The Philadelphia Experiment

Philadelphia Experiment | Project led by Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla?

Philadelphia Experiment

On the edge of the mysterious Rainbow Project, known as the Philadelphia Experiment, there have been rivers of ink for nearly seven decades, without any single researcher being able to offer a satisfactory response to what is supposed to have happened with the USS Eldridge Destroyer in 1943.

If for some, it is nothing more than a farce of minds too hot, the reality of some long-secret cases (see the Manhattan Project where the first atomic bomb was made or the Habbakuk Project by which an icebreaker was built) did not make only to give water to the mill of those who believe that the bizarre shipping of the American vessel during the Second World War is now a reality well hidden from the Washington authorities.

During World War II, in both enemy camps, secret experiments took place to develop new “definitive” weapons. The most known and “successful”, if we can say this, is the Manhattan project that created the first atomic bomb. Its use in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, as many historians have argued, has led to “solving” the Second World War by the unpublished capitulation of Japan and avoiding an imminent American invasion on the Japanese territory. However, the most bizarre experiment ever believed to be known as the Rainbow Project or the Philadelphia Experiment. On the edge of this mysterious project, there have been rivers of ink for nearly seven decades, without any single researcher able to offer a satisfactory answer to what is supposed to have happened to the  USS Eldridge in 1943.

Philadelphia Experiment
The Cannon Class destroyer escort USS Eldridge DE-173

If for some, it’s just a hoax of minds that are too hot, the reality of some long-secret cases (see the Manhattan Project or the Habbakuk Project where an ice giant was built) only gave water to the mill who believe that the bizarre teleportation of the American vessel during the Second World War is now a really well hidden by the Washington authorities. Still, the story began to shape out in the 1950s, when Carl Allen, a former warship captain, handed over several letters to Dr Morris K. Jessup, describing the details of an experiment called Philadelphia. Leaving aside for the time being the accounts of the two, there is a series of concrete data on a project of this magnitude from the interwar period.

Philadelphia | The idea and the beginning of a bizarre experiment

There is a mysterious character appearing in the movie “The Prestige” (2006, directed by Christopher Nolan), Nikola Tesla.

It provides one of the characters with a machine that, by means of electricity, multiplies an object or a living being.

The story is partly related to him in the 1930s, at the University of Chicago, when he was trying to make an invisible body through electricity.

Philadelphia Experiment
Nikola Tesla
Philadelphia Experiment
Albert Einstein

Nine years later, the project was moved to Princetown’s Deep Studies University where he was co-opted by the team of researchers and German Albert Einstein.

The results of the studies have never been advertised, enhancing their aura of mystery, although the urban legends woven around them say the invisibility of the objects has been achieved, even if the success involves only small objects.

It was the starting point of the one who would become one of the most bizarre and controversial projects in history, the Philadelphia Experiment. In 1940, the first attempt, invisibility, was accomplished, with the disappearance of a ship without personnel on board. Tesla immediately warned of the serious problems that might have arisen if the ship were personally involved in the activation of Gauss’s coils. The US military navy, eager for new experiences, did not want to accept any postponement, which made Tesla, who did not want the destruction of human lives, to leave the project definitively in 1942.

There are a number of stories stating that before leaving, Tesla would have approved an attempt and some domestic animals aboard.

The effects would have been disastrous and that’s why Tesla would not want to try with people, but the pressure was already too high due to the fighting in the Atlantic and Pacific. In 1943, the project was entrusted to Dr. von Neumann, headed by a team of doctors Gustoff, Clarkson, David Hilbert and Henry Levinson. The objective was to continue investigations into the issue of the invisibility of human beings, after that of the ships. It seems that on October 28, 1943, in the Port of Philadelphia, US Army officials had made available to the USS Eldridge destroyer to test the effects of invisibility on battleships. What followed would be a scenario worthy of horror movies.

Philadelphia Experiment
Philadelphia Experiment

According to the legends woven around this experiment, shortly after the launch of the powerful electrical generators installed on the ship, the USS Eldrige was covered by a white-green fog that seemed to become material in a few minutes. Shortly thereafter, the ship disappeared from the field of vision and radar screens for about five minutes to reveal a nightmare picture at the time of the reappearance. Many of the crew members were totally or partially carbonized, some had madness or disappeared without a trace, while others were integrated into the metal structure of the ship.

Witnesses said that USS Eldridge had suddenly emerged at the base of Norfolk, about 600 kilometres away, then disappeared in just minutes, as mysterious as it had appeared. The army officials stopped the experiment as a matter of urgency, passing everything silently as if nothing had happened.

The beginning of the story

Things will only come back to a date in 1955 when the story that we are seeing today begins to emerge as the most mysterious experiment ever known. On January 12, 1955, Morris K. Jessup, a professor of mathematics and physics, an amateur astronomer and author of the book “The Case of UFOs,” received a mysterious letter from a certain Carlos Allende in which details of the disappearance of the USS Eldridge dictator, and the strange symptoms of the few survivors of the crew. Jessup was going to be shocked by what he was up against. It was from the letter that the sailors on the American ship had been left to the hearth for undeclared reasons, where the secondary effects of teleportation were becoming more and more obvious.

Allende described the case of an experiment survivor who, sitting at a table with his family, rose suddenly, took his hat and walked out the wall without anyone ever following him. Another case mentioned in the letter was that of another crew member who, during a conflict in a public locality, disappeared without a trace while hitting several opponents. Allende had attached the letter, several ambiguous articles about the alleged experiment, articles that had appeared in the press, but without giving too much conclusive data.

Video:  Philadelphia Experiment

Reticent to such information, Jessup will write to his mysterious correspondent using an envelope address asking for more details about the experiment and the people involved. The answer will only come a few months later, this time signed with the name of Carl Allen, in which the odd witness says he can not provide the required data but is ready to undergo a hypnosis session. Convinced he is the victim of a bad joke, Jessup will interrupt his correspondence. Three years later, Jessup was called to the Office of Naval Research (ONR) to make statements about the book he had published years before. Intrigued, Jessup shows up at the ONR headquarters where, to his great surprise, he is asked to give explanations about handwritten notes on a copy of the UFO Case, a copy that arrived at the ONR at the same address as and the letters Morris K. Jessup had received two years ago.

The notes were written by three characters (Lord A, Lord B, and Jemi), with different colour pens and punctuated marks without any apparent logic. Jessup recognizes Lord A’s writing as that of Carlos Allende / Carl Allen and remains surprised by his advanced knowledge as well as the other two characters in aviation, the principles of UFO operation, and related hallucinatory accounts the Philadelphia Experiment and various alien laughter on Terra. Although he is convinced that it is only a continuation of the 1957 jail, Jessup is surprised by the interest shown by ONR officials in the letters received from Allende, and paradoxically the information that the address from which they were sent is merely an address a deserted and insistent farm with which officials tried to make him believe that the author of the letters was a psychopath.

The mathematician was unable to find a response to more than bizarre information with which he was practically bombed. On April 20, 1959, he was found dead in his own garage, asphyxiated with exhaust fumes. If everything seemed to be a suicide due to a depression well known to family members, there were not many who thought death was not a random one, but rather due to the data, it had obtained about the Experiment Philadelphia. The story Carlos Allende / Carl Allen said was the testimony of an inconvenient witness that Jessup later claimed to have made even some TV documentaries about the Experiment but was ironized and contradicted by the US Navy.

The story of Carl Allen

In October 1943, Carl Allen was second on SS SS Andrew Furuseth, who, along with USS Eldridge, was part of the USG-23 War Ship Convoy. According to Allen and other sailors subsequently questioned by Jessup, in June 1943, the US Army had installed on USS Eldridge several experimental military machinery and technologies, most of which electronic equipment.

Among these, two generators that distributed energy through four powerful bridge-mounted magnets, power amplification tubes and modulating circuits. According to the witnesses, all this arsenal would have been designed to generate massive electromagnetic fields capable of obliging the entire cruiser over radio and light waves, making it invisible to enemy ships. Some of the sailors present on various ships in the USG-23 convoy confessed to Jessup that on October 28, 1943, tests were carried out on the Eldridge equipment on the USS Eldridge, and on the same day at around 5 pm the cruiser started the electromagnetic field generators.

It seems that the invisibility technology has worked because, according to the statements, the ship was shrouded in a green fog and then it was unexpected. After 10 minutes, the other cruisers in the convoy noticed that the USD Eldridge had not only disappeared from the radar and the field of vision, but physically disappeared from where it had been stationed. Carl Allen, who was posted from the USG-23 convoy with SS Andrew Furuseth in Philadelphia Harbor, said that on Oct. 28 at 17.15, a green fog was left over the port and that USS Eldridge appeared in vain.

Philadelphia Experiment
Photos of the USS Eldridge crew from the Philadelphia Experiment

The cruiser would have stayed in Philadelphia until two in the morning when he’d headed for Norfolk.
During the night, more soldiers and medical teams would have boarded the ship. Allen thinks that much of the USS Eldridge crew that night was replaced. Jessup’s research leads to the conclusion that during the Experiment, part of the crew of the original crew would end up in the hosts, while others would simply disappear. Those who have been questioned have testified that they suffer from amnesia and that they do not remember being ever with USS Eldridge in Philadelphia, which is also the view of the US Navy.

The US Navy brought witnesses from SS Andrew Furuseth, who claimed that the night of October 28, 1943, was one of the most common. Moreover, five Eldridge veterans, who live today, say they have no idea how they started a legend about the Philadelphia Experiment, but that they had a great deal of fun on their own. An additional argument for sceptics is that no archive (of the army, government, or US secret services) has even the slightest mention of the Experiment or of any particular incident involving the USS Eldridge (in while other incidents, Roswell, for example, are recorded in US Army or CIA files).

Arguments on both sides

The Pentagon has repeatedly denied any involvement in the alleged telepresence/invisibility project of the USS Eldrige ship in 1943. However, even if the arguments put forward by US Army officials seem pertinent at first glance for the conspiracy theorists, and not only for them, the Philadelphia Experiment is nothing but one of the hundreds of real cases, hidden by the curious eyes of public opinion. It seems hard to believe, as the Pentagon argues, that a project of this magnitude is to be done in the big afternoon, in a port where anyone can see the alleged teleportation.

In fact, the testimonies of the veterans on the American destroyer, as well as the logbook of that period, clearly showed that the USS Eldrige not only was on a mission in the Bahamas but did not even arrive in Philadelphia during 1943. More, the only witness of this event, the mysterious Carl Allen, was not to be found. However, the newspapers of time refer to an experiment and deny the involvement of any US ship. There was then a reference to a method by which to make it possible for marine mines to disappear.

Jessup’s death was one of the sources that initially fueled all suspicions, and later things became more extensive.
Nor was the bizarre death of Nikola Tesla, who had officially withdrawn from the project before the alleged Philadelphia Experiment, overlooked, claiming that his discoveries would be used to the detriment of humanity and not for his benefit, as he had intended. After this episode, Tesla is removed from the sphere of scientists, being classified as a mad scientist. Just two months after the event in question, Tesla was found dead in the hotel room where he lived, while the entire archive, including studies, notes, and sketches of his experiments, was stolen by the FBI and so far a secret one.

Equally important in this equation is the mysterious project initiated by Tesla, which the Serbian scientist has repeatedly advocated for giving the world a weapon to end all wars. Equally strange seems Albert Einstein’s statement, the scholar who, in an interview with an American publication, said, “If I knew what my discovery would do, I would have made myself a watchmaker.” In fact, it seems that the physical genius would have knowingly destroyed some of the documents, telling those closest to them that mankind is not yet ready to cope with its discoveries. Later, some tests were repeated in the Montauk project.

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