Pegasus Project Chronovisor and Time Travel Experiments

Pegasus Project | Chronovisor and Time Travel Experiments

Pegasus | Time Travel Experiments

Nowadays we realize that time is the most important resource. One’s wealth consists especially in the time he has and can dispose of as he wants. The way we invest our time, it conditions the quality of life. The scale of development of a man or society can also be read in the manner in which he/she is able to control his / her time.

At least once each of us wanted to travel in time, whether forward or back. Everyone may have wanted to “give back time” to fix a mistake at some point. At other times, we would like to know what will be in the future in order to better guide our choices and decisions. Officially, there is no way to travel in time.

However, in frontier sciences, cases such as the scientist Pellegrino Ernetti and his chronicler are known, the case of the Montauk Project, whose participants claim that they managed to project both in the future and in the past of the planet, and the case of the engineer and the astronomer Frenchman Emile Drouet, who imagined and conceived in 1946 a Time Machine, was not realized because the engineer lacked the necessary financial means. Or the controversial case of lawyer Andrew Besagio who publicly stated in 2004 that he had participated in the US secret government program that deals with teleportation and time travel under the Defense Research Agency, called the Pegasus Project, a precursor to the Montauk Project and the Philadelphia Experiment

Time | But what is Time?

The nature of time is a subject that has concerned both scientists and philosophers. Considered once a frontier field of science, a journey in time has gradually become the playground of physicist theorists. Although time is one of the great mysteries of the universe and a fundamental dimension of life, no one has been able to define it. In principle, we can say that time is correlated with the notion of an event. Time is a measure of the duration of an event and has different meanings depending on the context.

There are several types of time:

  1. solar time,
  2. atomic time,
  3. quantum time,
  4. relativistic time,
  5. organic growth time,
  6. biological development time,
  7. historical time,
  8. subjective time,
  9. economic-social times,
  10. different ages, etc.
Is Time Travel Possible?

Time studies have gained momentum, leading to hypotheses, observations, experiences and surprising results, but it has become very difficult to keep up with the information.

Essentially, science admits two fundamental theories that seek to clarify the nature of time.

  1. The first concerns time as a linear phenomenon, in which only the “now” moment really exists and can be experienced. The past is over and can not be “visited”, except perhaps in imagination. The future does not yet exist, and when we live it already has become present. The hypothesis of linear time is all in our hands and after that, we guide our lives. We need a certain timeline of events, we need a calendar and a watch to put an order in the chaos of life. But if this hypothesis is correct, then time travel is impossible. Or is this just one of the constraints imposed by the human mind?
  2. The second theory says that all the moments of time exist in simultaneity. Past, present and future become simple terms that depend on the moment of time we are reporting. We can represent our time as a continuous loop, a sort of Möbius band. If we accept this model, then it would be possible to travel along the loop to a point, whether past or future. Time can be viewed from this perspective by analogy with images recorded on a videotape. Everything we would need to travel in time, in this situation, would be knowing the operation of fast forward and backward scroll buttons. This second hypothesis may seem fantastic, but there is already plenty of evidence to support it, as well as a theoretical framework in relativistic physics.

While most scientists say that time travel is not possible, Andrew Basiago, a lawyer in Vancouver, Washington state, claims to have done it a dozen times, taking part in the secret project called Pegasus, by Government of the United States.

Andrew D. Basiago

“The Pegasus Project continued the findings of the” The Chronovisor, “which was invented in the 1950s by a team of twelve scientists gathered around an Italian monk, Pellegrino Ernetti, who was also a brilliant scholar, quantum physics specialist. Enrico Fermi (Nobel Laureate), as well as Wernher von Braun (father of the US space program), also took part in this group. The Chronovisor, which the Vatican sought to maintain in the greatest secret, is a device that, by resonance, captures the remaining superior harmonic frequencies of any event that has taken place in the past. These harmonics never completely disappear, but remain in a superior dimension of reality (known as “akasha tattva” in oriental esoteric science) as a kind of “echo”.

The Chronovisor

These frequencies are converted by a special device, thus reconstituting the images and sounds of an event that took place even hundreds or thousands of years ago.

Research on the Chronovisor was continued by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) scientists, who added new discoveries derived primarily from reversed engineering alien technology.

This has resulted in technology able to create vortexes (tunnels) in the space-time continuum, through which it is possible not only to visualize past events but also from the future and even physical teleportation in those coordinates. This technology has been developed, among other things, as a possible way of saving “elites” in the event of a catastrophe that could affect our planet. After more than 40 years, Besiago has the opportunity to talk about his past, which is so thrilling, in which he has been teleported several times in the past.

“I officially entered the autumn 1969 program as a third-grade student, the age of 7,” says Basiago.

At that time, the Pegasus program included over 140 children and 60 adults. They all travelled over time and saw various important events that have happened over time. For example, Basiago witnessed the scene in which US President Abraham Lincoln had been shot. Another historical scene in which Basiago was sent was the fight at Gettysburg. In order to make his story credible, he made a photo taken during his travels. One can see a small boy with a cap in his head, who looks frightened at the crowd of soldiers around him.

 “A time loop has been opened and it has made it possible to travel in time. When the loop closes I find myself at different times in different places on Earth, “Basiago describes the way he traveled over time in his childhood.

This controversial storey seems fantastic, but a person with a reputation and notoriety like those of Basiago is hard to challenge. That’s why the American lawyer’s story tends to be credible.
Basiago says he was teleported over a dozen times.

“I have hundreds of proofs, I can tell you where I was and what travel devices I have used.” I officially entered the program in the fall of 1969 when I was a student and I was 7 years old, “the lawyer said.

Time travel as a weapon

The Pegasus project of DARPA (1968-1973), in which the US Government’s program of quantum access based on Tesla teleportation and travel over time was developed, was historically under the control of the then President of the US President Richard M. Nixon – Donald H. Rumsfeld. According to Basiago’s testimony, Donald Rumsfeld was the US Secretary of Defense on September 11, 2001, and was Pegasus’s defence attaché during the 1970s, when Mr Rumsfeld officially served as Councilor for President Nixon and a member of his Stabilization Council Salaries and Prices.

Mister. Rumsfeld approached his responsibilities under the Pegasus Project with the intention of using teleportation and travel over time to the advantage of the US government. He was quoted as saying at the Pegasus Project meetings that he wanted to provide troops to the right place and time on the battlefield.


Basiago’s revelations have revealed that the US’s advanced space-time program kept strictly secret, appeared 40 years ago. For four decades, this program has used esoteric technologies that involve chronovisor, and teleportation, to perform “remote sensing in time” of past and future events. In the past three decades, teleportation has also been used to send individuals from Earth to the strategic bases of the US on Mars. He is convinced that these technologies must be revealed so that positive and negative aspects can be debated and their positive aspects used for the benefit of mankind.

  1. The Chronovisor, he said, could be used to create an international network of virtual museums where past images would be exposed for educating and enlightening the public. Applied erroneously, such technology could also be used (and has been,) to create a fascist society based on 24-hour surveillance of individuals by the government that foretold the project DARPA called “Total Awareness of Information,” commissioned by Admiral John Poindexter, by President George W. Bush.
  2. Teleportation is the second quantum access technology developed with public funds, and the public has been denied all its benefits. Teleportation could be used to move people and food faster and more efficiently around the world, without the pollution caused by planes, trains, and cars, or the adverse effects of land, airport, rail, and highways.

However, if it is not declassified, teleportation will remain what was 40 years old, a weapon for use by the US Army only, to have the ability to move troops exactly where it is needed battlefields. “I take my responsibilities as a planetary revealer very seriously,” Basiago said.

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