The Magic of Crystals

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Human’s vital field is the most powerful of all vital organic or inorganic fields. After humans, depending on the intensity of the vital field, are animals, plants and minerals.

Maintaining the balance of this field ensures good health of the body and mind. Energy jams go into the physical body to the cellular level.

When a cell suffers from a blockage, its function is altered, and then it sends a signal to the brain, materialized by pain, to ask for help, because its life program cannot work properly.

If the body’s energy system is damaged, the brain can not help the cell, and it depreciates not only its function but also its structure.

Pain-relieving drugs actually block the nervous signal from the cell to the brain, which no longer perceives any pain, even if the cell still suffers.

By hypnosis, the mind can also cancel out the painful signals, which can help to perform light surgery without anesthesia.

Crystals provide energy, helping the body to the cellular level, maintaining health or even recovering.

When mental resonates with a crystal, it reacts as an amplifier, intensifying the healing process.

Identify the affected areas, and then physically guide the energy of the body amplified to that of the crystal, thinking that complete healing will occur and not negate the affection.

It is good to enter psychologically in resonance with the vibrations of health rather than those of illness, and at the same time avoid the use of “no” negation. A great part here is faith without doubt and will.

Crystals can help the mind reach the area of suggestion, where it can be programmed to create morpho-functional changes.

Wearing a crystal on the body produces larger amounts of alpha waves of the brain.

These are the ones that access the subconscious, here being the possibility of eliminating the affections by changing the “viruses” of the body.

Modern medicine, besides other alternative and complementary methods, could also use the power of crystals to achieve safer results in treating the human body with medication or surgery.

What's Included

magic crystals

What are Crystals | Physical and Esoteric point of view

How do Crystals form?
How to Work With Crystals
Harmonizing Being with Crystals
How does crystal power work?
How Do We Use Crystals?
Birth Signs

Cleaning / Purification
Activation of Crystals
Health & Benefits

All Crystals | Specification – Properties

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matrix disclosure

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magic crystals

The Magic of Crystals

Free eBook
Crystals provide energy, helping the body to the cellular level and the mind reaching the area of suggestion
,maintaining health or even recovering. Get the eBook and find out everything about crystals.


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