Theories That May Confirm the Connection Between Humans and Aliens


A strange theory, found in most of the books by Erich von Dankinen, a Swiss writer, claims that aliens have been visiting the Earth since the pre-history of time, and aliens who have come from heaven have helped their ancestors to evolve.

Such a theory encompasses various legends, such as the stories of Atlantis, Lemuria, Nazca, which encourage us to believe, not only through the discovered historical elements that support the idea but also because any legend has a pile of truth.

By collecting historical, scientific, religious and biological data, Dankinen has managed to outline several ideas about the suspicious visits of alien civilizations on Earth and the fulminant evolution of civilizations long ago gone. Dankinen strongly believed that the ancient astronauts of the past landed on Earth, interacting with humans, and succeeding in inducing a certain culture and an innovative spirit through tradition and intelligence. The first shocking theory issued by the Swiss writer tries to explain the myth of the Ark of Covenant, which, in his opinion, is a powerful power transmitter through which the aliens could communicate at any time with the earth.

Peru Nazca Lines (Imago/S. spiegl)

This theory is still present on the lips of ufologists. The famous Nazca lines are the remains of a space airport where UFOs landed permanently, Dankinen thought. Also, the vessels discovered from ancient times had various spherical spatial drawings, which has forced the writer to believe that his theories have a starting point. It is very strange how people thousands of years ago knew so much about UFOs and idolized them Another controversial theory was supported by Robert Bauval and Gilbert Adrian, who believed that the ancient Egyptians had descended from heaven.

“The Orion Theory” claims that the three ancient Egyptian pyramids are bizarrely correlated with exactly the three Orion belt stars. This is impossible to achieve with a rudimentary technology that an ordinary citizen could have. Further studies have shown that there are other elements of Egyptian culture that correspond in the most amazing way with the Orion belt points.

Orion Theories
Orion Theory
Orion Theories
Orion Constelation

Gods Who Came From Space Theory

The Egyptians worshipped the god Ra, who had a cosmic representation of the constellation Sha, what we call Orion today. Bauval and Adrian also studied the trees and plants found inside the pyramids, and the conclusion was incredibly unbelievable: these plants did not come from the Earth and were used to help the spirits return home. a planet from the constellation above.

Even though the modern man, so advanced and poorly prosperous man, has been unable to discover the truth about the origins of life on earth so far, these theories, argued in the most plausible way, can change the whole of history and think of our times. That’s why these theories are not meant to be officially supported, and mass manipulation is impressive. Truth is near us, but still so far!

Dropa Civilization, Messages From Alien Species

In search of the origin of the pure breed, Hitler decided to establish an organization, Ahnenerbe, which aimed to search the origin of the Aryan race in all corners of the world. The study was an obsession of Hitler. He had a large amount of money, and the most valuable Nazi scientists went to Tibet.

Academician Theodore Illion was the first to leave for Tibet and was able to contact a group of monks who lived in a subterranean gallery.

They told the academician that they controlled and mastered the world, being in contact with alien forces.

Illion was fascinated by what the priests told him, but suddenly, he had to interrupt his visit because the priests served him at one of the human meat soup dishes.

Hardly managed to leave Tibet and reach Germany, and told Hitler everything that had happened to him.

Dropa Theories
Academician Theodore Illion

Hitler was embraced by the desire to know the Tibetan priests, but above all the means through which they controlled the world. A few years after the Second World War, Chinese researchers were interested in the mysteries that Tibet had and what Illion had discovered and transmitted to Hitler. They sent a team of specialists who made a sensational breakthrough.

Dropa Civilization Theories

In the Baian Kara Ula cave, in the Himalayas, the traces of a civilization of dwarves have been discovered. Very small scaffolds shocked the world. Civilization was named Dropa, which in Chinese means gnomes of extraterrestrials. 12000 years ago, a mysterious civilization that came from the heavens was established on the border between Tibet and China. It is said to have been a failed population on Earth. Thousands of skeletons with huge skulls, fragile and small limbs have been discovered. What was even more interesting was the fact that no burial stone or cultural clue was discovered at the entrance to the underground graves.

Dropa Theories
The Dropa Stones

Inside the tombs were discovered some 30 centimetres stone disks and 20 millimetres holes inside. The stones were inscribed with stylized hieroglyphs. These stones have remained a mystery for scholars because once ey are touched by an electromagnetic impulse, spheres begin to sound. The sounds resemble the sounds of the Buddhist priests’ prayers. According to Chinese researchers, the cave amplifies the noise and shakes it to the sky.
Perhaps it was a mysterious message sent to aliens in the hope that a UFO would recover them.

matrix disclosure
matrix disclosure

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