The tenth and largest is the Moon.

What Is So Special And Mysterious About The Moon?

The moon is the only natural Earth satellite and the fifth largest in the Solar System. It is, at the same time, the largest natural satellite of a planet in the Solar System relative to its size and planet Earth. The moon is the second-density satellite after Io, one of Jupiter’s satellites. In its synchronous rotation around the Earth, the Moon presents its same face with small changes.

  • Maximum distance to Earth: 406 720 kilometres
  • Minimum distance to Earth: 336,375 kilometres
  • Average distance to Earth: 384,400 kilometres
  • Average diameter: 3476 kilometres
  • Surface temperature: variable from 117 degrees C (full day) to -173 degrees C (overnight)
  • Atmosphere: nonexistence

Despite the success of Apollo missions in the late 1960s and early 1970s, NASA has never been able to answer the question: “Why did not man return to the moon from then?” But some of NASA’s former employees know the answer. And this is: The moon is full of aliens. And NASA has known this since the 1970s and was warned by aliens not to return to the moon. (Until now it’s just a theory)
t seems that the UFO activity on the Moon was no novelty for the former Nazi, Wernher von Braun, who dealt with NASA’s Apollo projects. For centuries, astronomers from all over the world, including the Nazi Germans, reported UFOs flying on the lunar surface.

NASA Report On Lunar Sightings Event

The report on monthly anomalies was conducted by NASA, one year before the famous landing in August 1969. For more than three years, NASA has funded a study by several researchers who listed all the bright anomalies reported by scientists and astronomers from the 16th century to the 1960s. In July 1968, the public version of this document was published under the title “Document R-277”. This report contains almost 600 UFO events that took place on the monthly surface between 1540 and 1967.

Clouds And Bright Lights On Moon

NASA Catalog Of Lunar Sightings Event

This NASA official catalogue contains reports of ufological abnormalities from famous astronomers, such as the observation of Italian astronomer Giovanni Cassini (1625-1712), who reported: “a white cloud on the lunar surface” in 1671. Another report suggests that the Moon has an atmosphere when two astronomers observed lightning on the surface of the Moon in 1787. In the same year, just one month before, the astronomer who discovered the planet Uranus, Sir Frederick W. Herschel, claimed that he had noticed some bright lights on the moon.

Strange lights on the moon have been seen over time in more than 200 reports. In February 1877, a bright white light was observed for about 1 hour. On April 23, 1915, a ray of light was seen in one of the Moon craters. Around the crater, Plato on the Moon, dozens of abnormal lights were observed by various astronomers.

The Mysterious Shadows On The Moon

NASA Catalog Of Lunar Sightings Event

Besides these abnormal lights on the surface of the Moon, NASA reported the existence of mysterious shadows. In 1882, some dark shadows were reported in the Aristotle area of the Moon. On September 13, 1959, astronomers were incapable of photographing the lunar surface due to a large dark mass hiding the lunar field. And on September 11, 1967, Canadian astronomers reported a black cloud with violet edges floating above the “Silent Sea” on the lunar surface. Exactly this area was chosen by NASA for the human landing of August 1969. NASA confirms: “There are greater powers than we have assumed”

But until there is concrete evidence of these phenomena happening on the surface of the moon, all these observations remain in the class of theories. This allows the imagination to bore all sorts of stories and legends about the moon. But still, to be alone in the universe seems unlikely

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