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Mars. Bleak, dusty and arid, as if the god of war had ravaged its surface in archaic times, depriving it of its once-glorious landscape and consuming its resources. Humans have recently discovered evidence of this past, but only a handful of organizations fighting for control have selfishly grasped this knowledge.
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Human superpowers were taken seriously by various intelligence agencies. Among the most renowned is the Central Intelligence Agency that had employed top psychics with unusual and controversial abilities to reach places in our Solar System inaccessible using any other means.

CIA Declassified doc

In 1984, the CIA sent a so-called “remote viewer” to peek with his mind and senses on coordinates of mysterious sites from the Red Planet. Remote viewing is the practice of searching impressions about a distant or unseen target utilizing an extrasensory perception technique, also known as “sensing with mind.” It may come hard for some to believe that such taboo abilities were given so much credence by intelligence services, but there are various declassified documents to prove just that.

CIA Declassified doc

An ardent interest to know more about the Cydonia region on Mars was displayed by the CIA that, in 1984, employed a remote viewer – referred to as SUB, to seek extra information about this area. SUB could use his ability to pierce through time and space and enable access to episodes from history contained on a collective consciousness level, or Akashic records. He was unaware of the exact location of the coordinates, yet his accounts were extremely relevant, as you are about to see. SUB was tasked to venture about 1 million years into the past. There he came across huge pyramids and catastrophic events that were sacking Mars’ atmosphere and landscape.

Inside these monuments, we found the former, inhabitants of Mars – a very tall race of humanoids, thin, and dressed in silk grabs. They were all taking shelter from the ruthless storm outside. While some of them fled in a spaceship, others were left behind awaiting their brethren to bring salvation. Further on, SUB witnessed the journey through space of the fleeing Martians. Their journey led them to another planet in our solar system with lush vegetation and different kind of storms. That destination is believed to be the Earth.

CIA Declassified doc

A considerable amount of evidence is indicating at an intelligent mark left on our now-desolate neighbour by its departed inhabitants, and there is almost no disclosure from official sides. But how would this concealment do them any good, you might ask? And the answer is power and monopoly over knowledge. All these archaic and remote knowledge has been known by the CIA and other organizations for decades now.

For them, humanity’s timeline has taken shape, and are now using this knowledge to their advantage. Are the pyramids and other ruins on Mars, leftovers of this ancient species of gigantic humanoids? Let’s explore the possibilities and find out. Do you think plundering ancient sites with advanced technology is just a bedtime story? If so, the following video might make you reconsider.



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matrix disclosure

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