Quantum Teleportation

Quantum Teleportation Succeeded | Between Earth And Space

Quantum Inseparability is a quantum phenomenon in which the quantum states of several objects or different elementary particles are “coupled” to one another. The quantum states of two or more entangled physical objects are linked to each other in such a way that a separate object can no longer be described without considering the other objects, even if they are spatially separated.


Quantum Teleportation
Quantum Teleportation

Some time ago, in the 1990s, scientists just speculated that teleportation using quantum physics might be possible. Since then, this process has become a benchmark in physics laboratories around the world. A team of Chinese researchers said they managed to beam a particle from the

Ngari region(The Gobi desert) to the Micius satellite in space for a distance of 1400 kilometres. The previous record was about 100 kilometres. What exactly comes to mind when thinking about teleportation? Probably the Star Trek Enterprise team.

It’s not teleportation like Star Trek, but what the Chinese have done is just as impressive. Quantum teleportation refers to the instant transfer of a quantum state, or a quantum information bit, from one particle to another, along with a certain distance.

In order for this teleportation to be possible, two or more particles must be bonded. In quantum physics, this means that the two are the same particle, even if they exist in different places. If one has a certain polarization, the other one will give the same measurements even if they are separated by huge distances.

The ability to teleport quantum states is extremely important for quantum computers because two linked particles can work as a password for sharing encrypted information, for example. The Chinese experiment is to be admired because two linked particles can be separated even from the entire universe, even if this practice is more difficult.

Chinese researchers have done this six times. Each time, two particles were connected to Earth, and one was sent into space. Thus, the Chinese made a huge step in quantum research.

Before you elated yourself too much, you must know that this process did not involve the photon movement in a physical sense (that is, we will not be able to “send” the moon in the near future).


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