Tunguska Event Site, 1908

Tunguska 1908 Explosion – A Nikola Tesla Experiment?

Tunguska 1908 Explosion

Among the many theories that were developed to uncover what happened in TUNGUSKA in the year 1908, many blame what happened to Nikola Tesla.

Did you know that in 1908 in Siberia, one of the most catastrophic, mind-blowing (and mysterious) cosmic impact catastrophes ever in the history of civilization occurred – and yet it wasn’t widely known outside Russia (save for a few astronomy and research scientist enclaves) until around the 1970s?

Even interested research parties didn’t learn about or even set foot on the scene of the disaster until 1921. It didn’t make front-page news in the papers when it happened because of the extreme remoteness of that region of Siberia. Also at play was the secretive, unsettled nature of Russia at the time (which of course only heightened the many conspiracy theories surrounding it today)

The so-called ‘Tunguska Event’ refers to a major explosion that occurred on 30 June 1908 in the Tunguska region of Siberia, causing the destruction of over 2000 km2 of taiga, globally detected pressure and seismic waves, and bright luminescence in the night skies of Europe and Central Asia, combined with other unusual phenomena.

The ‘Tunguska Event’ may be related to the impact with the Earth of a cosmic body that exploded about 5–10 km above ground, releasing in the atmosphere 10–15 Mton of energy. Fragments of the impacting body have never been found, and its nature (comet or asteroid) is still a matter of debate.

A full century after the mysterious Tunguska explosion in Siberia levelled an area nearly the size of Tokyo, the debate continues over what caused it. Many questions remain as to what crashed into the Earth from above — how big it was and what it was made of. Some question whether it even came from space at all, or whether it erupted from the ground instead.

And there is always speculation that it was caused by a UFO or famed inventor Nikola Tesla’s “death ray.”

Flattened trees at the site of the Tunguska
Tunguska event site. Flattened trees at the site of the Tunguska event. This is how the site was found when scientists reached it in 1927.
Flattened trees at the site of the Tunguska
Fallen trees in Tunguska area after the huge blastCredit: SIBERIAN TIMES

Tunguska 1908 Explosion

It all started when Tesla proclaims to everyone that he had a weapon popularly known as the death ray, able to send an electromagnetic ray across hundreds of kilometres and to destroy a great part of Earth, hinting that with this weapon, he could break the earth as if it were an apple.

He sent a letter to Woodrow Wilson, the American President at the time, in which he explained the operation of his machine and claimed to have proof of its proper functioning, which was ideal for destroying large tracts of land and would only make one condition, which is that the use of his invention was made for defensive purposes.

He recounted in this letter that in 1908, while his friend, Robert Peary, tried to reach the North Pole, he sent one of his death rays to fall to the west of where his friend was and a few days before sent them a telegram that essentially notified Peary that he would send a bolt of lightning close to where Peary was and that Peary would tell him how everything had gone.

His intention was that his friend and the crew he was leading would observe an intense luminosity at dusk. However, nothing happened. Neither Peary nor his crew saw anything. The curious thing is that the same day that Peary theoretically arrived at the North Pole, about 16,000 km away, the Tunguska 1908 Explosion occurred.

Tunguska Event Site
Tunguska 1908 Explosion Site
Tunguska 1908 Explosion Site
Tunguska 1908 event site

 Russian scientists agreed with the statement that Tesla could have done with the famous tower Vanderklif that contained his lab, which was in operation in 1908. Three months before the explosion, Tesla sent his associate to the Washington Library of Congress to acquire maps Siberia, precisely of the Tunguska area. Data on this exists in the Washington library that regularly updates every request, any search – explains Abramovic.

As President Wilson ignored him, there were indications that he sent this same letter to other world leaders, who also stopped taking the Tesla Invention seriously.

To continue with this theory we must remember that in that decade there were several explosions of lesser severity and intensity, in different parts of the Earth, which some audacious people attributed to the Tesla’s Death Ray, based on Tesla’s comment on how powerful it was.

Tunguska 1908 Explosion
Map showing how Tunguska lies on a direct line from Tesla's Wardenclyffe past Peary's 1908 location.

Tesla’s Motivation

It seems extremely reckless, but Tesla’s experiment may have been the act of a frustrated and desperate man. Tesla was a genius who never quite got the recognition he deserved. The financial backing for his work was drying up. He had a big chip on his shoulder from past failures and this one may have put him over the edge.

Was the Tunguska 1908 Explosion Tesla’s test of his system of wireless energy transfer? With the testimony of Admiral Peary (whom, hopefully, he did not blow up during the experiment) Tesla could have proven his tower worth the investment, reclaimed the admiration of his benefactors and continued with his work.

It might sound like an accident if you consider Wardenclyffe as a mere communication system. But there is another, more chilling scenario. There are those who claim there was a third use for Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower: to function as a death ray. Some say the Wardenclyffe Tower was an operational superweapon and held the power to create massive amounts of destruction.

With the alleged ability to transmit aimed blasts of energy, it’s not a far stretch. In fact, Tesla claimed to have been working on a superweapon from 1900 until the time of his death. According to him, he did design and test such a device later in his career, a charged-particle beam projector called Teleforce.

“Tesla said his transmitter could produce 100 million volts of pressure and currents up to 1000 amperes, with experimental power levels of billion or tens of billions of watts. If that amount of power were released in “an incomparably small interval of time,” the energy would be equal to the explosion of millions of tons of TNT, that is, a multi-megaton explosion. Such a transmitter would be capable of projecting the force of a nuclear warhead by radio. Any location in the world could be vaporized at the speed of light.”

With this type of apocalyptic discourse that today we would describe as a terrorist, the governments and those who financed it backed out, in fear of what he was capable of.

Another endorsement that his experiments were very real is that he managed to create an energy of 4 million volts with the intention of lighting all the lamps in 40 km around. The pity is that although he succeeded, his laboratory exploded.

If Tesla was indeed behind the Tunguska incident, it would have been an error. It might also further explain why his Wardenclyffe Tower was destroyed in 1917, and why he gave a little comment about that. If this were true, it would have been an unintentional mistake and must have caused a huge blow to him.

Even stranger ideas for Tunguska 1908 Explosion

Wilder theories have been bandied about over the years regarding what caused the Tunguska explosion, including:

  • UFO crash. Struck by the similarity of Tunguska and Hiroshima decades later, a science fiction writer named Alexander Kazantsev wrote a story in which the Tunguska blast was the exploding nuclear power plant of a spaceship from Mars. A few Russian scientists took up the cause and claimed to find various bits of evidence — never substantiated — for a civilized alien explanation.
  • The annihilation of a chunk of antimatter from space. This does not account for mineral debris the explosion left behind.
  • black hole zipping through Earth. This also does not account for mineral debris the explosion left behind, and there was no subsequent explosion as such a black hole, having tunnelled through the Earth, would have shot back out through the surface of the Atlantic.
  • A Nikola Tesla “death ray.” The man who pioneered radio and modern alternating current electric power (AC) systems was often seen as a mad scientist. One story alleges he test-fired a death ray on the evening of June 30, 1908, and once he found out about the Tunguska event, he dismantled the weapon, deeming it too dangerous to remain in existence.

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