UNITY: We Are the Alchemists of Our Own Energy

Unity: Mind, Body and Soul

In fact, things are simple: we are what we think, feel, live and eat, but what matters most is what we think. Thoughts are creative, they generate emotions in us. Emotions generate physical states. In UNITY: Mind, Body & Soul, we talk about our subtle bodies that wrap the physical body like the leaves of a toe: it is the mental body (with all the vibration of our thoughts) that condition what it contains, that is, the emotional body emotions), then the vital or etheric body which is the matrix of the physical body that it directly condenses.

We lose energy when we manifest unpolluted energies without love in disharmony with divine laws in the universe. Choosing consciously to manifest the qualities of Unity, Love, Harmony, Beauty, Peace, we enrol in the cosmic light fluxes and there is profound healing inside and in all of our structures (the energy fields). This happens when we are, vibrating in these qualities, not when we know the theory of Unity Meditation not only offers a number of health benefits but is also an ideal way to get rid of stress and help keep your focus.

There is no need for you to take special courses in meditation with a specialist because there are some simple techniques that you can put into practice. Although it is not at all difficult to meditate, we can not say that it is necessarily simple. Sometimes we may have difficulty when we try to concentrate and find our inner peace. Therefore, some might say that meditation is heavy or that it is not for everyone.

Wrong. Anyone can meditate. You just have to breathe and be aware of that.

The purpose of meditation is to focus and calm your mind to the point where you become so calm that you touch a superior state of consciousness, a unity of mind, body, and soul. You will be surprised to learn that once you master the techniques, you will be able to meditate anywhere at any time, allowing you to access a state of inner peace and peace, no matter what is happening around you. Until then, you must learn the essential elements of meditation and how you can attain that state of tranquillity.

Unity of Mind, Body & Soul

Meditation means:
  • Keep your mind calm
  • Keep your inner peace and concentration effortlessly
  • Acquire a higher awareness of the world that surrounds you
  • Live the present without the care of the past or the future
UNITY: Mind, Body & Soul

Meditation does not mean:
  • To fall asleep
  • Enter the medium trance
  • Breaking reality by becoming a lunatic
  • Identify yourself with different thoughts and forget who you are and where you are, or what you are doing there
Beneficial effects of meditation:

• Decrease stress, tension, eliminate depression, anxiety
• Balancing the emotional plane
• Strengthening the immune system, much better health
• The sense of unity with everything that exists, concentration and self-increased confidence
• Silence and mental freedom, optimism
• The feeling of spiritual integration in the harmony of Creation.

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matrix disclosure
matrix disclosure

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