Solar Warden – Secret Space Program From Reagan’s Presidency?

Solar Warden | The discovery made by the hacker who entered NASA’s databases is fabulous. Gary McKinnon said he found enough information that Americans would have a secret space program run by the Navy.


Solar Warden
Gary McKinnon arrives at Bow Street Magistrates Court in 2006 (credit: Reuters)

After 10 years of fighting in court for having illegally accessed NASA’s computers, the hacker is talking about the findings he has made at the time, writes Business Magazine. Gary McKinnon thinks he has found enough evidence to assert that the Americans have a secret space program run by the Navy, that is, spaceships.

According to, all the details are reported in an ample interview with RichPlanet TV, known for its UFO programs: “We used a program called Landsearch to help us access all the tabs and folders.”

“There we found an Excel file named” Non-Terrestrial Officers “(the officers from outside the Earth). The file contained names and ranks, and material transfers were specified between ships, and the name of the spacecraft began with the USS”

 SOLAR WARDEN Stellar Fleet Existed During Reagan’s Presidency?

On April 13, 2009, the US National Archives of Administration provided nearly 250,000 pages of documents during the Reagan administration, including its Personal Journal. In this, on 11 June 1985, the president wrote:

“We have lunch with 5 top scientists in the field of aerospace.” It was fascinating. “Space is really the last frontier, and some of the developments there in astronomy are science fiction unless they are real. Learned that our transfer capacity is such that we could put 300 people in orbit. ”

Solar Warden
Ronald Reagan was an American politician and actor who served as the 40th President of the United States from 1981 to 1989.

This is curious because Space Shuttle has a maximum of 8 people and only 5 for space flight. Even fully loaded it would be impossible to place and maintain 300 astronauts in orbit.
Reagan has revealed the existence of a highly classified space program that could host hundreds of astronauts in orbit? It seems that according to military and corporate “informants” there is, along with dozens of other secret programs of the Pentagon, a highly ranked program of the Strategic Command. It would include a fleet of medium-sized ships and accompanying ships with anti-gravitational technology operating in space.

The US organized its military forces in a unitary command of 10 combatants headed by a four-star general or admiral who reports directly to the Secretary of Defense. Six of the unified forces comprise different geographic areas around the globe. In addition, there are four functional commands that are specialized in military activities and are run by a single commander. Between 1985 and 2002, the Space Command was responsible for space operations in the US Army. In June 2002, the Space Command merged with the Strategic Command, which is responsible for activities such as nuclear missiles, satellites, and more. Rumours like the US would hold a highly classed fleet of anti-gravity propellers, circulated for years.

On March 23, 1993, at an engineering conference in Los Angeles, Dr Ben Rich, a former CEO of Lockheed’s Skunkworks, showed a black space-driven slide and said: “We now have the ET technology home”.
Military and corporate informants say they have first-hand information and know that there are classified space vehicles that use anti-gravity such as Aurora and TR-3B. In his book, Zero Point Hunt, analyst Nick Cook wrote about Aurora: “… there has been speculation since the late 1980s about the existence of a replacement for the SR-71 Blackbird, a mythical vehicle moving two Or faster and at the edges of space “(page 14).

Solar Warden
Secret Space Program built with reverse-engineered Alien Technology

Evident circumstantial evidence reveals the existence of the space fleet of antigravity vehicles. On August 6, 2007, for example, NASA awarded the “Human Space Support Team” to assist NASA vehicles in extra-atmospheric space. The support team was part of the USAF Spatial Command, which is publicly declared to be the major military command of space forces for the Strategic Command. However, neither the USAF Spatial Command nor the Strategic Command is publicly known to have any spacecraft to technically assist the International Space Shuttle or the Space Shuttle from any orbital danger. Normally, both NASA vehicles would need gradual orbital corrections that would take too long and be insufficient to cope with one immediate threat.

Based on the evidence available from a wide range of sources, President Reagan, in his diary, honestly, recognizes the existence of a classified space program that can transport and host hundreds of astronauts. His diary highlights the fact that he has received several informational sessions on the subject. Important indications can be derived from Reagan’s registers on the Strategic Command Fleet. Furthermore, the public can soon find out about advanced antigravity technologies that have been developed secretly and used for decades for military astronauts to fly deep into space. “In his first interview with George Noory, pilot John Lear – now retired – talks about his experience as a pilot, about NASA’s secret missions and about life on other planets.

Solar Warden
John Lear Pilot

He says that in 1967, the fourth deadly case in NASA’s astronaut training was a special case. Lear states that the real reason for the death of that astronaut was that he was part of the “secret group of astronauts.”
The information was received by John Lear from an insider (now deceased) with a very high-security license. The secret colonization program of the Moon actually began in 1962, and in 1966 the first mopping on the red planet was already taking place.

The propulsion technology that was then used was based on antigravity devices. Popular programs, such as the “space shuttle”, are only a disguise of what is actually happening behind closed doors. John Lear also said that what hides the public is the fact that most of the planets in our solar system have a life similar to Earth. For example, he says that there are about 660 million souls on Mars (most living underground), and Venus actually has green areas that are delightful. Moreover, the sky is blue on both Mars and Venus, Lear added.

Solar Warden
Composite of Viking Frames 70A13 and 35A72

A recent witness in the project, the physicist and author, Richard Alan Miller, told the public in summary that “There are two human civilizations on Earth, one that travels in space and one does not.” Those who do, are part of a vast network that extends beyond our world into space, called for the sake of the “Secret Space Program.”  Historian Rich Dolan calls this a “rogue civilization,” and that in fact, it is exactly what it is, what has become.

No matter how it started. In Volume II he highly appreciated the UFOs and the NATIONAL SECURITY STATUS, Rich writes, “Six decades of spending and document classification (and other forms of secret spending) have provided ample resources to apply principles and technologies that have remained isolated from the rest of mankind. “What became apparent is that the Secret Government or the Shadow Government established the Secret Space Program and the Black Projects by virtue of having access to mainly two important advantages sustained by the power of the industrial-military complex: Money and extraterrestrial technology (ET).

During the “Conscious Life Expo 2017” conference in Los Angeles, paranormal and ufology specialist Corey Goode revealed fascinating details about secret space programs, alien life, and the inner civilizations of Earth, knowledge forbidden to the public. Corey Goode claims to have participated in a secret program of the American Army – MILAB – for 11 years between 1976 and 1987. MILAB is dealing with the study of aliens on Earth. Goode also participated in another ultra-secret program called INTRUDER, an intercept and interrogation program that aimed to use intuitive empathy to interrogate aliens trapped in our solar system or on Earth. Corey Goode is not the only one to talk about the existence of a US government-run secret operational program.

Interestingly, a former NASA employee claimed that there were secret crew missions on Mars, more than 20 years ago. An audio clip posted on YouTube from the “Coast to Coast AM” American radio show, a woman (claiming to be a former NASA employee) claims she and her colleagues who would watch a 1979 American probe Viking, would have seen two human figures walking on Mars: “Then I saw two men in space costumes – not the voluminous outfits normally used. They walked to the Viking Explorer ”



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