Alleged TR 3B Astra Black Mantra

TR-3B Secret Plane | Top-Secret US Air Force Black Triangle

TR-3B has the ASTRA code name. The first operational tactical recognition flight was in the early 1990s. The triangular aerospace nuclear platform was under the Top Secret and was developed in the AURORA Program money from the “Black Budget”.

At least 3 billion dollars, plus TR-3B that flew through 1994. “Aurora” is the most secretive existing aerospace program. TR-3B is the most exotic vehicle created within the Aurora Program. It is funded and operationally commissioned by the National Recognition Office, the NSA (National Security Agency) and the CIA. TR-3B triangular aircraft flight is not fiction and was built with technology available in the mid-1980s. Not every UFO spotted is one of their own ( aliens ) TR-3B’s external coverage is reactive to radar electric stimulation, it can change its reflectivity, radar absorption and colour.

This polymer, when used in combination with the electronic measures of TR-3B and ECCM, can make the appearance of the vehicle look like a small ship or a flyer, or fake radar, in a false variety of aircraft, not an aircraft, and more aircraft in different locations. A circular ring, filled with acceleration plasma called Disruptor (Magnetic Field Switch), surrounds the crew’s rotating compartment and is far from any imaginable technology. Sandia and Livermore Laboratories have developed reverse engineering designed by MFD.

Allege TR3B Top Secret Black Aircraft

The government will do anything to protect this technology. Plasma-based on mercury at 250,000 atmospheres and at a temperature of 150 degrees Kelvin and accelerated to 50,000 revolutions/minute, creates superconductive plasma as a result of the interruption of gravity (levitation) The MFD generates a rotating magnetic field that disturbs or neutralizes the effects of gravity on the ship’s mass in 89 per cent. Do not misunderstand. This is not antigravity. Anti-gravity offers a rejection force that can be used for propulsion. MFD creates a disruption of the gravitational field of the Earth, the circling mass of the circular accelerator. The mass of the circular accelerator and the entire mass of the accelerator, such as crew cap, avionics, MFD systems, fuels, crew environment systems and the nuclear reactor, are reduced by 89%. This makes the vehicle extremely easy and able to overcome the performances and manoeuvres of any aircraft ever built, except of course UFOs.

TR-3B, evolves at high altitude, invisible (using STEALTH technology), being a recognition platform with indefinite flying time. Once it arrives at high speed, it does not need much propulsion to maintain altitude.
At Groom Lake, rumours came of a new element that acts as a plasma catalyst. With the weight of the vehicle reduced by 89%, it can travel by 9 Mach (9 times the speed of sound, approx. 10,000 km / h, ) either vertically or horizontally.

Some sources say performance is limited only by pilots’ biological limitations. There are many, considering that the mass is reduced by 89%, and G-forces (gravity.) Are also reduced by 89%. The TR-3B propulsion is provided by three multi-mode propellers mounted at each lower corner of the triangular platform. TR-3B moves below Mach 9 to climb 120,000 meters (120 Km), then God knows how fast it can move. The three multimode rocket engines mounted under each corner of the platform, use hydrogen or methane and oxygen for propulsion. In a rocket system that uses hydrogen and liquid oxygen, 85% of the propulsion provides oxygen.

TR-3B Astra
Alleged TR3B Patent Application

The nuclear missile engine uses a liquid-oxygenated thermal propellant for additional power. The reactor heats up liquid hydrogen and injects liquid oxygen through supersonic nozzles so that hydrogen burns at the same time as liquid oxygen. The multimodal propulsion system can operate in the atmosphere, with the propulsion provided by the nuclear reactor, in the upper atmosphere with hydrogen propulsion, and in the combined hydrogen/oxygen propulsion. What you have to remember is that the 3 rocket engines propel only 11% of TR-3B’s Top Secret mass. Engines are built by Rockwell. Observation of triangular UFOs means they are not necessarily extraterrestrial, but top-secret – TR-3B. NSA, NRO, CIA, and USAF played a shell game with the nomenclature of these aircraft.

They created TR-3, modified in TR-3A, TR3-B, and 2, 3 or 4 plus or minus suffixes created by designers as different aircraft, not the same aerospace vehicle. A TR3-B is different from a TR3-A, such as banana against grapes. Some of them are human crewed, others without a pilot. ”

This was the story, as you read with many technical details, to hope that as the data will appear in the press and more people will have access to them, they will help to “wake up” the masses and lead to their removal for the use of mankind, on the one hand, and on the other hand, people are no longer manipulated or stupid, about an eventual alien invasion, as it has begun to propagate through the media. Let’s hope that the so-called “black helicopters” and their technology, flying without noise and carrying out the black operations of the hidden government, will be revealed soon.

Video: TR 3B Secret Plane | Top Secret US Air Force Black Triangle

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