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Meditation means to train your mind to achieve changed states of consciousness in order to obtain special benefits. Whether it’s relaxation meditation, mind-emptying meditation – mental vacuum – or beneficial manifestations of meditation, all these forms are based on the human mind’s quality of willingness to change its ability to expand.

That is why it is said that in meditation you can become one with the Universe or that you can escape into an atom. Human consciousness at the meditative level is unaware of its shape, dimensions or limitations. In meditation, everything is possible. We get a brisk life and constantly overwhelm our brain with information. And most of the time we are surrounded by people, making it impossible for us to sit down and utter mantras. Studies have shown what happens in the brain before and after meditation (see the picture below) and how to “connect” the parts of the brain in order to have a well-deserved rest. The brain is bombarded by thoughts and needs regular pauses to make it work better.

Different cognitive brain functions are involved in meditative state

We are so accustomed to the rhythm of the daily and focused daily results that it seems absurd to stop for even a few minutes just to breathe and do nothing. We have the impression that we are productive only by embracing the verb “to do” and keep away from the verb “to be”. For such a simple, soothing and relaxing activity, there are quite a few questions and perplexities that people have. If you have tried at least once to meditate surely that you woke up with more questions than you had before. Remember! If you think it is too much for you to handle, always you can ask a specialist to help you go through anything easier, follow this link and find your answers: betterhelp.com – therapists

Here are a few things you should know before you start practising meditation and for more details about meditation for beginners and Benefits of practising Yoga or Tai Chi You can read UNITY: Mind, Body & Soul.

  • Meditation is simple, but it’s not always relaxing.

Many people who start practising meditation expect from a first session to achieve a state of mystical transcendence and remain in a relaxing position for at least 30 minutes. In reality, however, it may happen that you can not stand still, your thoughts are constantly moving through your mind and you will not feel calm and relaxed at all. In fact, one study found that participants felt less relaxation and a higher heart rate during meditation practices – meditation for love-kindness and thought-analysis especially. So if you happen to have days with a successful meditation and others in which you barely manage to go all the way, do not worry. It’s normal, it’s part of the process.

  • The mind must not be completely emptied.

You may try to focus too much on repressing your thoughts. This is another frequent mistake that some beginners do and can turn meditation into a heavier experience than it is meant to be. When you learn more about this practice, you actually find it has nothing to do with repressing thoughts. Conversely, meditation is more about “observing” one’s own mind. The secret is to observe your thoughts and let them flow freely through your mind without letting them get absorbed.

  • You can meditate with your eyes open (if you want).

There are many people who do not know this, but there are types of meditation that require eye care. If you can not keep your eyes closed or if you get too tight from your eyelids when you keep your eyes closed, try meditation with your eyes open. Generally speaking, open-minded meditation is more effective if you work to be more present, more aware of the things around you. If you want to work more with your interior and with the observation of your thoughts, then it is best to keep an eye out. Or you can practice both of them alternatively.

  • Even 5 to 10 minutes may mean something.

One of the most common apologies used to avoid meditation is the lack of time. Many people live with the impression they need at least 20 or 30 minutes to meditate, or they think that the restless environment at work or at home is not at all appropriate. If you really want meditation to be part of your life, you must first not apologize. After all, a few minutes of meditation are better than none. And a pair of headphones can solve the noise problem so you can practice it anywhere.

  • You will get more results if you do it regularly.

As with sports or healthy eating, meditation provides benefits when practised constantly, even daily.
Although you will surely have days when you jump over, if you try to make meditation a daily habit, you will see how you positively affect your mental health and everyday life. Large companies like Google have already introduced special programs of meditation and awareness for employees because it has been proven that meditation or the simple act of staying and trying not to think of anything helps to improve emotional health while increasing performance in the place the work.

This comes as a reaction to the acute development of digital connections and to the dissolution of social connections of society. If you are doing a daily program for meditation – whether it’s morning, at noon or at the end of the day – you will progress more than if you do not plan a specific period for her. Include it in your routine as much as you can and you will wonder how you could live without it!

Meditation | Time Is Now!

Nowadays, when technology occupies such an important place in the life of contemporary man, the Internet, and its use have become indispensable.

The good part of the fact that the Internet is accessible to all is that we can inform about almost any subject and we can buy and read books in electronic format in a very easy way.

That is why today, we come to your aid. We offer you the opportunity to purchase a special book that aims to empower those who want to meditate to get out of everyday routine and to feel better physically and mentally. This ebook is called UNITY: Mind, Body & Soul.

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