Healing Power of Trees - Spiritual and Healing Properties of Trees

Healing Power of Trees – Spiritual and Healing Properties of Trees

Healing Power of Trees | In the past, not too distant, people believed that every flower or tree is protected by a spirit, and above them are others and others, in a well-founded and perfectly logical hierarchy for those times.

This is also the reason why many peoples worshipped local dawns or deities, whose purpose was to protect the truth and existence of all souls embedded in humans, animals, or plants. Those who have reached the highest level of divinization of nature were the druids, known as the most powerful priests of all time, and whose mystery could not even be reached today. A few thousand years ago, the old sacerdotal had discovered the secret that man could master nature, as long as what he was doing was right. From a clinical point of view, they have associated the various human diseases with circulatory energies through tree trunks and have, as we have said today, made a sort of database of trees that correspond to certain diseases.

So: Bone and joint disorders, urinary and anal disorders can be alleviated and treated around trees whose leaves are red;

  • Large and thin bowel diseases, as well as genital diseases, can be treated around brick or flower trees, especially in autumn and spring;
  • Kidney, stomach, duodenum, pancreas, liver, spleen, biliary bladder and cerebral cortex diseases find improvement around tree with yellow leaves and flowers;
  • To treat lung, heart, breast, and thymus diseases, green-loaded trees are recommended. This is also the main reason why many doctors recommend their patients leave in mountain areas, where fir trees function as true natural treatment systems. The oath of the trees.
Healing Power
Love your trees

 Healing Power

The trees are of two types:

  1. those who provide energy to weakened organs
  2. those who absorb the negative energies from the body, cleaning the sick areas and preparing them for a healthy energy circuit, respectively for a new energy load.

Arborist energies are not always the same. Thus, in the autumn fall trees, the energy decreases linearly from Spring by 60-70%, while the trees, pine trees and other trees that do not fall leaves, the energy decreases during the Autumn-Spring period, with a maximum of 25%. The trees in the first category have an action to increase the immunity of the body, to relieve pain in the heart and to normalize the bloodstream, while the trees in the second category have the effect of blocking the negative energies that disturb us and cause us pain and relief of the vital energies circulating in that area. Stress, any kind of vines, are clinical situations that can be alleviated with the help of trees in the second category.

Careful! The energies of several trees of different species can negatively influence the energy circuit in the body.

It is enough to note that not always approaching two trees of different species negatively influences one of them. Thus, if a popular and birch are shown next to each other, the popular energy paralyzes the birch energy circuit and makes the birch on the common side of the two trees. They will be redirected to the opposite side or to the sides of the birch, as far from the energetic vampirism of the poplar. The same can happen when people are stationed around several species of trees, each influencing the vital force circuit in the human body and leading to a blockage of it, implicitly to the appearance of disagreeable states or illness.

Acacia | Healing Power

Healing Power

Though many regard him with suspicion, considering that it is only useful as firewood, the salmon has the ability to bring good mood in one’s body and to take over the negative vibrations in the body. Energy specialists consider it a universal donor of bioenergy, the vital force spread by it is recommended to all organisms. It is enough to spend 20 minutes in the shadow of a spur, if it can even be glued to the trunk, in order to establish general well-being, relief, and good mood. The effect is not the same if a few sprouts are broken and placed in the apartment so that by truncating detachment it cuts off and connects with the main energy conductor and the shaft of the shaft.

Salmon energy is recommended to those affected by work under stressful conditions when the body has taken over the specific negative vibrations, the angry ones for sentimental reasons. Also, salivary proximity has a calming effect on women during menstruation when a general irritation condition occurs. It is good to have in your workroom some slingshots placed either under the carpet or behind the library, in order not to be unnecessary. The energy of the lemon stems will last for 30 days, after which you will have to cut other, fresh ones.

Just make sure that the distance between the branches is not more than six meters in length, so as not to get out of their reach. Ritual to remove a person from your home You need some squid thorns and an older mature. As soon as the person who bothers you leaves your house, take the thorns and put them in the place where he stood while saying, “When you come to me, stand like a thorn, X”. With an old mature, ripen the thorns to the door and put them on the threshold while you say, “When I step down my throat, walk like thorns and never come back. ” Sweep outside the Thorn’s house, then gather in a bag or paper and fire them.

Be careful not to go with the thorns in the house, otherwise, everything was in vain.

Birch | Healing Power


Healing Power

The birch tree is a special tree, full of energy, but it only gives it to the very people who are affectionate with it. Although for some it may seem strange, the birch immediately feels what a man truly thinks, which does not recommend the proximity to him of the hidden person. In the past, the girls offered gifts to the root of the chests and asked them to fulfil a desire, usually of a sentimental nature. The existence of a birch forest shows that there is a large amount of silver in the soil. In addition, the birch itself has a glowing silver colour, betulin from the bark making it basically shining from a distance.
A birch grown in the garden of the house protects the microbial area.

This has also been demonstrated in periods of cholera epidemics or plague when households in which birch trees were found were bypassed by disastrous molluscs. The biceps allow a strengthening of the body’s resistance to disease and acts on the human psyche as well, strengthening the will of the person concerned. In order to increase the immunity of the body, it is enough to have a bundle of birch leaves in the bedroom. Before bedtime opens the mouth of the bag and leaves it overnight. In the morning, as soon as you get out of bed, close the bag so that the energy of the leaves is not disturbed by the energies of the day.

Willow | Healing Power

Healing Power
Willow Tree

It has always been considered a special plant and used in almost all known rituals, for its ability to protect against negative entities. Tree Energy Specialists call the Tree of the Good Shallow because the energy emitted protects those near him. In addition, it was found that the broken willow branches continue to emit their own beneficial energy, until the complete drying and fall of the last leaf on the branch. From the therapeutic point of view, proximity to willow is recommended for people suffering from a strong internal imbalance, people who tend to complain about anything and who only see the black side of life.

The energy of the willow takes over the negative vibrations of the body, which is why it is also called plagues, as it removes negative residues taken from a body. It is usually good to have a period of about 20 to 30 minutes of a state near willow to follow a time when the body cleansed by the negative energies is strengthened by the energies of an oak or even an acacia. The best period of willow therapy is from 18 to 21 hours, but the maximum effect is during springtime, until the Ascension Day. For those who have frequent headaches, it is advisable to wear coronets – which they can do each time – for 14 days, 30 minutes a day at these times.

In other words, varicose patients can improve their disease through foot baths, in which they put 500 ml of decocting made of willow and oak in equal parts (about one hand each). The feet will stand in the water to the knees. The branches of the canes can be woven in the wreath, sanctified at the church and kept at the icon. When you are very nervous, take the willow coronet and keep it for 30 minutes on your head. You’ll be much quieter. From a willow crest, you can also wrist a bracelet to wear on your right hand whenever you feel you cannot resist mentally. And from willow branches, you can find a belt to wear directly on your skin. The belt will increase your sexual potency.

Oak | Healing Power

Healing Power
Oak Tree

Experts of all time have been amazed at the longevity of this tree. Moreover, recent measurements have shown that a single mature oak, purifies the air as well as 1,000 other trees of different species. The energy of this tree is very strong, so any approach to such a tree can give you a feeling of pleasant dizziness, creating the feeling that you are so strong that nothing can stand in your way. When you feel impassioned, when you do not know what decision to make, when you feel that you are weakening your powers and you are ready to give up, therapy with this tree is recommended. For those interested, the maximum strength of the oak is during the night between 21.00 and 05.00.

To combine the power of the oak with geometric force, it is recommended to make a triangular pyramid of thin oak branches. The branches will be trapped with the red string. When you feel undefined or weak, take the oak pyramid into your hands and hold it for 10-15 minutes. The effect will be as expected.

Linden | Healing Power

Healing Power
Linden Tree

Few are those who did not drink linden tea fragrance, recommended for stress, fatigue, and sexual energy. Because although sexual energy is a subject of praise during youth, the same sexual energy disrupts a person’s attention and strength of concentration. Thus, people with strong sexuality usually fail to concentrate on professional projects, thinking only about how to meet their physiological needs. An extremely negative thing for those who want to be professionally and materially. Under such conditions, the proximity of a Linden is beneficial for reducing this energy.

It is enough to have a linden tree planted in front of the block or near the house and leave the windows open so the Linden smell can inhibit the sexual energy. Moreover, the energy of lime works efficiently on those in the shade beneath the tree, blocking the sexual energy and allowing the body to redirect it either mentally or in another direction. The same effect is the Linden tree limbs, put into the sleeping room, at most 21 days, because after that the energy is leaking. After that period, only Linden blossoms will be used for the proper teas.

Pin | Healing Power

Healing Power
Pine Tree Forest

It has a powerful refreshing effect, and energy loading is very fast. Thus, it is enough to stay at least 5 minutes beside a pine, pinning the ones on the left hand from the fingers to make you feel in power. It is recommended to those who practice various sports, not necessarily performance, for better dosing and conservation of their own energy. It is good to have a pine tree in the house in a pot. When it grows too much, you can put it out, either at the entrance to the house, in the courtyard, or in the garden in front of the building.

Chamomile tincture for futures and sinusitis. The cure was commonly used to change the season, especially during the autumn/winter pass, having a powerful detoxifying effect and increasing body immunity. Add 10 teaspoons of pomace in 500 ml of food alcohol and leave for 14 days in a bowl full of pine needles. Squeeze the contents through gauze and a teaspoon of 3-4 times a day, diluted in a liquid.

Attention, the mixture will swallow immediately, without straining through the mouth, as the mother can attack the teeth. Incineration tincture can also be used by those with kidney problems, having the ability to grindstones and scar the wounds inside the body. There will never be pure potatoes, the effect being disastrous or even deadly because of its power.

Fir tree | Healing Power

Healing Power
Fir Tree

It was one of the trees considered holy and with a powerful magical charge. In the past, it was said that he could open the gates to other worlds, ease the passage of the spirits that had just left, and protect them from the evil forces. Hundreds of years ago, fir resin was used in magical rituals, its smoke cleansing the desired area. And nowadays, folk beliefs consider a tree crest kept in the house, removing negative energies. Those who suffer from rheumatism and other joint diseases can make a bath in which they have previously put the fir-tree fir. In a pot place 5 litres of water and 5 hands of buds (one for each litre).

Boil the water until the first boil, then leave for 5 minutes on the fire. Lift, leave for 30 minutes to cool, then filter the contents and put in the tub. The skin will absorb the ethereal substances of the fir tree, providing a calming effect that will revive not just the muscles but also the joints, tonicifying the body. The better the water in the bathroom, the better the pores will open up and absorb the fir essence of the water. Such a bath is also recommended for cold children. Another treatment based on fir resin is recommended for those who have eczema or other skin infections and especially haemorrhoids – do not forget that haemorrhoids are a contemporary disease, due to lack of movement and long time office. Thus, peanut and butter are mixed in equal parts, over which a bee wax is placed. After they are left on fire until homogenized, stirring the contents with a wooden spoon, everything is passed through gauze and put to cool. It is used as an ointment.

Chestnut | Healing Power

Healing Power
Chestnut trees

Although chestnut is an excellent donor of vital energy, its long-term proximity can create a false impression of psychic comfort, even hallucinogenic effects, unravelling the psyche and waking up the fantasy. Several chestnuts were worn permanently in your pocket and strained while in your palms, will help you get rid of the tensions accumulated during the day. Nearby Chestnut is recommended in the morning, between 01.00 – 07.00, when the tree’s energy is at its maximum level.

Mistletoe | Healing Power

Healing Power
Mistletoe Tree

Diseases of the nervous system and epilepsy can be greatly improved and even treated by the vaginal cure, more precisely by swallowing a glass of water in which two teaspoons of vicious dust have been placed. The liquid is drunk in the morning, not moistened, and barely an hour later, something can be eaten, preferably not meat (you can eat cheese, eggs, etc.). The soothing effect is also the crown of the viscid at the end of the bed, which, during the night, cleans the psyche of the person in the room.


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