The Power Of Tought

The Power of Your Thought | When Man Can Become Like A God


The manifestation of the Spirit in the form of human perception is the thought! In the spiritual world, every action is realized through thought. From the perspective of the material world, the thought seems to lack consistency, something illusory that cannot be achieved. This is because the thought does not have a material composition but only a substantial, energetic. The substance from which thought is formed behaves in the energy transit as the substance from which the matter is formed, but structurally different.

The greatest power with which we are endowed is the power to think and create through thoughts. Even if life seems to be a mixture of good and bad luck and bad luck, right and wrong, abundance and lack, we must know that in our lives we materialize what is inside us. A thought is a form of unconcentrated energy flowing through the receiver-transmitter located in the Ajna chakra on telepathic frequency.

In the resonance with another transmitter-receiver through the chakric antenna, the wave-thinking will convey to him a concept, an idea. The concept is as solid as the material structure. An architect thinks of a house and constructs it mentally, in its entirety, before converting this construction from spiritual substance to material substance. We can, therefore, speak of the existence of two identical houses, constructed of differently structured substances and located in different planes (spiritual and material).

We must understand that the spiritual world is as concrete as the material world, but completely different from the point of view of the substantial concept. We are tempted to think that the spiritual substance is far more ephemeral than the material. Reality is totally inverse. A material house can exist from a few hundred years to several thousand years if it is made of stone. Instead, a house built of spiritual substance lasts forever. A concept can not be destroyed; not even modified. Any apparent change is actually another concept!

Thoughts loaded with emotions have the strongest force to express themselves in concrete facts

It is important to understand that this law of thought is impartial. It creates both positive and negative (from the point of view of the Universe, nothing is positive or negative, everything is what it is).

It is equally important to understand that we are constantly creating – both consciously and unconsciously. Mostly, unconscious.

What does this thing mean? It means that our mind is impregnated with many experiences, beliefs, ideas, impressions, and experiences that define us and attract what they are like. Some of them are aware, others are not.

The creative power of thought

Like an iceberg, our mind is made up of a visible part, the surface, and another unseen part, the one in the deep. When we understand that thoughts have the power to create things and concrete facts, most people turn their attention to that part of the iceberg on the surface, that is to say, on the thoughts they are aware of. They start to work with them, and when they do not get the desired results or get mixed results, they doubt the law of thought.

Thoughts always create results that are contained in them. If you plant a seed of red, you will not grow cucumbers, they will grow red. In order to create the life you want, the true transformation must take place at the level of beliefs and subconscious blockages.

This involves 3 essential things that only concern you, they are your responsibility:

  1. You really need to understand the process by which what you are inside is reflected outwardly (the Law of Thought)
  2. Once you understand this principle, it is essential to commit yourself fully to working with yourself, to propelling your consciousness to a higher level
  3. Regardless of obstacles or difficulties, continue to be on your way and believe in your ideals

The Journey of the Thought

Thought overcomes the light in speed:

While the light travels about 300,000 kilometres per second, the thoughts practically instantly reach the destination. The thought is finer than the ether, the electricity environment. Through radio broadcast, a singer singing in Calcutta can be heard in our own apartment in Delhi. Any message can be received through such transmissions.In a similar way, man’s mind behaves. A saint who emanates spiritual waves of peace, harmony, and balance actually send to the world thoughts of peace and harmony.

They travel faster than light in all directions, penetrating into the minds of other people, and producing, through the subtle phenomenon of resonance, similar thoughts of harmony and peace. Instead, a man engaged in worldly activities, whose mind is full of jealousy, vengeance, and hatred, emanates discordant thoughts that penetrate into the minds of thousands of people, creating similar, disharmonious states.

The environment through which the thought travels:

If we throw a stone in a water basin, it will produce a succession of concentric waves having the epicentre of the impact site. The light of a candle will also give rise to waves of ethereal vibrations travelling in all directions, starting from the centre. In the same way, when a thought, good or bad, crosses the mind of a person, it gives rise to vibrations in MANAS (or mental atmosphere) that will travel in all directions, far away from the transmitter. What can be the environment through which the thought travels from one mind to another?

The best explanation is that MANAS, or the substance of the mind, fills the entire space as an ether, serving as a vehicle for thoughts, just as PRANA is the vehicle for feelings, light and electricity, and air for sound.

The ether of the space registers the thoughts:

The force or power of thought is so great that you can spin the earth through it. It can be transmitted from one person to another. For example, the strong thoughts of the old wise men of the past, also called RISHIS, are still stored in AKASHA. Clairvoyant yogis can perceive these thought-images. They can still read them. We are basically surrounded by an ocean of thoughts. We’re floating in this ocean. We all absorb some thoughts and issue others in this universe of thoughts. Thus, each has his own world of thoughts, and all these worlds dissolve in the great ocean of the Cosmic Mind.

Thoughts are alive:

Thoughts are alive. They are as solid in their world as a stone in the physical world. Our body may cease to be, but our thoughts can never die. Every change of thought is accompanied by a new vibration in the mental matter. Thought-force needs a certain subtle matter (a medium) to act. That is why the stronger the thoughts, the sooner their results will emerge. When the thought is focused, giving it a particular direction, it will produce certain effects, directly proportional to the transmitter’s power of concentration (that is, the force with which it emits the thought).

Thoughts are subtle forces:

A thought is a subtle force, which we can obtain also through food. Those who read CHHANDOGYA UPANISHAD will easily understand this. If the food is pure, the thought becomes pure. The one who has pure thoughts speaks with much authority and produces a very vivid impression in the minds of those who obey him. He can influence thousands of people in one speech. The pure thought is sharper than the blade edge. That is why you are giving only sublime, pure thoughts. This is possible by cultivating the power of thought, which is an exact science.

Thoughts are messages sent to the world:

Those who emanate thoughts of hatred, jealousy, revenge, and malice are really very dangerous people. They have an atmosphere of agitation and turmoil in the world. Their negative thoughts and feelings are transmitted in the ether, such as radio or TV, and are received by those people whose minds resonate with such vibrations. Because the thought moves at a breathtaking speed, many people can be influenced by it. Thus, those who emit sublime and pious thoughts can help both those nearby, but others who are far away.

Thoughts have enormous power:

Thoughts can cure diseases. They can transform mentalities. Thoughts can do virtually anything. Even great miracles were created virtually through the incredible power of thought. The thought is a dynamic force. It is determined by the vibrations of the PRANA psychic (or SUKSHMA PRANA) on the mental substance. Is a force just like gravity, attraction or rejection.

Thought waves and transfer of thoughts:

After all, what is this world? Nothing else than the materialization of the thoughts form of God. You learned at school about heat, light, and electricity. What science does not teach us, but yogis (and not just them, but all the ancient traditions, from all over the world) tells us is that there is also where-thinking, which has enormous power. Practically, we all experiment unconsciously, to a greater or lesser extent, the power of thought.

Telepathy was the first wireless telegraph and the first phone service the world has ever known. Just as you practice physical exercise and sport, playing tennis and cricket to maintain your physical health, you should maintain your mental health by issuing correct forms of thinking, eating SATTVA-ice, mental recreation in an innocent manner, and pure, changing the inner mood by emanating good, noble, sublime thoughts, as well as cultivating good mood.

Wonders of vibration-thought:

Any thought that starts with you is a vibration that will never die. He will continue to pass through his vibration all the particles of the universe, and if he is a noble, holy and mighty thought, he will similarly activate all the minds that resonate with him.

This mechanism will allow all who resemble you to unconsciously take your thoughts and start generating similar thoughts, depending on their own inner capacity.

The result will be that, without knowing the consequences of your own actions, you will be moving huge forces amplified by resonance power that will defeat the evil thoughts emancipated by the selfish or evil.

The diversity of Vibration-Thought:

Every man has his own mental world, his way of thinking, his own ways of understanding things and his ways of action. Just as the face and voice of a person differ from the others, so do the ways of thinking and understanding. This is why so often the misunderstandings occur between people, even between close friends or friends. As a rule, we can not properly understand each other’s vision. From here, frictions, ruptures, and quarrels occurring within a minute, even between old friends. This explains why friendships on the earth never last too long.

In order to understand each other empathically, we should first give ourselves the frequency of mental vibrations of the other, giving up momentarily at our own frequency. If we block the access to his “thinking” mode (at his frequency of mental emulation ), we can never understand it, perceiving it only in a critical way, depending on our own mental filter (which distorts the reality of each other’s thinking). Where there is no empathy, we can hardly speak of genuine friendship.

Thoughts of hatred, jealousy, selfishness or despair, produce distorted images in the mind, causing darkening of understanding, perverting the intellect, loss of memory and mental confusion.

Conservation of energy-thought:

In Physics there is the term “power of guidance.” Although the mass of energy exists, the current will not pass through it. First, we need to connect the mass to a magnet so that the electric current starts flowing through its power of guidance. Similarly, mental energy that is misplaced and misguided by miserable worldly thoughts should be focused in order to be properly directed through the spiritual channels. Therefore, do not store in the brain unusable information. Learn to deconstruct your mind. Forget everything you’ve learned and it’s no use to you anymore. Then you will have enormous reserves that can be filled with divine thoughts. You will thus gain a new mental power, for the dissipated rays of the mind will now be gathered in a tightly focused bundle.

Cell theory and thoughts:

The cell is a protoplasm mass that contains a nucleus and is intelligent. Some cells secrete certain products indoors, while others excrete them outside. Genitalia’s cells secrete the seed; those of the kidneys excrete the urine. Some cells play soldiers. They protect the body from intruders and attacks from poisonous foreign bodies or viruses. They digest them, then remove them. Other cells are carriers of nutrients to tissues and organs. Cells perform their activity without the conscious volitional intake. Their work is controlled by the sympathetic nervous system. By doing so, they are in direct contact with the mind and the brain.

Any impulse of the mind, any thought, is transmitted to the cells. Thus, they are greatly influenced by the different conditions or states of the mind. If the mind is depressed, confused, or contains other emotions and negative thoughts, they are transmitted telegraphically through nerves to each body of the body. The soldier’s cells then panic. Agitation weakens their power, they can no longer perform their functions properly, and their efficiency decreases.

Some people have very strong body consciousness, but they have no idea of themselves. They lead an irregular, undisciplined life, filling their stomach with sweets, desserts, and so on. Their digestive and eliminatory organs do not know what rest is. Consequently, they suffer from weaknesses and physical illnesses. The atoms, molecules, and cells of their body produce discordant or disharmonious vibrations. They do not know hope, trust, faith, serenity and good dispensation. On the contrary, they are unhappy. Force-life no longer operates properly in them. Their vitality decreases, and their mind is constantly filled with fear, despair, worry, and anxiety.

Thoughts shape physical expression:

The mind is the subtle expression of the physical body. The physical body is the outer manifestation of thoughts. Thus, the one who shapes his mind shapes his body implicitly. Just as a man with a rough look does not usually enjoy too much sympathy and mercy on the part of those around him, nor can one with a rough mind inspire more sympathy. The mind reflects with such fidelity the inner states on the face that an intelligent man can easily read it. And the body, in turn, responds to these states: fear creates instantly a physiological defence reaction; anger, anger, pain, joy, etc., all create internal reactions of the body.

Your eyes betray your thoughts:

Eyes are the windows to the soul; that is why they can easily read the inner state of the mind. The eyes are like a telegraphic instrument that transmits messages. In them, you can read the thoughts of betrayal, depression, sadness, hatred, laughter, peace, harmony, health, power, vigour, and beauty. If you have the ability to read in the eyes of others, you can also read their thoughts. With a little determination, perspicacity, training, intelligence and experience, you will come to read the dominance of a man (his character) from the signs of his face as well as watching his conversation and behaviour.

Negative thoughts poison life:

Thoughts of embarrassment or fear are fearful forces that exist within our being. They poison the very sources of life and destroy harmony, long-term efficiency, vitality, and vigour. While thoughts opposed by joy, good mood, and courage – cure, comfort, relieve irritation and greatly enhance the efficiency of being by multiplying mental powers. That’s why you never lose your good mood. Smile and laugh all the time.

Psycho-physical imbalances:

Thought exerts its influence on the whole body. Mental pain weakens the physical body, but no less true that the body influences the mind; a healthy body is the barometer of a healthy mind. When the body is sick, the mind gets sick too. Violent starts of a too hot nature cause serious damage to brain cells, generating poisonous chemical products in the blood, give rise to a general shock and depression, and suppress the secretion of gastric juices, bile and other digestive juices from the food tube, squeeze energy, vitality, induce premature ageing and shorten life. When we are angry, the mind becomes disturbed, which then creates dysfunctions in the body, due to the agitation of the entire nervous system.

This is the explanation of the “nerves” we have or the annoyance. That is why it is preferable to control our anger through love.

Creative powers of thought:

Thought creates the world. It determines the making of things in existence. Thoughts develop wishes and excite passions. Similarly, contrary thoughts aimed at annihilation of desires and passions will counterbalance the effects of the first thoughts. This is very important: When you are assaulted by a certain desire or passion, the contrary will help you to destroy it.

If you think of someone that he is your friend, this will turn into reality. If you see him as an enemy instead, the mind will also update this thought. Therefore, one who knows how to work with the mind, controlling it through constant practice, can achieve happiness.

Thoughts draw similar thoughts:

In the world of thoughts, as everywhere in the universe, the “law of resonance attraction” works. People who have similar thoughts feel naturally attracted to each other. Or as folk wisdom says, “Who is like, gathers together,” or “Tell me who you are joining to tell you who you are.” The doctor will be attracted to other doctors, or to medical circles; the poet of another poet (or of a poetic soul); the singer of other singers; the philosopher of philosophers; the vagabond of stragglers, etc.

The mind has the power of attraction. Man constantly draws the thoughts, influences, and conditions closest to his own ideas from the visible and invisible universe (which contains the forces of life) to himself. By taking certain thoughts with you and retaining them for a long time, you will constantly, consciously or unconsciously, draw everything that corresponds to your dominant thinking qualities. Thoughts are your private property and you can use them in a creative way, fulfilling your desires by knowing their power and their conscious use by focusing and concentrating.

You hold all the power in your hands to choose your thoughts and thus to attract the influences you want to yourself. use this power, and do not restrict yourself to being cruel creatures beaten by the waves of casual circumstances. Remember that “man is what he thinks.”

Applying a Psychological Law:

Keep your young heart. Never think, “I am old,” because this thought will overwhelm you.
At the age of 60, think: “I feel like 16 years old,” because always man becomes what he thinks. This is a great psychological law. Think, “I am strong,” and you will become strong; if you think, “Woe, what are your weaknesses,” you will become even weaker. If you think, “I am a fool,” you will certainly become one. But if you think, “I am a wise or a god,” you will become a wise or a god.

The thought is the one that shapes man. Imagination can make true miracles. Your present is the result of your previous thoughts, and the future has its seed in your current thoughts. If you think correctly, you will think and act correctly. Speaking and acting always follows thinking.

The Laws of High Thought:

Man becomes what he thinks. How his thoughts are, so will his life. Thinking focused exclusively on the objects of the outside world means pain. By the very act of thinking, man is chained into the matter. The pure internalized thought, in turn, is a stronger force than electricity. He who knows how to calm his mind will be happy and free forever. Show all your will in order to conquer your own mind. This is the real manhood or PURUSHARTHA.

The denial of limited self is a means of purifying and refining the mind. Thoughts must first be purified and then quiet, for only a perfectly calm mind can remove the veils of ignorance. The subtle aspect of the food we feed on makes up the mind. But food is not only what we eat, but everything that we enter into us through our senses. Learn to see God everywhere. This is the true food of the eye. The purity of thought depends on the purity of food.
You can see, hear, feel the taste better if you keep always sublime, divine thoughts.

If you look at an object through a green or red glass filter, it will appear coloured green or red. Similarly, the objects of the outer world are coloured by your wishes through the mental filter. All mental states are transient; they can only produce pain and sadness. Enjoy the freedom of thought. Release the slavery of prejudices that stifle the intellect and darken your thoughts.

Think of Atman (the Supreme Self, the Immortal Spirit that exists in every man). This is the right thinking. Atman reveals himself after purifying his thoughts. When the mind is serene, free of desires, motives, hopes, obligations, and restrictions, of any kind – then, the Atman Supreme shines. The soul lives the experience of ecstasy. And you can live the life of the saints. But you will not get a safe and permanent victory until you have conquered your mind, thoughts and inferior ego.

Thought – a Boomerang:

Be always attentive to what you think, for everything that comes out of your mind is turning back. Any thought you issue is a boomerang. If you hate someone, the hatred will turn against you. If you love, you will get back love. A bad thought is three times cursed. First, he hurts the issuer, affecting his mental body. Secondly, he hurts the person to whom he is addressed. Finally, he does harm to all humanity by violating his mental atmosphere.

If you hold hatred, you are both a murderer, for your thoughts kill in their world, but also a suicide, for they turn against you. In addition, a mind engrossed in evil thoughts acts like a magnet, drawing similar thoughts and amplifying the original evil. Bad thoughts are thrown into the mental atmosphere poison the receptive minds. And as thought is the root of action, persistent retention of a bad thought will lead in time to committing criminal actions.

Thoughts and Waves of the Sea:

Thoughts are like the waves of an ocean. They are countless. Their conquest will seem to you at first a desperate attempt without a genuine chance of success. Some thoughts will resist your will, while others will gush up exactly when you think you have defeated. Old suppressed thoughts will appear again after some time. However, you do not have to despair: the inner spiritual power gradually acquires.

You will definitely succeed to the end. All the great yogis of the past have reached their sublime achievements only after having gone through the same difficulties. The process of destroying mental clichés is difficult and prolonged. The whole of thoughts cannot be destroyed in a day or two. Therefore, you do not have to give up the practice after the first difficulties. The first attempt should be to reduce wishes, as it will generate an automatic drop in thoughts. Then, gradually, they will disappear.
Swami Sivananda, “Thought Power”

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