Teotihuacan - Tunnel Discovered Near The Pyramid Of The Moon

Teotihuacan – Tunnel Discovered Near The Pyramid Of The Moon

Teotihuacan |Researchers at the National Institute of Anthropology and History in Mexico say they have evidence of a secret tunnel dug under the Teotihuacan Moon Pyramid. According to archaeologists, the tunnel would symbolize a passage to the “Underworld”

The top three positions in the top pyramids of the world are occupied, in decreasing order, by the Keops Pyramid in Egypt, by Cholula, Mexico, and by the Teotihuacan Sun Pyramid. If this last name tells you a few things, the time is right to find out that it refers to one of the most important archaeological sites in the world and the most visited in Mexico.

The Pyramid of the Moon


Although there are more entries in the site, guides prefer the tour to the Pyramid of the Moon, because from its platform you can best imagine the grandeur of the old city. From more than 40 meters high, it is seen that the impressive Death Avenue leaves in front of the pyramid and extends straight to Templo del Quetzalcóatl Temple, leaving the Pyramid of the Sun on the left. Other temples and edifices accompany the 2.5 km high road, lined up by the stars, and seems to lose its end in the mountains. The discovery was made possible by a CT scan made in the pyramid area. Thus, archaeologists have noticed the presence of an underground tunnel dug 10 meters (33 feet) deep.

Specialists believe that there are offerings in this secret passage. Similar tunnels have also been discovered in other areas of the Teotihuacan archaeological site. This tunnel links the pyramid of the central square of the complex, the Plaza de la Luna, where religious rituals and human sacrifices took place, involving about 100,000 people, writes Daily Mail. The tunnel under The Pyramid Of The Moon would have played a symbolic role for the ancient inhabitants of the area, believes Veronica Ortega, the archaeologist who coordinates the research. Thus, the tunnel would actually symbolize the road to the “Underworld”, which is why it was filled with offerings – plants and food – for the gods.

The Pyramid of the Moon was built in several successive stages, being completed in 450 BC. It has a height of 46 meters and a base of 168 square meters. Archaeological evidence shows that there have been human sacrifices since the year 200 BC. The tombs of the pyramid contain human and animal remains and various funerary objects. The pyramid was dedicated to the Goddess of the Moon, considered the supreme goddess, the one who created the world, a symbol of life and fertility.

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