Nikola Tesla's Prophecies About the Future of Mankind

Nikola Tesla’s Prophecies About the Future of Mankind

Smartphones are on the order of the day now: we can control the appliances with their help, we can stay on the Internet, order taxis or watch movies. But it was not always so. And a century ago, these seemed more SFs. But not for the famous inventor Nikola Tesla. In 1926, he said that a man could carry his phone in his pocket, communicate instantly with other people, see and hear the inauguration ceremonies of the presidents, watch the finals at baseball and live battles, as though they were there.

Only that reality was not so at that time. Tesla described a mobile phone capable of transmitting video and audio, only then was the hard phone barely invented.  We recall the fixed phone was invented in 1876 by Alexander Bell, and his invention would lead to the establishment of the AT & T giant.

Nikola Tesla
Alexander Graham Bell makes the first telephone call between New York and Chicago, USA, March 12, 1876. Bell is talking to Thomas

It was not until 1973, when Tesla’s predictions, engineer Martin Cooper of Motorola was to present his first truly mobile phone.  The first mobile telephony service would only appear in 1983.  The first smartphone to be IBM Simon, released in 1994, but the real revolution was going to be Apple’s release in 2007.

Nikola Tesla Was a Great Visionary

More articles and interviews in the past confirm that Tesla drew attention to its future and implications. Such an article, in which Tesla expressed his opinion on the future of mankind, at least until the year 2100, appeared in 1935 in the American magazine Liberty.

Nikola Tesla
A Machine to End War by Nikola Tesla, Liberty Magazine, February 9, 1935

This article is unique because the physicist has made many predictions about how people’s lives will be on Earth and what will happen to the journalist George Sylvester Viereck in one of his most appreciated articles. Humanity would have known a brilliant future, sprinkled with certain problems that would be resolved in one way or another. Nikola believed that the human race would be purified, and paedophiles, rapists, criminals, or those who do not have a proper level of intelligence will be eliminated.  This prediction must come true by 2100 and is very strange because it has been compared many times to Hitler’s philosophy of life. Tesla also predicted that mankind will face the pollution problem and only by setting up specialized agencies and spending billions of dollars will this issue be resolved.

In almost every step of progress in electrical engineering, as well as radio, we can trace the spark of thought back to Nikola Tesla” – Ernst F. W. Alexanderson

The greatest benefit comes from the technical development that leads to unification and harmony, and wireless transmission enters this line.  Through this system, the human voice can be reproduced anywhere, and factories will supply off-shore energy from hydropower plants; air cars will be propelled around the earth without stopping, and the Sun’s energy will be controlled to create lakes and rivers to fertilize the great desserts.

Nikola Tesla
Tesla’s system of transmission of power to aircraft by radio. Illustrated by Frank Paul for Radio News, December 1925.

Another strange idea that Tesla believed was about the relationship between education and the military.  If at the beginning of the last century mankind spent twice on education than on weapons, the future does not sound good from the perspective of the visionary Tesla, because most money will go to build weapons.  This is how it is because education is left somewhere in the queue of the list of important things in almost every nation of the world. In comparison, the budget allocated to the army has increased considerably and war has become a priority for mankind.

Communication will be done instantly through simple pocket equipment. Aeroplanes will fly without pilots, guided from the ground by radio waves.  A huge amount of energy will be transmitted without wires.
Earthquakes will become more and more frequent.  Temperate zones will become very cold or hot.  And most of these are very close to happening.  The discoveries that Tesla sees in the future of mankind will help society to increase its living standards. Health will be put in the foreground, and obsessive hygienic measures will be taken. For example, Tesla believed that only madmen would drink unpurified water or eat uncontrolled food. Women’s involvement in new areas of action, gradual usurpation by men’s leadership, the disappearance of feminine sensitivity, reducing the maternal instinct, all this will cause misery.

“My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists.”
― Nikola Tesla




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