Unexplained Things in the Universe - Defying the laws of physics

Unexplained Things in the Universe – Defying the laws of physics

Unexplained Things | They are around us, and they happen to us and many of them have lived without giving them too much importance. It’s so common that we consider them part of our everyday life, forgetting that science failed when we had to explain it. They are enigmatic, they are frightening, and they are so tightly locked in their mystery case that perhaps we will never reveal their secrets. They are the phenomena whose explanation could not have been provided until now, despite hundreds of experiments and studies conducted by scientists from all over the world.

The peripheral images captured by the human eye

Unexplained Things
Camera eye distortion

The phenomenon was first described in the sixteenth century by alchemist Jakob Bohme and presented as a capability of people to capture enigmatic shapes and figures, like shadows, with the corner of the eye. Silhouettes, in most cases, are human, dark, and very agile. The truth is that almost every person has lived this feeling at least once in a lifetime, and the observations of this kind have been accompanied by anxiety and the feeling that an unusual thing just happened. Scientists have suggested that sensations may be false perceptions or short-term hallucinations but could not explain why they happen.

Amphibians live in the stone

Unexplained Things
Coelacanth “lobe-finned” fish, often called a “living fossil”

To date, over 90 cases have been documented worldwide where live amphibians have been found in hermetic shells or stone. Over 40 of them were frogs or tadpoles. The researchers who documented the cases claim that the Batrachians were covered with mucus and had a white colour of the skin, a reaction to lightning. What is shocking is that the animals, once in contact with the air, have returned to life, even for a short time. In most cases, the subjects died within 24 to 72 hours, although there are reports of exceptions in which the animals survived indefinitely.

Logically, it is impossible for a living organism, especially when involving a vertebrate, to survive for thousands or even millions of years – as much as it takes to form a rock – private oxygen, food, and water in a hermetic shell of stone or coal. A possible explanation would be that amphibians can slow down their body’s functions so much that they can survive for months without the necessary elements of life. In addition, the same amphibians would have had to penetrate into a certain type of shore, capable of solidifying rapidly, especially in contact with highly mineralized water. And yet, not all of the cases met meet these conditions. The fact is that the phenomenon is much more common than we might think.

Traces impossible

Unexplained Things
‘Impossible’ fossils cast doubt on evolution

Both archaeologists, palaeontologists, and even amateur amateurs have discovered traces of dinosaurs embedded in stone. Such traces have been formed over millions or tens of millions of years after the huge animals were ironed on a soft soil that, in time, solidified into stone. Nothing unusual so far about this natural process. The mystery arises with the discovery of several traces of dinosaurs in several archaeological sites along with … human traces.

The most famous site is Paluxy, a site located near Glen Rose, Texas, United States. Here, along with the traces of almost 100 million years of the dinosaurs, there are traces of a man’s clear traces. The controversies are all the fierier as, from the data we hold, it is impossible for a man to have lived in the time of the huge dinosaur reptiles. In fact, people have appeared about 200,000 years ago, while the last dinosaurs ended nearly 65 million years ago. And yet, how can these traces be explained? Well, scientists do not even want to discuss the possibility of the authenticity of such a human-dinosaur coexistence. They consider everything a well-established farce, despite the fact that identical traces were also found in the sites of Antelope Spring, Nevada, and Stinnett, Texas.

Scratches, and bruises that appear out of the blue

Unexplained Things
Unexplained Scratches

Did you ever wake up in the morning to notice that scratches or bruises appeared on your body without a prior explanation? Well, then you are part of the hundreds of millions of people who have the same thing. In fact, there are so many cases of this kind that specialized forums have appeared on the Internet where people post pictures with the wounds that appeared from the blue and try to find a plausible explanation. Most of us put these injuries on insect bites, an allergic reaction, blows they did not notice during the day, or uncontrolled movements during sleep.

Most of the time, scratches disappear after a few hours or days, have no complications and are not taken into account. And yet people who have been constantly suffering from such injuries have been subjected to repeated tests to find the cause of the bizarre phenomenon. Even if they slept with rubber gloves, if the whole house was cleaned by insects, and even if the subjects in question were not allergic, the wounds continued to appear.

Is notorious for a UK woman who asked to be supervised during sleep so she could find out if she produced her only wounds. This time, an explanation could not be given. Doctors have advanced the hypothesis of the presence of skin disease, Pityriasis Rosea, but this interpretation has not found a real foundation. Obviously, we can not accept phantasmagoric theories about the presence of the demons, goblins, or the ancient, incubus and succubus that some think they are the authors of the mysterious signs. It is certain that this, although very common, remains a mystery for all those who have tried to decipher their secrets.

People who disappear without a trace

In every corner of the world, there are people who disappear without a trace every day. Just try a simple search on the internet to see the proportions of this phenomenon. Some of the missing ones are eventually found, but their vast majority disappears forever. We will not refer to these people here, but here. Much more bizarre is the disappearance of people in front of dozens or hundreds of witnesses. There are currently hundreds of testimonies about people who simply disappear as if they were volatile in front of an audience.

There was no apparent reason for their disappearance, most were satisfied with the life they were carrying, had families, and did not show signs of a depression that would push them into unhealthy acts. Yet, whether they were on the street, doing jogging in the park, or working on the field, people disappeared in front of at least one witness. The theme has already been taken over by several Hollywood productions, but scientists have not been able to provide a plausible explanation even to date.

Natural infrasound

Infrasounds are described as any audio frequency lower than 20Hz – the frequency that can be perceived by the human ear, there is no doubt about their existence. Moreover, they can be detected and even created with the help of modern technology. They can travel at huge distances and are often associated with natural phenomena such as volcanic eruptions or earthquakes. This may also be the reason why some animals can predict the occurrence of such a natural disaster.

Studies have shown, however, that people’s exposure to infrasound can lead to depression, fear, anxiety, and panic attacks. Some researchers have even advanced the idea that the 19Hz frequency is generally associated with paranormal phenomena and can lead to hallucinations. If the infrasound source is strong enough, the vibrations imprinted on the objects can leave them feeling that they move on their own and even, in the case of the glass, they break. Even though infrasound has already been used as a psychological weapon, or as a method to simulate a multitude of people, studies conducted so far have failed to explain their origin or the full effects they have on living organisms.

The lights in Hessdalen

Unexplained Things

The strange phenomena for most of us take place every day in the sky. Most have already found a scientific explanation while others defy, like, any logic. The phenomenon to which we refer today has become known in Norway in the eastern city of Hessdalen, where, since the 1940s, skylights have appeared in the sky that seems to light up in the air and last only a few fractions of a second. Their intensity increased considerably in the 1980s, so much so that even 20 such weekly appearances were recorded.

Even though their number has fallen in recent years, fire globes are still current in the sky in Norway, despite the lack of a plausible explanation. The lights resemble some gas bags that suddenly sparkle in the air but last longer than just a match-off of a match or briquettes. Dozens of theories, starting from the hypothesis of extraterrestrial portals and up to much more natural gas or electric charges, have been advanced, with none of the hypotheses being able to fully explain the cause of this phenomenon. In fact, the phenomenon resembles not less the mysterious globular lightning, the difference being that the lights at Hessdalen are much slower and last longer than the lightning strikes.

Time slides

According to the great 20th-century physicist, Albert Einstein, time is not as stable as most of us think. As human beings, we have adapted our time and set our daily schedules according to the time we know, our lives are wholly governed by time, but …However, there are exceptions to this rule.

Unexplained Things
Albert Einstein

Obviously, the phenomenon we are referring to has not been experienced by most of us, but the testimonies that support it are not very few. To be more accurate, we’ll try to briefly explain what’s going on.
Have you ever had the feeling that entering a place would not recognize anything of your time, or more, the feeling that you are experiencing is that you are about years or maybe centuries behind? Some associate such phenomena with phantom or portal portraits that link the dimensions of our universe. Generally, such “visions” do not last more than a few minutes and are generally considered simple hallucinations.
Reports that mention such trips are as numerous as possible.

One of the most well-known cases is the one lived by the British Archie Carmichael, a character who, in 1953, entered a café in the village of Cotswold. The man was shocked to notice that the people in the cafe were dressed in a fashion that was at least 100 years old, and moreover, no one seemed to notice his presence. Everything lasted for a few minutes until Archie Carmichael woke up in the arms of a bartender who had already called the ambulance, worried about his client’s condition.

Other testimonies beyond any doubt talk about ghost army crossing ancient battlefields, endless aircraft that still fly over the sky above the location of old airports or the interiors of centuries-old buildings that, for a few seconds, rediscover what Were hundreds of years back. Though accepted in the scientific world, these phenomena have not yet been elucidated.


Most people experience hyper perception at least once or twice in their lives. Similar to the deja vu sensation, hyper perception differs from this through its duration and the intensity of the experiences at that time.
It can be defined by the knowledge a person can remember when contacting a place or an object with which he has never had to do. Compared to the deja-vu sensation or the slippage over time, hyper perception gives birth to states that grow gradually and sometimes lead to the appearance of extremely clear memories of events that have never occurred. It was not often that people visiting castles or fortresses remembered the interiors they had never seen, statues that had been moved centuries ago or details that did not exist long before the people in question were born. Even if not explained by scientists, hyper perceptions are accepted and sometimes associated with the phenomenon of clairvoyance.

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