New Zealand UFO Sightings

New Zealand UFO Sightings / X – Xiles of New Zealand

New Zealand UFO ¦ Inside the Taupo volcano in New Zealand there are springs of hot water. Because of the multitude of colours, the volcano was called the “Artistic Palette.” It’s one of the places that was said to have been made by aliens. If it’s to be in a dream realm, right here on earth, then New Zealand is the perfect destination: beautiful landscapes, mountains, and virgin forests, untouched footpaths, the village where hobbits lived in Lord of the Rings and much more are waiting for you to enjoy your soul.

Beyond the spectacular nature, New Zealand also welcomes you with modern cities and an economic level worthy of a developed European country. To the 4.5 million inhabitants, the generous land is a delight for the eye and the soul. Not to mention the thousands of kilometres of beaches that surround the two main islands of the western Pacific Ocean.

X – Files of New Zealand

As announced in Wellington, France Press Agency, on December 22, 2010, New Zealand’s armed forces released hundreds of unrecognized reports on observations of unidentified flying objects or meetings with non-German entities. An important role in this process was played by Suzane Hansen, founding president of UFO Research, Support and Resource Network (UFOCUS NZ). She came in contact with the New Zealand army commander, Lieutenant General Jerry Mateparae, demanding the declassification of documents under the law of freedom of information.

New Zealand UFO
Swearing-in ceremony of LtGen Sir Jerry Mateparae as Governor-General at Parliament. The Defence Force provided a 100 man Royal Guard of Honour for the occasion. Sir Jerry inspects the guard.

Initially, the general did not agree with the request, claiming that “this would require a substantial effort of collation, research, and consultation to identify the information that can be made public” and he was not in a position to provide the necessary staff, given that there were other priorities. However, in December 2009, after fourteen months of intense communication between the parties, General Mataparae told Ms. Hansen that de-declaration had begun. On January 29, 2010, the New Zealand Defense Secretary’s decision on the publication of classified UFO and alien files was officially reported. Furthermore, the Armed Forces needed a respite to remove personal data, names and other identifying information from the files hosted by the New Zealand Archives, in accordance with legal requirements.

The original documents will continue to remain secret, some even until 2080. Suzanne Hansen pointed out that “UFOCUS NZ’s own archives contain credible and detailed reports on New Zealand’s UFO observations made by pilots, air traffic controllers, and military personnel. In addition, the organization holds testimonies on important UFO observations, some dating back to 1908 “. She was convinced that the declassified documents would complement them in a happy way.

New Zealand UFO
Suzanne Hansen UFO interview Copenhagen September 2015

New Zealand follows a model adopted by several NATO countries: the United Kingdom, France, Sweden, Denmark, or Canada, as well as Latin America: Mexico, Chile, Peru, Brazil, and Argentina. The island country is different from the US or Australia, which are reserved for this. In about 2000 pages of documents released to the public, including reports from 1954 to 2009, ordinary citizens, military personnel or commercial pilots report strange encounters, most of them involving lights travelling in the night sky. Some of the accounts are accompanied by flying plates, descriptions of aliens carrying “pharaoh masks”, or alleged alien scripts.

The documents prove that government bodies have recorded such reports very carefully. Perhaps the most comprehensive file refers to two observations about strange lights over the Kaikoura mountain range in the northeast of the South Island. The first incident occurred on December 21, 1978, when the crew of a cargo aeroplane belonging to Safe Air Ltd noticed during a flight a series of strange lights around. The lights watched the plane for several minutes, sometimes extinguishing, in order to appear elsewhere. Pilots said that some of the lights were the size of a house, while others were small but blinding. Objects were also seen on the radar of traffic controllers in Wellington, as well as on the aeroplane radar.

Then, on December 30, 1978, an Australian television crew flying to Christchurch also filmed unidentified lights. They were again tracked on radar by air traffic controllers in Wellington. When the plane took off with the same team, heading for Blenheim, at a height of 600 meters, a globe emerged, which was positioned at the top of one of the wings and continued to fly in tandem with the plane for about a quarter of an hour. All this time it was filmed, noticed and seen on the radar. Comments made by members of the same TV team were recorded on an audiotape.

New Zealand UFO
December 30, 1978,

There was a wave of other UFO observations. Air Force has even provided a small plane for eventual new appearances. Collaboration between the police and Astronomical Observatory Carter in Wellington has been achieved. However, according to the documents now available, the official explanations have remained the same: planets, lights on ships, trains, or cars, or possibly meteorites.

New Zealand UFO
December 30, 1978,


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