Secret Network Of Tunnels And Underground Bases In Bucegi Mountains

Secret Network Of Tunnels And Underground Bases In Bucegi Mountains

Secret | Although the opinions are still divided among philologists, many original names such as “Buceac”, “Buceag”, “Huceag” or “Bugeac” are accepted, it is now known that the name Bucegi, as well as the name of Bucşoiu Peak nearby Peak Omu, derives from “Buc” or “Bucur”, Dacian name, authentic.

Secure paths, and tunnels under the mountains used since the Dacians? A simple legend or …

Every day, whether in summer, autumn, spring or winter, hundreds of people come across the Bucegi area. Some come just for the mountain, others come attracted to the legends surrounding the entire Bucegi region. And others come looking for the remaining treasures, through caves, from ancient times, as local legends say. Because in the Bucegi area, there is a chain of underground tunnels, known only by a few people, at present.

Bucegi Mountains, Romania

In times of restraint, since the Dacians, communes travelled to the women and children here, they travelled their treasures and started to fight against the invaders. Under the mountains can be reached from side to side of the mountains. In 105 the Roman armies, ruled by the emperor, entered in the Dacian territory, occupying a fortress after the fortress. It was the second war, and Trajan was determined that this time Dacia would definitely obey. For these reasons, he did not hurry, preferring to build every time the cities and castles were to be built to secure the back of his army. At one point, between the Romans and Sarmizegetusa, there was no fortress. Still, in the mountains, openly, at the meeting of two piriurs, there was a struggle for life and death between the two hosts.

Dacian cavalry

It was the end of the fall. The Dacians were personally led by Decebal, and the Romans by one of the generals of Trajan, who, after the conquest of Dacia, was to become the ruling governor of the new Roman province. The fight was terrible and it lasted all day. Towards the evening, the balance had begun to climb to the Romans, because of the great number of professional fighters they had. The great Dacian priest, Vezina, was seen fighting in the battle. Then the Dacians began to falter, seeing a sign from their great god, Zamolxis. In order not to lose all the struggle, Decebalus gave a retreat order and … the Dacian armies disappeared in a few minutes as swallowed by the earth.

The Romanians sent the troops in pursuit of the fugitives. They all returned with the same answer: there was no enemy in front of them … There followed a break of days, the break that was how to save the fate of the Dacian kingdom. Because, taking advantage of it, Decebal made a blow that remained in the annals of the wars: he tried to move the centre of operations south of the Danube into Roman territory. At that time no one could understand how, in a terrible winter, like 105, Decebal arrived in a very short time – less than two days – to cross the Dacia Mountains, reaching The meeting place with its allies and passing the Danube to attack the Roman castles from the present territory of Bulgaria.

Unfortunately, as a result of the Dacian noble traditions, Traian learned the secret of fast troop movements: Decebal used the underground tunnels that crossed the mountains from one side to the other. There is a very rich literature on mysteries and paranormal phenomena in Bucegi. According to legends, the Bucegi Mountains are sparkled with mysterious places, energetically charged areas, where the devices are triggered by themselves, or people experience strange symptoms, portals where people disappear and appear in other places at a very long distance. Bucegi is also said to be sprawled by underground tunnels of tens of kilometres, but also places where people heal miraculously due to “live water” and “holes of heaven”.

The Secret Network Of Tunnels And The “Golden Triangle” of Dacia

One of the hypotheses that most casts the imagination of mystery amateurs in Bucegi is the existence of a network of underground galleries inside the Bucegi. The theories go from a network that communicates underground with pyramids in Egypt to the existence of a secret base that no one ought to know, or tunnels built by alien civilizations that carefully monitor everything that happens on earth. The tunnels would be known by a very small number of people since the Dacians when they either played a strategic role or hid a treasure. Those who took measurements say there are galleries that communicate through the mountains with Retezatul and Rarăul, from the Ceahlău massif.

On these peaks, like the Peak of Omu, there would have been sanctuaries that together formed the Dacian “Golden Triangle” due to the impressively great energies that would reappear in the three points. The structure of the tunnel inside the Bucegi Massif is the following: it is in a position perfectly parallel to the base of the Bucegi Massif, starting from a third of the base, it is 280 m long, then suddenly turns to the left at an angle of 26 Of degrees, then continuing 200 m long, ending inside a giant pier in the Bucegi Mountains.The aula has a diameter of 100 m and a height of 30 m. Vertical to the surface corresponds to the rocks on the ridge that bears the name Babele, thus leaving between Sphinx and Babele!

The discovery in the Bucegi Massif has effectively shaken the political, scientific and religious scaffolding of the greatest current power, which is the United States of America. He immediately instituted the world’s most terrible secret and implied a terrible diplomatic struggle and extraordinary political pressure because Romania wanted to present this discovery to the world. By its very nature, the discovery threatens the political and ideological influence of the Vatican itself and irreparably shatters both the anthropological conception of modern science and the ideas of our planet and mankind.

The Pentagon has several secret militaries and geodesic espionage programs, using several high-tech geostationary satellites. One of them, based on bionic and waveform technology, spotted in 2002 a special structure in a certain area of the Bucegi Mountains. First, the empty space identified inside the mountain does not communicate with the outside but starts directly from within the mountain at a certain distance from its slope. Secondly, it had the form of a very regular tunnel that suddenly rose to the centre of the mountain at a 26-degree angle. The track of the tunnel was perfectly flat. The third element has thought the Pentagon team.

Tunnel and dome inside the Bucegi Mountains

Mountain satellite scanning revealed two major blockages of the structure inside the solid rock that bordered the beginning of the tunnel and its end and rejected any kind of probing or analysis as if something was protected in that place. There were artificial energetic dams: the first was plain, right like a wall, like a wall blocking access to the tunnel. The second was huge, like a dome or hemisphere, which was at the opposite end of the tunnel, close to the centre of the mountain. Massini admitted that there was something extremely important there and that was very well protected. The hemisphere tunnel assembly is in a plane parallel to the ground, and the hemispheric dam is vertical, which corresponds to the cliffs on the ridge called Babele. In fact, the vertical was about 40 meters between Babele and the Sphinx of Bucegi.

Projection room, the tunnels, and chambers underneath the Bucegi Mountains, Romania.

Following an ultra-secret agreement that has been signed between the two states, Romania has committed not to present the entire world with the discovery of its territory. Perhaps, among other things, receiving NATO in a hurry in the spring of 2004 has also been part of the secret “compensation” package for this decision; in this context, the placement of US military bases on Romanian territory may Becomes a certainty in the coming years, constituting a strong “pavement” for the location in the Bucegi Mountains. The issues are very complicated and secret. I do not know for now what are the advantages of our country in the bilateral relations with the US, but some clear signs of strange goodwill at the highest diplomatic level have already begun to emerge.

Sphinx and Babele. The Mysteries Surrounding The Strange Cliffs

The Sphinx, the human face rock, provokes enormous interest among mysterious enthusiasts. An anthropomorphic megalith located at over 2,200 meters altitude was named after its resemblance to the Egyptian Sphinx.

The Sphinx, Bucegi, Romania

Geologists say its formation due to wind erosion, but the internet is full of fanciful theories that say the Dacians would have carved the megalith or that it would be of alien origin. The theories originated in the fact that the Sphinx was the oldest of our sacred symbols, and there was also the time of the Dacian kingdoms worshipping Zalmoxis. Other stories say that between the Sphinx of Bucegi and the Sphinx of Egypt there would be a three-dimensional time tunnel, an energetic aisle. Assumptions have also been made that the Atlas of Greek mythology is the peak Omu of the Bucegi or Prometheus Man chained by a rock on the same peak, and the Babele are altars of an ancient Giants civilization.

 Energy Pyramid

Another phenomenon related to the Sphinx, which gathers hundreds of people each year on November 28, is the Energy Pyramid.

The phenomenon lasts over 80 minutes; The holographic pyramid flattens and finally disappears as the sun rises in the sky.

On that day, paranormal phenomenon enthusiasts say that the sun’s rays “build” an energetic pyramid at sunset around the carved stone. The conditions for the magical pyramid, made of golden rays that shine strangely, are formed only at that time, and “appearance” has a healing role for those who reach the area on this special day. There are also a number of people who would have healed due to the pyramid, and they meet each year on November 28, is considered “chosen.”

The Door of Heaven, The Magical Place Where Fatigue Suddenly Disappears

Various theories claim that in the area of Omu Peak there is the so-called “centre of the Earth”, the place where Heaven and Earth are connected. Considered “mouths of paradise” in Romanian tradition, such places emit fatigue as by charm, envelop the human body in positive energies and cure certain diseases. “Gura de Rai” would be located on the road between Omu and the Cave. A similar place was also identified on a slope on the Bucegi plateau, near the Sphinx. These places would be characterized by an atypical magnetic anomaly, a zone that has beneficial effects on the human body.

Gura de Rai, the magic place in the Bucegi Mountains, where fatigue suddenly disappears. The mysterious area


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