Secret Space Program

Solar Warden | Is There A Secret Space Program Involving Aliens?

On April 13, 2009, the US National Archives released nearly 250,000 pages of documents from the Reagan administration, including his personal diary, to the public, according to the Freedom of Information Act.

At the end of the meeting, the President wrote on June 11, 1985, about the existence of a classified space program that can transport and accommodate hundreds of astronauts. His diary highlights that he has received several sessions of information on this subject. Important indices may result from Reagan’s registers on the Strategic Command Fleet. These Disclosures are also backed by the information that Scottish hacker Gary McKinnon has released in the press, who has managed to break NASA and the Pentagon’s database from his laptop, finding a series of overwhelming information about US government collaboration with aliens and the highly advanced technology that is hidden from the public.

Secret Space Program
High-profile hacker Gary McKinnon claims to have some interesting information about the US Navy’s intergalactic operation – there is a top-secret fleet of “eight to ten” war ships in space, with around 25 “Non-terrestrial officers” on their books.

McKinnon told the judges and the press that he found evidence of technologies of alien origin, the existence of energy capable of stopping the global warming process, anti-gravity devices, and above all, the existence of a real stellar fleet capable of driving huge distances through cosmic space.

Beyond that, in order to appreciate the level of technological achievement of advanced alien civilizations, it is noteworthy that in recent years, even with NASA equipment, there have been observable huge unidentified objects that obviously had intelligent behaviour. Thus, on April 24, 2012, the NASA satellite dedicated to the permanent study of solar activity, known as SOHO (Solar & Heliospheric Observatory), made photographs and video footage – still available on the Internet – of a giant object present in the vicinity of Sun, with a clear layout of a spacecraft, from which a huge extension goes.

Secret Space Program

Another stunning NASA video, which was also featured in the television series Weird or What ?, clearly highlights strange Earth-sized objects moving near the Sun, clearly realizing certain angles of motion that denote intelligent behaviour, and cannot be confused with natural phenomena such as asteroids or comets, or with dust or ice particles. Sometimes these objects simply plunge into the mass of the sun, resulting in huge plasma bursts. Known astrophysicist Nassim Haramein explained that from the perspective of his research on space-time singularities that are created inside stars, it is quite plausible that those objects are actually huge intergalactic extraterrestrial ships that use our Sun as well a Stargate that can then go anywhere else into the Universe.

Nassim Haramein argues that these conclusions could be very closely related, with some of the points mentioned, to several texts of ancient traditions, according to which space visitors came from the stars and were worshipers of the Sun, is even called “Sun Sons “.

Another recently observed issue, which may help us to understand, at what level of technological achievement, it seems that some highly advanced extraterrestrial civilizations have come to pass, is that reports of astronomical observations have clearly highlighted some giant stellar structures about which famous astrophysicists find that they most likely have an artificial nature. More specifically, strange links between several galaxies have been noted and photographed as a sort of “intergalactic bridges”. Some of them are made in a perfectly straight line, while others are in curved paths, showing inexplicable symmetries.

Since it is well known that the Universe is in an expansion movement, and in addition, the galaxies rotate each individual around its own central nucleus, it is very difficult to explain how such cosmic structures could have been formed and maintained in a naturally. Along with dozens of other secret programs of the Pentagon, a highly classified program of the Strategic Command. It would include a fleet of medium-sized ships and accompanying ships with antigravity technology operating in space. Dr Richard Boylan believes that since the 1980s, the US has developed a secret space fleet, called the “Solar Warden,” which is currently made up of eight mother-ships, and which are shaped like a cigarette and 43 smaller observer spaceships.

Dr.Boylan claims that the Solar Warden is under the authority of the US Naval Network and Space Operations Command (NNSOC), which is based in Dahlgren, Virginia, and to which about 300 people work. The same doctor thinks that the Solar Warden is under the authority of Star Nations, the organization of advanced intelligent civilizations in outer space, playing the role of a “global cop” within our solar system.

Secret Space Program
NASA Hacker Has Found Evidence Of Space Warships

But what evidence would McKinnon have found? Alien visits are hidden to the public because the space images were altered to the NASA Johnson Space Center. Here, for example, UFOs were taken out of the photographs.
McKinnon found on NASA’s servers a high-definition image of a large cigar-like object, floating above the northern hemisphere. When he hacked the US Army servers, McKinnon discovered a diary of all “non-terrestrial” officers, proof that the US Army had a secret battalion in space. Some of the US ships are called USSS Lemay or USSS Hillenkoetter, “USSS” coming from the “United States Space Ship,” the US Space Shuttle. McKinnon said: “I found a list of officers in the” Non-Terrestrial  Officers “section. This does not mean aliens but the fact that they are not based on Earth. They were serving a fleet that was not American Navy ships, but spaceships away from our planet. ”

As a result of its advanced technological position in the world, the United States has been designated by the Star Civilization to act as commander in ensuring Earth’s space security. But the US is not allowed to engage in any military action on any other state on the Earth, using the “Solar Warden”. That’s why this fleet acts not only to the secret command of the US government but is also under the secret authority of the United Nations, as the mission of the “Solitary Guardians” is to protect the whole Earth and all countries. It is important to be aware that if we manage to enter into the state of consciousness of coherent thoughts, we begin to be consistent with the Universe itself and experience the wonderful state of Unity consciousness, which is also known in spiritual traditions like Samadhi or Nirvana.

Once we reach this state, almost everything becomes possible. Potentially, the human being has the ability to realize through his consciousness everything that any terrestrial or extraterrestrial technology realizes: levitation, time projection, teleportation, influence at any distance of events, etc. Absolutely everything is at our disposal if we know how to access and awaken these inherent capacities of consciousness.

This is exactly what the dark elite always wanted to prevent. And that’s exactly the message that beneficial extraterrestrial civilizations give us. People need to be educated in the sense that – from a certain point of view – at the level of consciousness we are not separated from extraterrestrial civilizations and that it is necessary to orient ourselves on the path of Good. These benevolent extraterrestrial civilizations can and wish to help us in this direction. Our consciences are in fact united by the Cosmic Consciousness substrate.

If we understand this, we actually understand the source of Universal Compass, about which all spiritual traditions speak. And if we do not understand this, then we can not have the level of civilizations that can move at speeds higher than the speed of light through the etheric and astral dimensions. This is the great leap of consciousness in front of which mankind is at this moment.

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