The Mysteries Of The North Pole

The Mysteries Of The North Pole

The North Pole is one of the least explored places on our planet because of the unfavourable climatic conditions and the fact that it is not positioned on land but is located in the middle of the Arctic Ocean. This is the most northern point on earth. Being very little explored is surrounded by many mysteries. In 1970, a US speciality magazine published an article in which it supported the theory that the Earth is empty inside and populated.

The authors of the article took note of the notes of several explorers who witnessed anomalies when they approached the North Pole. It came back to the question that the compass needle remains in the upright position in the non-functioning state. Where mentioned in the article, the notes of eight explorers who claimed the existence of abnormalities that lead to the failure of the compass. The famous explorer Nansen noted in his diary that one morning he witnessed the emergence of a strong light beneath the polar ice.

Nansen compares the light with a sun shining from within the ice cap and the pale red colour. For several days, Nansen witnessed this phenomenon. Some specialists thought the phenomenon described by Nansen was a mirage. In 1893, members of another expedition reported about a similar phenomenon they had observed for several days. A tongue of fire illuminated for several hours the ice desert.

North Pole
Fridtjof Nansen 1861 – 1930, 1896 Artic Explorer

The light was rectangular and had a dark colour, a dark red. The phenomenon occurred during polar nights and it is excluded that the light has come from the sun. Nansen describes in his diary the existence of a sea he called the high seas. A sea that is not frozen and has icebergs floating on it. The discovery was made with the help of two Eskimos who led him to that area. Another phenomenon described by Nansen was that the temperatures were increasing as the expedition members approached the North Pole.

Nansen wondered what was the nature of this phenomenon, which caused the temperature to rise? In the area called the high seas, there are rare bird species that Nansen said could not explain how they got there. Nansen was fascinated by the area he had discovered. The temperatures were far above zero degrees, the sea was crossed by icebergs that contained sand, rocks, and dust inside them. Where they came from, they remain a mystery. It’s a world of the unknown, the researcher said. The world in which certain phenomena can not be explained.

There Are TwoPoles North

The Earth’s the North Pole is a fixed geographic point that is diametrically opposed to the Earth’s the South Pole on the axis of rotation of our planet; Is the top of the Earth’s turning point. The North Magnetic Pole is the point where the magnetic field is perpendicular to the Earth’s surface, deeply “immersed” to form a rotating ellipsoid.
The North Magnetic Pole is not stationary. Only in the last century, he migrated north from a point located in Canada at approximately 71 degrees latitude, at the current position of about 85 degrees north in the Arctic Ocean. Of course, the Earth also has a Southern Magnetic Pole, but the Nordic Pole is not necessarily antipodal or diametrically opposed to it.

North Pole
North Magnetic Pole

Right now they are skewed with more than 20 degrees latitude. When the compass arrow points to the north, it is actually pointing towards the Magnetic North Pole. The magnetic north pole is also called geomagnetic. It is calculated using mathematical models based on an imaginary line that passes through the geomagnetic centre of the Earth. Over the last century, the geomagnetic North Pole migrated from Greenland to Canada. Geomagnetic poles travel with time because the magnetic field is produced by the movement of molten iron alloys in the outer core of the Earth’s core.

North Pole
420-year graph of the annual magnetic pole shift.



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